Kitsch, keep me from falling asleep! ♪

As you read this I've hopefully landed in dreamland finally. Maybe I'll search through our kitchen for matches to place under my eyelids so it keeps them from closing shut. There's another thing, though, which keeps my mind wide awake! CANDIED GOODS! PASTELS! KITSCH! All the good things that found their way into my closet in the past days, weeks and months (oh, and another thing that wakes me more than it's good for me is the Bloggers Wardrobe voting that is still going on for almost exactly 12 hours, so until 3pm - UTC+1. So if you didn't already do so you can still help me out with your vote, I haven't fully given up yet ♥)

Anyway! Yes, did you guess it? It's time for a Shopping update! And it's going to be a big one this time, so let's get into it before I DO fall asleep on my desk!

Let's start off with the magical things I got from my shopping service right before the Japan Expo took place. I know, you could already see them worn but it's time for some closer views ♪

I'm not gonna lie, to me this is the most perfect dress ever! Spank! did a wonderful job on this ♥
 I'd take it over an Angelic Pretty one anytime if I had to. Just look at its shape, it's pattern, it really screams 'WEAR ME' and I happily obey. I'm really surprised this dress didn't sell out yet in all the time since it was first released! Too bad it's not like that with the tights that came in the same pattern but right now I'm working on some shoes to go with it ♥

I know, I know, I already have the first on of these two shirts in another colourway but I just couldn't resist. And that cat is really delightful and Banana Fish still has the prettiest shirts ♥ Now if only they'd still exist~

So that was in my little parcel from the Shopping Service and I very well made a little dream come true with this dress as I wouldn't have expected to ever own it and every time I saw it featured in a magazine I died a little inside.

This track jacket was a lucky flea market find and now that I get to think about it I should've just taken the pants to it as well, only to make a shitload of bows out of it. Those 2€ would've been a perfect investment. Still, I just have a thing for tacky jackets, they bring back good old memories ♥

Not a flea market but an etsy find was this skirt that I got really cheap, too! And now that I shortened it a little it's the perfect skirt for me right now ♥

These two rings were another little dream-to-come-true. A few years ago 6%DOKIDOKI brought out their first version of these but in a different colour and I absolutely loved them - and never ever got them. Now they released these in colours that are even more perfect and luckily Electric Alice happened to carry some of them. Sadly they went away as quickly as they got there, so I'm more than just happy I finally own them ♪

I also got this lovely 2-way clip from Milky Way back in May or June? Honestly, that shop is THE shit and I demand you to check it at once. The owner of it makes the most adorable accessories and right now she sells a bunch of Halloween related things including fuzzy little bats! And if anythings sold out you can still try to contact her and see if anything comes back in stock soon ♥

You've also have seen this shirt before but here you go with a closer view on it ♪
It's from Gina Tricot and a new favorite of mine, I'm positive on that! One look on the shimmery print and you can tell why ♥

After some try and miss I even managed to grab a pair of the Angelic Pretty Toy Fantasy over-knees! I almost believed I'd never get them but then AP re-stocked on them and I was lucky enough to get a pair. And I must say, Toy Fantasy really went up to my favorite prints in no time. Maybe one day I can wear a dress with it myself ♥

And now lastly for today:
I've first saw them at a store in Dusseldorf, two years ago but decided not to buy them -which I regretted later on. Then I found a girl that was selling these on egl_comm_sales and caught them at last! Perfectly in time for the cold winter, too! Now if only I could have a Korilakkuma Kigurumi as well but I already have my Marie one and two of these would simply take away too much space in my closet. Maybe one fine day when I have an entire floor for a dressing room, haha ♥

I hope you like the kitschy stuff from here and that you'll excuse me now but I have a rendezvous with Monsieur le Lit ♪
Bonne nuit!
Mio ♥


  1. Everything is so cute and pastel-y! <3 And that Spank! dress is really to die for.

  2. Voll süsse Sachen ♥ Und die Korilakkuma Schlappen sind ja sooooo süss ♥
    lg Berry

  3. Ich würde das Spank! dress auch AP vorziehen |DD
    hehe, weil es noch viel seltener zu bekommen ist <3
    wenn ich da nur reinpassen würde~ ^^

    echt tolle Sachen hast du gefunden, das gepunktete Banana Fish top past so gut mit dem gepunkteten Rock zusammen, ich bastel mir schon ein Outfit im Kopf zusammen XD
    Ich muss auch endlich mal nach einem gepunkteten Rock ausschau halten

  4. Schöne Sachen hast du da, gefällt mir sehr gut!
    Übrigens unsere Hotpicks Aktion startet gerade erneut und wir würden gerne von dir wissen was deine liebsten Modeteile sind. Zu gewinnen gibt es auch dieses Mal wieder eine tolle Canon Spiegelreflex. Wir würden uns total freuen, wenn du dabei bist mehr Information findest du auf unserem Blog hier .

    Ich wünsch dir viel Glück!

