Ready for the Monster Mash? ♪

Greetings my little Bony Buddies, Maniac Monsters and Undying Undead. I take you are all ready for a little bit of a spooky showing featuring some eerie things perfect for Halloween, so if I may I'd like to take you on a little trip. If you're brave enough for it, that is ♪

Less than two weeks and it's Halloween once again! My favorite holiday is just around the corner ♥
Actually, it still isn't common to celebrate it in Germany but it has gained a lot of popularity within the past years and I myself am 100% ready for it! I've been eagerly collecting creepy goods for my outfit and though I should share them with you. Perhaps I found the thing you're still missing for yours?

While I was in Hannover with some friends a while ago I found these glow-in-the-dark skeleton earrings at Accessorize that I found just perfect for me. They are just so delightfully awful and kitschy, I couldn't walk past them. 

All eyes on me? No, not quite. 
I found these kreepy babies at Kreepsville666, a neat-o shop I detected some time ago. Cranky things for the average mall goth but as well suitable for a sweet, yet spooky, Halloween  outfit. Or well, just any other outfit because I like eye balls. And nine eyes are much better than just two anyway.
However, I must admit the ring runs quite big even though I ordered a small one. It's easy to fix with some layers of Pattex or glue, though.

And now onto two awesome things from and old new favorite brand of mine ♥

Bones, bones, bones - these lazy bones!
Hell, I don't regret one cent I've spent on these because they are bat shit crazily adorable. Honestly, they are.
The crop top is even on sale right now and the dress was just the absolute must-have for me and for this years Halloween. Though I've worn it a couple of times now as well, collecting one or two weird looks ♥

So, that would be my personal recommendation for Halloween, I guess and I hope you enjoyed at least some of the things I showed you ♥
Perhaps I'll even have another Halloween related post for year in the next two weeks, who knows? How about a little tutorial for open flesh wounds? Halloween themed outfits and looks? Or even some crafting tutorials? Feel free to comment on what you'd like to read and I'll see what I can do - after all, I have enough eyes for that now ♪


  1. Ahhh I want everything in those photos. :x And I might just go for that cop top hmm.. ;p

  2. Whoaaaa those are so fantastic I don't even know what to say!

  3. Spooky! I love everything that you have ready for Halloween!! Those skeleton earrings rock!

  4. Oh my goodness, those are so spookily adorable! :D

  5. Omg. I want everything :O Especially the bows.

  6. So many eyeballs XD nice!
    Wish we also celebrated Halloween here in Holland D:

  7. Oh my, I skullin' love this cartoonish creepyness <333

    I really want your stuff! haha

  8. So much awesome stuff! I have those purple eye bows too...I wanted so much from that site but could only afford the one hair clip set Dx

    And dawh that crop top seems to be sold out now!

  9. woah!! wie krass geil alles ist!!
    hat gerade voll bock und stimmung für Halloween gemacht!
    bzw. ich vote mal für das tutorial for open flesh wounds *-*

  10. I love the eyeball hair bows, and he shirts! They are adorable!

    I think crafting tutorials would be awesome!

  11. Uaaah, wonderful Halloween outfits and lovely shirts! I like it!

    / I'm new readers;)

  12. Tolle Sachen ♥ Ich freu mich auch schon riesig auf Halloween ♥ Wir werden alllerdings erst am Wochenende darauf feiern können, da ich zu der Zeit bei meinen Eltern zu Besuch aufm Dorf bin ^-^
    Ich wünsche dir viel Spaß an Halloween!

  13. Finde ich auch, tolle Sachen :)
    Ich liebe Halloween auch, vor allem weil ich am 1.11. Geburtstag habe und ich jedes Jahr von Halloween in meinem Geburtstag reinfeier :D

  14. althoug it is a little bit scary it looks sooooooo cute!!

  15. oh, this is gonna look awesome!

  16. Wow cute and creepy! I can't wait to see how it turns out!

  17. The lights and colours on those pics are perfect! ! You did a great job as always! * u *
    not to mention all the things, especially those skeleton earrings *O*

  18. The eyering is awesome! Omg I love it *-*
    The bones shirt is also cute ^^

    btw I'm following you now <3 you have such a cute blog

  19. @Selina
    Get it! I bet you won't regret it! ♥ And I'm happy you like the things <3

    Aww~ thank you so much! ♥♥♥

    @Prancing Bee
    The only thing I need now is Halloween to come already! But I', very glad you liked the things as well ♥

    I'm glad we can agree on that! <333

    I can only recommend them, not only for Halloween ♥

    You can never have enough eyes, hehe ♥
    We don't really celebrate it here either but I try to go out with friends and dress up a little every year to keep the spirit ♥

    Now I had to think of Scooby-Doo for some reason but thank you very much ♥

    I thought to myself to get at least some more so it's worth the shipping fees because I need to pay them anyway, haha~
    But no, that top is still available in the Shirts section ♥

    Halloween für jedermann! ♥
    Haha~ sollst du bekommen! <3

    I'm happy happy happy you like them!
    And I'll see what I can do in the little time that it left until Halloween ♥

    Welcome! ♥
    And thank you very much! Happy to hear you like the things! <3

    @Happy Berry
    Na lieber zu spät als nie! Und im Grunde genommen sollte sowieso mindestens einmal im Monat Halloween sein, hehe ♥
    Dir wünsche ich aber auch ganz viel Spaß und vielen Dank! ♥

    Dankeschön ♥
    Da muss ich dich glatt beneiden! Was könnt's schöneres geben als eine Halloween-Geburtstagsfeier? <3

    Aww~ I hope I didn't scare you too much, dear ♥

    Oh thank you! I do hope so, too ♥

    Well, it's not so long anymore now, stay tuned, hehe <3

    Aww~ that makes me especially happy to hear because I tried very hard to make the pictures look a little different and more spooky than usual ♥
    Thank you so much my dear! <3333

    Thank you so much and thank you for following! ; u ;
    I'm very happy you liked the things! ♥

  20. @Izumi
    Yes! Lazy Oaf for ever! ♥


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