I'm drowning in Opium ♪

I seldom wear a perfume but whenever I do I can't seem to get enough of it. Is there really anything that could enrobe somebody better and with more intent than a well chosen scent can? Oh even if there was, I wouldn't care. To me, there still isn't a more loyal companion than my favorite fragrance.
And though I don't know if my Opium really had something to do with it or whether is was the sunny weather, today was rather fine. Maybe one of the finest days I had all this week?
Perhaps I should drown myself in Opium more often, Yves Saint Laurent would surely approve.

Enough with this little study trip to perfumes and dreams. Actually I wanted to show you some of my most recent, as in I-found-most-of-this-moths-ago, flea market jewellery finds. Yes, yet another Shopping Update, sort of. I'm so full of creativity these days!

Today, I've walked over to our jeweller with my mom and as always we've stayed for such a long time, chatting about this and that. We also came to the topic how every person seems to have on piece of jewellery they love above anything and on the barely even wear. Our jeweller himself likes big necklaces and big rings, my mother brooches and earrings and big, big necklaces but can't really stand rings and I for myself have an obsession for big rings and big pendants. 
But what I certainly inherited from my mother is the fact that, even if I may not wear it often or perhaps not at all, I do have a faible for every beautiful piece. And in case you don't know or wonder, my mother collects old jewellery of almost any kind and any time, which is why I couldn't ever say no to a beautiful gem.
Well now, Starting of which what I ever so love: Rings!

Among all the other more or less eccentric silver rings, some with my favorite gemstones: moonstone, amber, onyx, falcon's eye, aventurine, pyrite, opal and amethyst. No, you can never have enough rings. Never, ever. I'll never stop loving them, wearing them or collecting them. And oddly enough, you can find so many precious rings at flea markets for super cheap, it's almost a joke. Take the gold one for an instant: I've paid 1,50€ for it and it's not even a fake. Show me one other place where one could find a ring like that for so cheap. Flea market, I'll always love you ♥

Carnelian and Coral ♥ 

These two Acme brooches featuring the infamous Marilyn Monroe piece by Andy Warhol were a souvenir we found at an antique market in Düsseldorf and the earring is actually an older piece from my mother's jewellery case ♥

No, my ears can be as sensitive to silver as they please but I won't stop wearing these! Aren't they like, the most perfect earrings ever? For what more could a cat lover like me ask? ♪

I have no idea why but for the past year, or perhaps a little longer, amethyst is calling me like mad and I can't refuse it. These are also the two pendants I wear most of the time at the moment.

Two kitschy brooches and a (too) tiny but very lovely crystal pendant. I can't wait until all the leaves turn yellow and red here, that's going to be the day I'll start wearing my leaf ♪

I really LOVE the upper bracelet because its pattern is so interesting! And the lowest is one of my all-time favorite bracelets as well. Such a charming face carved into the onyx ♥

Now, I'd like to know: is there a certain piece of jewellery you can't stand to wear at all or one you absolutely must carry around with you? Or what is you favorite piece of jewellery in general?
I must admit, I feel almost naked if I don't wear at least a little ring or a nice necklace when I go out. It's kind of weird but to me it's these little details that make everything round. You can wear the plainest shirt you have, a pretty gem will always make it complete somehow.

With this I leave you into the weekend! I hope I didn't write too much, why do I even rant like this?
Anyhow, take care && much love~
Mio ♥


  1. Wow i love :D
    specially the brooches♥

  2. Oh, love the rings! ♥

    I have a special silver ring, that looks like a panda that I always have to wear. I ♥ it! ;3

  3. I loved all your jewelry! Are so beautiful and so different from what we usually encounter.
    I seem more enchanted with the bracelets are so perfect!♥
    The only jewel without which there is no get a necklace, mirrored those that reflect different colors. Do not really know why I prefer it, but I feel weird if i not using it.
    I'm crazy about rings, but unfortunately rarely use. my fingers swell with the heat, even if a little heat. That's sad, because I see many that are super beautiful!
    Sorry the comment over and my bad English! ^^"

  4. Wow. That's a large collection of rings you have there. :) Way more than the amount of rings I have, that's for sure (which is approximately 2 in total). As for me, I usually wear a jade necklace with a gold chain everywhere, even when going to sleep. Very important to me of course, since it was given to me from my mom. <3

  5. I love your jewellery collection :D my favourite is the bracelet from the last photo that looks like a fish fin - so lovely... <3 I don't usually wear a lot of rings, I rather go with an minimalistic approach so my favourite ones are those of a simple shape or with big gemstones.
    I could visit flea markets every day 'just to take a peek', and I'm totally in love with unique jewellery that you can find there. Especially silver jewellery - you can't find something silver, with a soul and not too shiny in stores like for example H&M, and flea markets - yeah, that saves me :)

  6. Your jewellery is so pretty!
    I would love to wear more jewellery, but I don't really have a lot ._.
    You inspired me to go to flea markets! Hopefully I can find some pretty pieces there. ^^

  7. I really like rings and necklaces. I have two necklaces that I always(!) wear and of course a lot more. And I have many beautiful rings, but I don't wear them as often as necklaces.
    I never wear earrings though. I got the feeling that they make my head look really big xD Don't know why. But I think thats sad, because there are so many pretty earrings.


