The Spiderman is having me for Dinner tonight ♪

The spook is over, the creeps went home!
Hopefully you all made it safely through this years Halloween night and could all crab lots and lots of candy ♥
I for myself spent a lovely night with a friend of mine, watching a movie, drinking a bit and eating way too much pizza. It was a quiet yet funny night since there's not so much you can do on a Monday Halloween night in this hole called Bremen.

However, I could still take some pictures of my dress up for Halloween and certainly I'm not here to keep them back from you ♪

Bones Dress - Lazy Oaf; Skirt - milklim; Shoes - Demonia; OTKs - gift from London; Accessories - Kreepsville666, Monki, CCK, Chocomint

I always do love me some eccentric, almost disproportionate lashes - this time I used a pair of Dolly Wink one for upper lashes and cut up an old, unloved pair of Claire's lashes for the lower part. Nothing I'd wear in bright daylight for a regular day to work but Halloween has always been a completely different thing anyway.

And there goes this years scary daydream again and all that's left is a bunch of candy and sore tummies. 
Though I'm sure it won't be the last time for me to go all crazy like this so the parting isn't too deep. 

Now quickly onto another subject: Pastel Raindrops ♪ Giveaway!
I just wanted to thank everyone who took part in this to make it such a blast! Seriously, I was simply overwhelmed by all the entries I got for this and surely it'll take me a while to write everybody's name down in my not-so-little list. I'll do my best, though, so I can announce the lucky winner as soon as possible.

Until next time my lovelies ♥


  1. You look stunning in these! - I think you're one of a very small group of people who look gorgeous with massive lower lashes. I'm really getting into Lazy Oaf stuff too! :D I love their big jumper dresses - so so comfy. xxx


  2. I love that dress. Your make-up is gorgeous too. :)


  3. God you are so pretty Mio!!!!
    Your eyes look so beautiful and I wish I could pull off the eye makeup you wore and the lashes. That dress is super duper. I'm glad you had a nice Halloween as I did as well!

  4. Aww I love love love your lashes and the toys!!!

  5. i lovethe makeup..oh i love all! hahaha
    happy halloween!

  6. Happy Halloween! I love your outfit, especially your hair ties! :)

  7. oh I love that song where your title comes from :P
    but anyways, lovely makeup and I adore that barbie cam!

  8. Voll süsses Outfit! Icvh liebe weiße Creepers ♥ Hab auch welche, allerdings sind mir meine etwas zu groß ^^;
    Dein Make Up gefällt mir auch super ♥
    Liebe Grüße Berry

  9. Oh my god you are so pretty and CUTE and so KERA :D I love your look!

  10. Love the last gif, so funny ^^
    Love your outfit, it's so adorable!

  11. You look so perfect! I love your outfit ♥♥♥

  12. das sind so tolle bilder *3*
    ich liebe die augen-accesiores :D *^*

  13. freaking awesome! love everything, especially the bone top and the little bows you put on your creepers! (i'm so going to try that)

  14. Girl, i think you're the only one i know who can't look scary. XD <3
    too much sweetness :D

    btw: i love kreepsville666 *--* but it's soo expensive. T__T

    greetings, cath

  15. I love in particular the skeletron earring. It's glow in the dark, isn't it? *_*

  16. You are so pretty *A*
    And I love how everything is pastel coloured! You know your style :3

  17. Love those photos! ((: <3

  18. Hi! *___*
    I follow you because I love your beautiful photos!
    See you!

  19. Very cute outfit, I love your hairstyle and the eye things:,D<3!

  20. omg the last picture made my day xDDDD definite lol moment. Love the outfit and eyes, their so halloween like

  21. You are just too cute! I love your sweater and that skirt is adorable!

  22. aww love the outfit ^_____^ LOOOVE!

  23. Your make up and earrings are really great, glad you had fun- weirdly halloween slipped me by this year- didn't carve a pumpkin or anything- oh dear!

