Good Bye ♪

As most of you know, I've spent the past months over in the UK but now my return to Germany is only a couple days away.

During my stay I've had plenty of time re-evaluating life and thinking of where I want to see myself in the future and I think I finally came to the conclusion to say good bye to most of my pastel self.
Maybe you saw it coming -  I kinda did, I'm not gonna lie. Though I got to say, I don't know how final it is. Chances are, I might be sporting my fairy side on future cons but it's impossible for me to predict that at this point.
As for now, I've made peace with the thoughts of leaving this fashion. It's been a big inner struggle for me, especially as all of this has been a major part of my life. But I feel also that now is the perfect time to move on and to make it official.

Well, it's not really sudden news considering how sparse my appearances in this fashion were in all of these past months. But I'm happy with this decision and I feel like making things more or less final will life a heavy weight off of me. I no longer feel obliged to keep up with all this, I no longer feel like I owe something. And even though this might hit some of my followers a little bit hard I hope you can all understand why I'm making this decision.
I need to clear up things for me, once and for all and in a way I moved on a long time ago. My priorities have made a 180° turn and I'm far from being the person I was 1 or 2 or 5 years ago.
That doesn't mean I have necessarily changed as a person but my path is another one.

After all, that's what all this life is about - figuring it out.

This fashion has been a huge part of my life. I've met amazing people thanks to it and I hope I could share some of my adventures on this blog to your enjoyment. 

Thank you for staying with me through all these years, it's been an amazing time!

As for Pastel Raindrops - I'm afraid this is another journey which ends here. Perhaps I'll pick up blogging at another point of my life, at least I'd love to, but I can't make any promises. And even if I did, it'd bee something completely different. So here's another farewell with that.

Lastly I'd like to announce that once I've settled back in at home, I'll be going through my closet and I'll be parting with probably a lot of my things. Granted, I'll be keeping some of my favourites - at least for now - but there'll be a major clean out.
Look out on my FB page for further announcements on that. That's also where I'll be selling most of the things in case you're interested in that.

Now, this has been a long entry with somehow sad news.
I'm sorry for ending things like that but know that I'm not gone for good. I'm just taking different directions.

Once again, thank you for all your love and support, it's been one of the best times of my life. Sounds cheesy but it's true.

Much love,


  1. As someone that's been following your blog for the past ~5-6ish years (give or take a few), I just wanted to tell you thank you for all the time you put into Pastel Raindrops. You were my main gateway into Japanese fashion and pastels, and if I had never come across your blog there is a huge chance I would never be the person I am today. Because of you, I bought my first lolita dress, bought my first petticoat, and because of you, I gained a huge amount of motivation and inspiration to be the person I'm still growing to be today. You were always such a huge inspiration to me and I always looked up to you and your talent for fashion and art.

    As a fan of yours, I'm extremely thankful to have had the chance to watch you grow over the years. I hope that your future plans will continue you to benefit you and I wish you luck on your life after Pastel Raindrops.

    Thank you for everything, Mio ; w ;

  2. Thanks for sharing~
    I follow you on gfc. ~♥ Hope that you like my blog too~ xx
    follow back~ My new post♥

  3. I'll miss your blog a lot!! Despite that, I'm happy that you've accepted that fairy kei isn't your fashion anymore, and that you don't force yourself to wear it just because of your followers. People change, their paths change, and their fashion too. Thank you so much for these years♡

  4. Thank-you for taking the time to make an official good-bye post! I've enjoyed your posts but as a fellow blogger I totally understand. Once you're not feeling it anymore, you just have to stop. I wish you the best.

  5. Though it's sad to see you go, I'm happy to say you've been s huge inspiration and givef of happiness to me when I struggle with "off" days. Your blog posts have filled my feed with pastels and rainbows and glitter for who-knows-how-long! I think tomorrow I f I have time I'll be writing a post on the impact yourself and some others bloggers have had on me theoughout the years ^^

    I do hope you might check it out if you get the chance:

  6. I think I'd seen this coming, too. Your absence in this fashion was not hard to recognize so I always had my thoughts about if you still want to continue with fairy kei.
    Personally, I'm really sad. Your coordinates always were so brilliant and you looked like you could rock this fashion style so easily. But well, things will always change and so do one's own opinion. My sense for fashion always changes, this is a never ending process and since I too left Lolita a long time ago, I think I know how you feel. Or maybe I can guess. There is always a time where I regret to sell all of my clothes instead of working harder on my coordinates and my wardrobe, but things are as they are now. I hope you've chosen the right path. Much luck for the future, mio <3

  7. What I've learned about style changes in my life: if you feel like it, do it ;) ! I myself am also struggling with a possible style change. It will be very hard to me since I have the feeling that I've just gathered a pretty nice classic/sweet lolita wardrobe and now I want to be visual kei instead. Still, this change is nothing sudden and surprising, I've seen it to come someday. It's just such a huge difference for someone who's been a lifestyle lolita for a few years already. My friends were shocked when I once came to school wearing black clothes and jeans instead of pastel colours and a skirt (I was shoked too every time I looked at the mirror :,D ) . I'm still very unsure about this change and serious thinking about abandoning lolita completely is just in the beginning of serious thinking - I'm still way too scared to cut my hair :D .

    But at some point you just have to think about what kind of person you are and what kind of person you want to be. What do you want from your life, what kind of style makes you to both feel beautiful and yourself but also convincing in your career choice? To me visual kei-ish style is much better in that sense: I will look good as a bassist in a rock band but it's also much more easier to tone down to look like a reliable and stylish jewellery & precious metal designer and a flautist in an orchestra. This change in my style kind of locks the peaces of my personality and interests together. Whatever kind of style you're going to have in the future, I hope that it makes you to feel the same :) .

    I want to thank you for the inspiration which your blog gave me during my more pastel colored phase and to wish you all the best with your future plans!

  8. Hey!

    I really love the picture and the style is awesome!:)



    WMBG BLOG//Instagram//Lookbook//Facebook//Kleiderkreisel

  9. Hello Mio! I'm sad to see that you've left the fashion, but I completely understand and respect your decision.

    The photo you have posted is beautiful, and I was wondering if it would be okay if I use it for a Wattpad story I'm writing in the cover. I just think that this picture captures the main character perfectly, but I'll only use it with your permission. I'm not sure if you still check up on this blog, but please send a response to coramariapt@gmail.com, even if your answer is no. I look forward to hearing from you :)


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