A Fairy in Tokyo ♪ Day 2 (Part2)

What year is it? 2014?! ALREADY?!
Oh boy, I didn't forget you guys but I completely forgot the time, to say the least!

But instead of the usual explanations and excuses I'd rather continue where I stopped last time and show you what other things I saw on my 2nd day in Tokyo.
As you might remember from my last post, we've been to Laforet, a huge mall filled with all your favourite stores. After our walk around there our little field trip took us to Daiso.
Maybe you already heard of that store, it has a pretty cool concept because it carries all kinds of goods from stationary to kitchen supplies and everything is very cheap, with prices starting as low as 100yen (which currently equals roughly 1$).

Now, we also have such things as 1€ stores here in good old Germany and I know there are similar stores in many other countries as well but the wide range of items they carried and the fact a lot of them were adorably cute on top of that, was really overwhelming. We only spend what felt like a very short time there, because you kind of lose track of time in this store. I could've probably stayed in there for days, still discovering new, cute things to drop my money on.


All of these things are really just an excerpt of the huge variety of things at Daiso, just some of my favourites.

After leaving the paradise of cheap goods we went to Avantgarde, another store located in Harajuku. It's not only famous because its owner has the tallest mohawk in the whole wild world but also for it extraordinary tattoo tights!


I think I've never seen so many tights at once in a single place, I loved them ALL!

But not only was this place home to possibly the hottest leg-wear ever, it also had some really rad decorations around.


Lastly, we even got to take a picture with the master himself:

Our next stops through Harajuku took us to Nadia as well as 6%DOKIDOKI, some more absolute and utter favourites of mine!

Two super adorable staff girls!

Outside of the 6%DOKIDOKI store 

I even got to take a picture with the very well known and lovely staff girl and shops own model Yuka!

I sadly didn't get around to take many pictures in or outside the store as it was slowly getting darker outside all ready but let me tell you, I was incredible happy I was able to visit this store. I really admire all the design work which is joined all around this label and I'm more than happy to call a few things from there my own, haha~

Next up was Kiddie Land! A big, big, big department store that carries products of all your favourite character goods, whether it'd be Hello Kitty, Disney all-stars, Rilakkuma or some of the many, many others. Trust me, they have everything.
Though I didn't really take many pictures here (Kaila got that covered for me haha), I did stumble across something...

At first I got hit on by this terribly odd creature but then -

I stumbled across my one true love, Banana-san! Don't mind the dopey look on my face, I got lovestruck!

Our last stroll through the dark, yet light-flooded, streets of Tokyo took us to a candy store! And not just any, it was actually a Candy manufacturer and we had the pleasure to watch them closely, producing a batch of sweet robot candy.


Actually, I don't think I've ever seen how these kind of sweets are made, so it was really exciting and funny to watch. In the end we even got to try the tiny robots and they tasted robo-tasticly delicious!
In this store they sell all sorts of different coloured and patterned sweets and we were lucky to be gifted some for our travel home, how jolly! But to be honest, these are almost too gorgeous to simply eat away, as mouth-watering as they are.

This would also take me to the end of day 2! But there's still plenty to show you and as long as it may take, I promise you will get around to see it!
Hope you all had a wonderful start into this week, I'm looking forward to see you around next time ♥


  1. super fun to read,glad you're back!

  2. So jelly! I love Nadia clothing! Looks like you had a blast!

  3. Wow ..all super cute!!!!


  4. really cool, i love your photos

  5. Hei sweet lady :D had the pleasure of discovering your blog and I hope you won't mind me hanging around <3
    Their shops seem so lovely, OMG! BANAO ;_;


  6. My friend got me candy from that place :D
    It's cool to see it getting made, love all the photos :]

  7. So cuuute!!! :333

    This is my first time around here, but I think I'll be coming back for further reading :P

    Avantgrade and 6%DOKIDOKI are a DREAM, and all that candy... Oh, man. I'm gonna have candy craving for weeks now. I've seen how they make those incredible sweets on video, and it's just incredible. If I ever visited Tokyo, I think I'd stay stuck in there for days e___e'

    You take really good pictures, BTW ^^


  8. uwaaa i wanna go there

  9. This is such a cute post oh my gosh ;A; Everything there is so cute~ I love all of these photos you took!! <3
    -Kiyomi xx

  10. some of that is way too 90's generation to be your generation

    1. that's funny because I've been born in 1991


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