Knife, Fork, Scissors, Flames, have no Place in Children's Games ♪

Or so the saying goes.
Some of you might've read this on twitter or the PR♪ Facebook page, I've been on a little hiatus due to technical issues. In fact, I still sort of am experiencing them but as for at least the next two weeks I found a way to skip them and go on as regular.
What happened in the meantime? I've worked many hours in my new job, which I like a lot, spent some funny days with friends and for right now - I'm being sick. Yes, I fetched a cold once again and it just won't let me go even though I'm being a good girl by drinking nasty teas, sleeping a lot and feeding myself with healthy cough drops and soups. And while I though I got better yesterday I've just spent a horrible night coughing my head off and ruining my throat.

But before all of the things I've mentioned above took place I've been a little bit crafty and made some lovely things which I'm dying to show you today ♥

I take you've most like seen these tie-dye ankle socks in another post before, huh? They were the beginning of another series of too much dye and too little fabric, here all completed on a pair of Monki socks ♪
Oh! Speaking of Monki - Have you already heard the great news coming from the fantastic woods of Monki land? They've recently opened an Online Store! At last!
Well, sadly it's not opened world-wide yet but I'm very sure they'll open up to more countries very soon ♥

What used to be a tube top from H&M is now a a colourful pencil skirt. Dyed and reconstructed of course! ♥

This Popples jumper is actually a project I've started very well 2 or 3 years ago! I just never got around to get all the material together in one piece. Made from a regular sweater, some old children's pajamas, way too much lace, bits of rickrack trim and some shiny appliques.

Poor Dolly has to continue living as a brooch ♪ But at least she still looks pretty, right?

Glitter, pastels, polkadots and puffy lines - ARE YOU READY, RIOT SISTERRRS?!

This vest is all my pride and joy! I've worked on and off on it over a couple of weeks and I don't think it'll ever be finished. I just take it as an ever evolving project of mine. And all work on this is made by my own two hands, of course. Dyed it like I dyed my shorts a while back, then hand painted it and lastly added lots of cute&kitschy detail to it. If there'd be one piece of clothing to represent me it would probably be this vest.

Most of the pins, brooches and buttons on it are from the flea market. Right after I 'finished' the vest I found myself lacking pins to spill all over it and what do I find the next day? Two hands full of glorious brooches and buttons for a total of 10 cents. I kid you not and I myself had to ask for the price twice because I refused to believe my ears.

Another recommendation from me:

3D Liners! And let me tell you, they are THE SHIT! I used them for all the lines on my vest ♪
I think I paid 2-2,50€ per pen and they come in a wide range of colours and effects. The white one for an instant glows in the dark and there are also glittery ones. Along with Mimi I got them from the art supplies store but you should most likely find them online as well.
They're also pretty easy to use:
You apply them like a window colour pen and let it dry for 6 or more hours. So far the colours will look very weird but prepare yourself for the next step: 'Puffing' it up by using heat. Personally I prefer using a blow-dryer but you can as well use a flat iron or even put your things in the oven (as long as the surface you used is heat resistant, that is). 
Once you're done you should have puffy, smooth lines with a velvet-y feel to them ♥

And that'd be it for this day! Actually there are some other's things I've finished but I don't flood you with so many things today.

On another sidenote: don't forget to enter my Giveaway if you haven't already ♥
To be honest I'm still very surprised by the amount of entries it got so far and the deadline only ends in two weeks from now! 
But please make sure to post your name, your e-mail address and the direct link to your blogpost!
I've seen many people forgetting about that and I don't want to exclude anyone because of things like this so better check twice if you're unsure about anything and feel free to leave another comment to complete all your information for me ♥

I guess that's it for now ♪
I hope you have some lovely autumn days, my dears!


  1. Ich wünsche dir gute Besserung! Erkältungen sind Mist v_v Mein Mann ist auch seit gestern krank und ich passe auf, dass es mich nicht auch erwischt und pflege ihn wieder gesund ^-^
    Die Weste ist toll geworden, sieht schick aus!

    Liebe Grüße Berry

  2. hm...ich wünschte, ich währe auch so talentiert und kreativ darin, dinge selber zu machen ^^" bin ich aber leider nicht ___ ___'

    gute besserung auch ^-^

  3. beautiful colors , they are so dreamy looking !