  5. So many wonderfull items you bought.. I can't even say what I like the most..I think the first dress ♥

  6. Everything is so cute!!
    I also bought a 6%DOKIDOKI ring last month.
    It was that one that has "dokidoki" written in katakana.
    I also could get a picture with one of the models of this brand. She was very kind (^^)

  7. I hate the fact that some people really have banana fish's clothes ;_______; i'm so bitter that i dont have any and they dont even exist anymore !! But well, your style is amazing :D even tho i'm used to wear black and red, i still love all these pastel/cute stuff so much. (and sorry my english isnt that good..)

  8. <3 Everything's so cute! Love! (:

  9. Excellent choices! Everything that you have bought is so cute!
    I've always wondered what that spank dress looked like up close. It's so cute!

  10. Cuteness overload! I never have any luck finding cute pastels such as this xP

  11. That Spank! dress is so perfect, I can totally imagine your happiness. *w* And all the other stuff.. it's pastels and cuteness, how can I not love it? ^^

  12. everything is too cute! and omggg i love that spank! dress!

  13. You got some really adorable things! :D I love the 6%DOKIDOKI rings, the fuzzy stars, and especially the kitty shirt! I love cats. <3

  14. i love spank and the doki rings >W<
    ok i am jealous

  15. Wah! Everything is so pastel-looking and cute! <3 Lovely goods. Can't wait to see you wear them. :)

  16. Hey,du,echt süßer Blog!
    Könntest du mir vielleicht 5 oder 10 deiner Lieblingssgops nennen?
    Das wäre so nett^^


  17. Und wie kaufst du da ein,die Seiten sind ja alle auf japanisch...Und bezahlst du mit paypal?!?

  18. Aww, everything you got is so adorable! ^^

  19. @LauraLeia
    Thank you~! I'm happy to see you agree with me over that ♥

    Freut mich, dass sie dir gefallen! ♥ Dankeschön~! <333

    Aw~ würdest du sicher! Es stretcht ja auch sehr gut und ist garnichtmal so mega klein geschnitten. Es ist nur etwas kurz /D"
    Stimmt! Vllt setzte ich das demnächst ja mal so um, hehe ♥ Aber solche Röcke findet man auf Etsy öfters, musst du mal schaun <3

    Freut mich zu hören, dass sie dir gefallen! Vielen Dank!
    Die Aktion läuft doch noch? Ich wollte erst noch mitmachen aber dachte, dass die Zeit schon um ist. Aber wenn das nicht so ist werde ich mich gleich mal ran machen! ♥

    So we agree? ♥
    Haha~ but I probably couldn't really decide on an ultimate favorite either.

    Thank you!
    Oh, I love that one as well ♥
    With Yuka or Vani? Either way, they're both adorable! A few years ago I met Yuka at the Tokyo Decadance in Germany and I got to chat with her a bit, she's such a lovely woman ♥

    (Damn, your English is really fine, so don't worry! ♥)
    Aw~ but you shouldn't give up yet! Just check for 'Banana Fish' on mbok.jp, there are always plenty of BF clothes and some are even pretty cheap, too!
    I wish you good luck on your hunt ♥

    Thank you, darling~! <3

    I'm happy you think so, thank you! ♥

    @prancing bee
    Oh thank you so much, dear! I'm glad I could show you some more detail of it ♥♥♥

    Aw~ thank you! I hope the pastels are not hiding from you because everybody should have some bits of the pastel side ♥

    I don't know how anyone could not love it, haha! But I'm even happier that you do, darling! ♥

    Spank! ftw ♥ Haha~ thank you so much! <3

    Do I spot another kitty cat lover here? ♥
    Anyway, thank you so much!

    Don't be, don't be! ;;
    But thank you very much~

    I hope I won't keep you waiting to long, girl! ♥ Thanks a lot! <3

    Dankeschön! ♥ Naja, die meisten Shops habe ich ja immer direkt verlinkt und unter 'Shopping' bei den Tags findest du auch so ziemlich alles was ich zu meinen Favoriten zählen kann~ <3
    Japanische Shops verkaufen leider oftmals nicht international und dazu braucht man dann einen Shopping Service (z.B. Japonica Market) und für mich ist das Aussuchen und Einkaufen auch kein so großes Problem weil ich einiges übersetzen kann. Aber zur Not gibt's auch immernoch Google Translate ;)

    Thanks a lot, sweetheart~ ♥

    Haha~ thank you! That's what I call 'Pastel Raindrops' hehe <3

  20. Ahhh, it's all so beautiful! ; A;
    Mio, you always seem to find the best things ever~

  21. @Seana
    Aww~ thank you, darling! ♥♥♥
    Haha~ I've signed a contract with things like that so they come to me voluntary and I will be nice to them in return >D

  22. what i like the most are the bears at the end.

    of course i like the rest of your stuff also but these 2 are just my favorites.

  23. BAH! That pink dress is gorgeous! does it fit well? I want to see it on a human. I love it.


  24. @ryochiii_megumi
    6%DD all the way! ♥
    Thank you so much cutie! <3

    @Holy Sugar
    Wow, thank you very, very much! ♥

    Haha~ Korilakkuma is just too charming, isn't he? ♪
    But thank you very much! <3

    Right, huh? <333
    It's only a little short but it fits surprisingly well besides that!
    I've worn it for the Japan Expo in Paris which I blogged about here:


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