  8. what a wonderful collection *-*

  9. I would kill to own all those rings! Flea markets sure are the best! Actually more than half of all of my jewelry comes from random flea markets I go to haha.

  10. I love Opium, my mum always wore it when I was a baby so I go nuts every time I feel the scent of it. <3

  11. *__* Wo hast du denn die wunderschönen Katzenohrringe her? Ich trage zwar so gut wie nie Ohrringe... aber wenn ich diese mein Eigen nennen könnte, würde ich wohl wieder jeden Tag Ohrringe tragen. ♥

    Das Blatt ist auch toll und das schuppenartige Armband. Ich liebe deine Schmucksammlungsposts~

  12. Your jewelery collection is fascinating!
    I had two rings I wore always - a crown ring my sister bought me in Yokohama and a Gem Cerey one my favorite band designed. Then, I went camping, took them off so they won't get lost... and misplaced them. God, it was a year ago and I still want to cry over it. I've got a Vivienne Westwood ring as replacement, but it doesn't feel the same...

  13. lovely jewelery, the amethyst pendants are so pretty!!!

  14. Whoa, that's quite the collection you have! :)

  15. @Monseroath777
    Thanks a lot, darling ♥
    I think brooches are just perfect for fall or winter. Pinned in a warm scarf they just look wonderful <3

    Oh I see! A fellow ring love then? ♥
    I'd love to see your panda ring, I bet it must be absolutely sweet <3

    @Mizuka Yoshino
    Don't be sorry, darling <3 I think I understood you quite well ♥
    And I'm happy you like the things I showed here, too!
    A necklace really is a pretty companion for every occasion, especially when it's a pretty necklace. It's a petty you can't wear rings that much, though! But if it's only that you have problems getting them off your fingers after wearing them I recommend to put your hands in icy water for a minute and then carefully trying to remove them, possibly even adding some liquid soap or lotion, maybe that helps a little ♥

    There's probably nothing better than such an important gift from an important person ♥
    I'm impressed to read you love it so much you even keep it on overnight, that's such a sweet sign of dedication <3

    Thank you very much, sweet darling <3

    I'm happy to read you do! ♥
    Man, that's exactly how I feel about flea markets! The things you find there, they truly have a sould and a story to tell, that's what makes them so interesting for me. But it's also the people that sell the things. Sometimes you'll end up being in a little talk over a pair of old shoes but it's still the sweetest thing on earth ♥
    However, I feel about the minimalistic thing about jewellery. To me there are days where I just want to wear like three of my favorites pieces and then there are days where I feel so awfully decadent that I could put on everything at once, only for my own silly pleasure ♥

    Thank you so much ♥
    I'm sure you'll find some gorgeous pieces there! Just make sure to look in all little boxes and hidden places to not miss a potential chance for a wonderful gem ♥

    Aw~ it's like a signature of yours then, isn't it? ♥
    I feel quite the same about earrings. I only always wear two tiny loops in one ear and most of the time that's it. Sometimes another stud or a single earring but never anything big, also because I'm a little allergic to most of my piercings, sadly.

    Wow, thank you lots and lots! <333

    I'm very happy you do ♥♥♥

    @Tainted Memories
    Aw~ darling, I'm so glad you think so <3

    Wow, thank you so much! ♥
    Same here, to be honest, haha~! I only sometimes buy cheap jewellery from Primark but I'd say 90% of everything I have comes from the flea market or my mother. Or both ♥

    That's such a cute thing to have memorised ♥
    And your mom surely has a great taste, if I may add that <3

    Die habe ich eines schönen Sonntagmorgens auch auf dem Flohmarkt gefunden ♥
    Ich trage auch kaum Ohrringe, ich habe auch kaum welche aber seitdem diese in meinem Besitz sind kann ich garnicht anders <3
    Aber vielen, vielen Dank! ♥ Das freut mich natürlich wirklich sehr, wenn dir diese gefallen, dann sind sie nicht umsonst <3

    Why thank you! ♥
    Goodness, I feel your pain, trust me! Last year I lost a pair of vintage Joop glasses I got as a present from my parents and only 2 days later I lost them in the urban jungle of Hamburg. I still feel so awful about it every time I get to think of that day.

    Thank you lots and lots, darling! ♥♥♥

    Haha~, thank you! ♥ I don't know, it seems like it just keeps growing without me even knowing about it~

  16. You have a beautiful collection . It is like a jewelry haven .
    I also have a lot of jewelry but have trouble organizing it . I stored some of them in a shoebox and others in plastic bags with their boxes but feel something is missing , lol .


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