  4. ah, sooo cute :) that waistcoat looks dreamy, with all those little details you added:)

  5. Nice creations! The colours from the tie-dye turned out nicer than I had expected. Gives it that nice pastel look.

  6. Your denim dyes are always stunning - I plan on doing my own in yellow pastels in the future! ^^

  7. holy cow! that vest! the brooch! i am dying. so much goodness in one post.. so much DIY.. *wipes drool off keyboard*
    this totally goes with a new pair of leggings i'll have available for my store, Miracle Eye, soon. they're a psychedelic mix of lavender, dark purple, pink, and white. kind of like a tie-dye mix, but so much better. i thought of you when i purchased the fabric to make them! :)

  8. omg!

    you do the cutest edits/crafts to these pieces!

    i totally love it!

    that sweater takes the cake!!!


    <3 Vega

  9. Once again, you make me dream! *q* This jacket is just sublime! I do not know if I can do such a thing one day ... Hahaha. I understand that you were sick (and yes I am French) take care of yourself and rest yourself! Do not hesitate to make a small tower on my blog, it'd be very pleased to receive a comment from you.

    Big kisses sweet!


  10. These kind of posts are so inspiring ♥

  11. I love the Riot Sistrrr denim jacket, your blog is gorgeous!

    Lydia xxx


  12. @Happy Berry
    Hab vielen lieben Dank! Das ist auch süß von dir, dass du dich so lieb um ihn kümmerst ♥ Ist nur wirklich manchmal anstrengend immer darauf aufzupassen seine UMgebung nicht auch anzustecken~
    Freut mich auch, dass dir die Weste gefällt ♥♥♥

    Ach das glaube ich dir nicht, jeder würde sowas hinbekommen, so schwer ist das nicht ♥ Einfach mal ausprobieren und selbst wenn's am Anfang vielleicht nix wird nur nicht den Mut verlieren und nochmal versuchen ♥
    Und dankeschööön~ <3

    Dreamy colours are the best, haha ♥ Thank you~! <33

    Thanks a lot, darling! Well, by now it's quite hard to still see it under all the details but it's fun to watch it, haha ♥

    Oh, it's quite easy to get nice colours once you bleached a nice base and have good textile dye. But I'm very happy you like the things! ♥

    @The Emocarebear
    Man, I bet that would look lovely! Maybe add some acid green as well on some bits to give it the kicks ♥
    And of course, thank you for your sweet compliment, I really appreciate hearing that! <3

    Man, thank you so much for your lovely words! And I can't wait to see that pair of leggings, it must be wonderful from what I hear! I promise to keep an eye out on your shop ♥

    Oh you, that's really way too sweet of you to say, thank you so, so, so much dear!

    Aw~ thank you darling! ♥♥♥

    Damn girl, I bet you can already do it now! ♥ Just go for it and go wild with what you have and don't forget to show me how it turned out - I'm sure it'll be absolutely wonderful! <3
    And thank you so much ♥ I'm getting better by day but I appreciate the kind wishes from you~ <3

    Wow, thank you so much! ♥♥♥

    And you have no Idea how happy I am to read that ♥ Thank you so much! <3

    @Churi Chan
    Thank you! Why then, get crafty and make one for yourself, too ♥

    Thank you lots and lots, it's an honor for me to hear that ♥

    Thanks a lot, darling~! <333

  13. "Are you ready, Riot Sistrrrs?" xDD I laughed so hard at that.

    And yes, I usually lurk and don't comment, but I HAVE to say that you are SO skilled at crafts. <33

    The vest, the sweater, everything. They're so creative and adorable!

  14. I love the pastel-ness of your blog posts! xD
    I am a big fan of fairy kei but I have yet to do an out fit...you inspire me for sure. :)

  15. @Noxin
    Haha~ why is that? ♥
    Well, you should surely comment more if you keep on saying such sweet things <3
    No really, I'm very, very flattered to hear that, dear ♥♥♥

    Why thank you very much! ♥
    I'm very glad if I can inspire you a little, we need more Fairy lovers out there <3


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