The Pastels are back! ♪

Is this... real?
Yes, yes indeed! It is!

Goodness gracious, I'm not sure whether to just feel ashamed for being absent for so long or to be joyful for being back. Perhaps it's a mixture of both but above all I'm happy being able to continue blogging here again ♥
Let me tell you just how much I missed Pastel Raindrops ♪ and everything connected to it because I surely did. At some point it almost got me nuts for not being able to post anything in here and not being able to edit photographs and such. So with this I'm more than grateful for things getting back to normal now, let's hope it won't happen again.

What happened in those nearly 4 months you may wonder? Many, many things happened and you will see more about some things in all my upcoming posts because I have to catch up on a lot of things. But in short I've worked a lot, had some wonderful days I spent with friends and family, I've been crafty and artsy, worked on my portfolio once again, been to Berlin two times again, was awfully lucky and awfully sad, just as always. Now however, I'm in best spirits again and fully loaded with new energy and as the days become longer and brighter again so does my mood brighten up as well. I can't wait for spring to come ♥

Something I worked on, which many, many, many people asked me about, was taking care of my Giveaway and picking out the winner. It took me longer than expected (but I also didn't expect so many people to join it, so thanks for that! ♥) but in the end I managed to make my list and roll the dice.

Out of more than 500 participants, Jenni aka Yoshh from Drink me. has won the giveaway ♪
And on another side note you should really check out her blog, too because she has some lovely things on there and very pretty Lolita outfits as well. 

In the end I also decided to throw in a little drawing of her because her pictures inspired me somehow~ ♥

Lastly I want to say that I so appreciate the patience you've all had with me. I know that some of you probably left in the meantime for my lack of updates but I thank those who stayed over all the time with all my heart. I'm sorry for have taking so long to continue here and I never intended to abandon PR♪ like that but you never know what can happen and this time it just wasn't in my hands. But I hope everything will keep on going well again from now on and I'm happy to have you guys by my side for this ♥

See you soon && much, much love!


  1. Well come back! :D :D

  2. You draw the cutest things, guh.

    I'm new to blogspot and your blog in general but yay that you are postingggg.

  3. So cute

    Can u Follow?

  4. Yay <3 congrats to Jenni, she's so lucky and that picture is awesome!

    I'm travelling to Berlin for a few days soon, are there any stores/sights or other experiences worth visiting from your point of view? :D I'm interested in lolita and streetstyle-ish things.

  5. Glad you're back ;u; You're so good at drawing! You should post your drawings here! :3

  6. Welcome back! =)


  7. so glad that you're back! looking forward to your updates about the last few months (:

  8. It's great to have you back! ^^

  9. Finally you post Mio! ~~ I came every day to see if you had put of the new on your blog, here is which is made. I am very disappointed to have lost this giveaway, but it is like that. In any case, the winner has the right for a great drawing, I am happy for her. < 3 I have you send a message on tumblr, go to see!

    Pony (O¨U¨O) ~~

  10. Yessh! I've been waiting for you! :D <3 Awesome! Welcome back dear!

  11. Thank you for your lovely and kind words! I'm happy that you are blogging again, coz it's fun to read your entries ♥

  12. So glad to see you back in action! <3 Lovely art, so sweet and cheery!

  13. Yay! I'm happy for the winner :)
    I'm just so glad you're back. I can't wait to see some outfit posts from ya!

  14. Hey Mio, I watched your youtube videos some time ago and I`m happy you are back. I love to draw too and your art always inspires me :)

  15. @Sami
    Thank you~~ ♥

    Thanks dear! <3

    You are one to say that ; 0 ; ♥
    Haha~ now I need to check your new blog out! <3

    Thank you ♥

    Thank you so much * u * ♥
    Um~ I'm not that informed about that kind of stores so the only Japan related one I know is Neo Tokyo but I don't really have the adress of it. Other than that I don't really know any other ones other than regular high street stores, sorry~

    Thank you lots and lots, dear! <333
    Maybe I'll post some more in the future ♥

    Thank youuu~! <3

    Thank you so much! <3

    I'm happy too! ♥ And thank you~! I'll do my best <3

    Thank you! ; u ; ♥

    Aw~ that's so, so, so sweet of you! I'll do my best to keep this blog more updated from now on ♥ And I'll surely make another giveaway in the future so maybe you're lucky then <333

    Thank you ♥

    Thank you so very much! ♥

    That's very sweet of you <333
    And I'm always happy to give out some lovely words to a lovely girl ° u °

    Aw~ thank you very, very much! ♥

    Haha~ thank you! Now you better prepare yourself because they'll surely come soon ♥

    I'm so happy to see that people still remember me from there, haha! And I'm surely glad when I can inspire others so thank you very, very much <3

  16. Welcome back! I can't wait to see what you had been up to and what progress you had done. :D Jenni's drawing is just so sweet! <3


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