  24. tolles outfit!! geniale combi aus pasteltönen & den halloween-sachen!! :D

  25. Du siehst perfekt aus, dein Zimmer ist wunderschön eingerichtet und das Gif ist super ♥

    Das gekürzte Lazy Oaf Shirt mit den bunten Knochen gibt es momentan runtergesetzt auf 12,- bei Urban Outfitters in Hamburg...
    Hätte ich das früher mitbekommen, hätte ich dir sofort Bescheid gesagt...

  26. Great photos! Have a sweet day!

  27. Ahhh-your blog is so so cool! Followed right away :D i love your jumper! Plus i am liking the furby and polly pockets on your bed, hehe!

  28. ah, my goodness! you are the prettiest fairy ever!

  29. I love your outfit~ It looks so awesome and cute!

  30. are you ok? :T

    I miss your posts; please, come back!

  31. I love your hair clip with eyes! This is so creepy and I like that!!

  32. You look like a doll. So pretty. :)


  33. @BunBun
    You think so? Aw~ thanks! Though I think that wearing some of this size really won't ever be something for a regular day out for me hehe~ ♥
    Right huh? I mean, big, comfy jumpers are already wonerful but that paired with LO's designs is just great! ♥

    Thanks a lot, darling! ♥♥♥

    I can't thank you enough for that compliment, that's so sweet! But I BET you'd pull it off even better than me because you have gorgeous big eyes! ♥

    Thank you so very muuuuch~! <3

    I'm happy you do! And a (very) belated Happy Halloween to you as well ♪

    To you as well! I'm glad you liked it * u *

    So do I, hehehe~ ♥
    Thank you very much, too! Now if only I had some film for it ;;

    Freut mich sehr, wenn es dir gefällt! <333
    Aw~ das ist blöd aber probier's doch mal mit dicken Einlegesohlen? Vllt bringt das ja was?

    Haha~ that's a cool compliment, thank you! I actually LOVE Kera ♥

    I'm happy if I could make you smile with it, hehe ♥ Thank you! <33

    That's very sweet of you, dear~! Thank you lots! <333

    Freut mich, wenn sie dir gefallen! * u * ♥
    Danke dir~! <333

    Thank you so, so much! ♥ And yes! I can always recommend some little bows on shoes~! <3

    Damn! xD
    But maybe you're right, haha~! Even if I try it always ends up with a twist of too cute `__´;;
    Kreepsville sadly really isn't the cheapest but I think it's still ~okay~ at least if you buy from their site and not ebay or something like that~

    Thank youuu~! <333

    @Piperita Patty
    Thank you~~! <3 Yes! It is! ♥

    Thanks a lot! ♥

    Aww~ thank you so very much <3
    Pastels for life, hehe ♥

    I'm happy to hear that ♥

    Aw~ thank you for doing so ♥ I hope you'll like it here!

    Glad you do~! Thanks a lot * u * ♥

    Thank you so much, haha! I'm happy to make you smile * D * ♥

    Yes ♥

    Oh thank you very much, dear <3

    Thank youuu~! ♥ * u *

    Ah~ but carving them is a lot of fun, huh? maybe this year perhaps? ♥ Though I only ever did it once if I remember right.
    And thank you <3

    Thank you~! ♥

    Freut mich, dass es dir gefällt! <333

    Ich bin froh, dass dir alles so gut gefällt, vielen Dank ♥
    Macht aber nichts, ich hab's ja auch etwas günstiger bekommen, es kommt eben wie es kommt <3

    Thank you~! And you have a great day as well ♥

    Thank you so much for doing so! Haha~ I think Furbies are quite a bit disturbing but Polly Pocket is always a go ;3

    Thanks ♥

    Aww~ that's too much ; u ; ♥ Thanks a lot!

    I'm very glad you do! Thank you~! <333

    I am but I had some issue with technics and such ;;
    But I'll be back very soon!

    Creepy is always very good! hehe ♥

    Thank you so very, very much <3

  34. I really must know, where you got that my little pony cover... D:


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