Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation ♪

Haven't had a review in a bit, huh? 
Today it's going to be a short make-up review, specifically one about Foundation! 

A few months ago I stumbled across Illamasqua products and heard and read a lot about their Rich Liquid Foundation. They sell a wide range of different colours and nuances from literally white to really, really dark, which made me quite curious. In the past few years I've had more than enough trouble finding a good make-up for my skin and my skin tone. Unlike some of you may think I have very troublesome skin and no day passes with at least one blemish to cover up. It's been like this for as long as I got into puberty and it lasts until today and makes me feel very uncomfortable. Though it has gotten slightly better since I've tried a new skin cream but I don't think it'll keep me away from the dermatologist. 
However, because of that my skin needs a lot of coverage and because it's very light I need something that is very light as well. Searching for both of that in regular drugstores never gave me much of luck. Everything's too dark and/or has the wrong undertones. 
Last year I got a TV coverstick from Kryolan and used it until this summer. I know, these are initially for theatrical make-up purposes but I got it recommended by a friend and it did quite good work. Except for the fact it didn't last long and my skin felt greasy and shiny after a few hours, obviously. Not what anybody would want on their face.

After thinking a little bit back and forth I decided to get the Rich Liquid Foundation in SF 105 which is the second lightest tone available.
The transaction went very, very smooth and I had absolutely no problems with my order which came in the mail about a week later, neatly packed in a little black box and lots of black shredded paper, along with their Spring/Summer catalogue.

I don't know about you but I already find the entire packaging exciting enough - but you all know, I'm a sucker for that. Illamasqua's entire concept is freakishly fantastic, anyhow.

Of course I immediately tried it out and started using it and to my surprise the foundation was lighter than I thought! Actually, I didn't really expected that because you never know how true to colour things like that make up. Which is also why I always prefer to directly try things out at a counter or even with the assistance of somebody who know more about this than I do. But as I don't know any place that sells Illamasqua products in my fishy little town I couldn't go for that and just pressed my luck.

This is the pure foundation swatched on my hand and I think you can tell the difference quite well? I tried to get the colours as true as possible, I don't know how well that worked. But the skin on my hands has very well the same tone as the skin on my face as I don't tan at all, ever (I merely burn).

Compared to my skin tone the foundation still is very light and if I'd use it on my face I'd probably look even sicklier than I normally do. So, in order to avoid scaring all my neighbors, friends and parents I've mixed it with a bit of H&M foundation that I still had and - voilà! It matched up quite well!

It's still not perfect, though in my opinion. My skin has some yellow undertones, at least that's what the kind lady from the MAC counter said, and the other foundation I've had doesn't. But it all ends up with the MAC mineralize powder in the shade 'light' I use, so it's alright!

Now I'm using this foundation mix for about 2 months or perhaps a little longer and I am quite content. At least it's a lot better than what I've used before and the fact I need to mix it doesn't bother me too much. It's very easy to apply, blends well and it feels very soft and has a nice smell. The only thing that bothers me, again, is that it doesn't stay on as long as I like it to. In the few hot summer days we've had it quickly started to feel a little greasy as well and I felt as if my make-up would drip off my face. But I must also say that this may be caused me my combination skin as well or even by the other foundation I use along with this one. However, I feel like it isn't the perfect match for me again because of that. Also, even though it's said to have very good coverage it doesn't cover up as much as I'd like and need it to, so that's another minus as well.

Overall I'm not disappointed with this product, though. Other than the two things I've last stated it still works pretty well for me and the other products I use along with it. And it's at least a thousand times better than anything I've used before! Also, it's pretty abundant and in the time I've used it it barely shows up in the bottle .

To me the hunt for the perfect foundation sadly didn't end with this, and if you have some suggestions I'm happy to hear them, but it's a nice change and certainly a good product to use while still hunting.

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Now then, my bed is awaiting me and the rain is already here to sing me a lullaby ♪
Much love, my lovelies!


  1. Hey Mio, hast du schon mal was von BB cream gehört?
    Es ist total angesagt in Asien und ich habe die auch schon probiert.

    Meine Haut ist durchaus schlimmer wie deine und auch total hell
    und ich hab eine BB cream gefunden die meine Haut total gut abdeckt <3

    Da die Asiaten ja besessen von heller Haut sind, ist es auch somit leichter für uns helle europäer was zu finden xD

    Wenn du Lust hast kannst du mal diese BB cream ausprobieren
    Etude House Precious Mineral BB cream #1
    - http://www.accessorieswhole.com/images/052/precious2.jpg
    - http://www.accessorieswhole.com/images/052/precious3.jpg

    Ich hab auch ein kleines Pröbchen davon, wenn du magst kann ich es dir schicken bevor du es kaufst ^^ um kein Risiko einzugehen.

    Und ich habe ein Puder von Manhatten in '0 Transparent'
    das hellt auch noch auf.

    Lg <3

  2. wow :O The package is so pretty but creepy hahaha :D

  3. Have you tried a BB cream?
    I wrote a review of the one I own here: http://haru-in-wonderland.blogspot.com/2011/08/skin-79-super-bb-cream-review.html
    You do have to use a concealer with it for some places but it's awesome. I'd had quite serious problems with my complexion before I started using it.

  4. Mist, jetzt haben es schon alle vor mir gesagt xD
    BB Cream ist wirklich toll. Solltest du mal versuchen :D

  5. I love your blog!

    / http://lamagie.blogg.se/

  6. illamasqua hat in der galerie lafayette einen counter.du könntest ja da testen welche nuance passt,falls du mal nach berlin kommst.
    ich habe viele begeisterte reviews über die neue bb von mac gelesen,die ist bis jetzt aber nur online erhältlich.soll auch ganz hell sein und sich dem hautunterton individuell anpassen.

  7. @Candyhear
    Vielen Dank erstmal für deine Empfehlung! ♥
    Natürlich hab ich von BB Creams schonmal was gehört aber ich war da bisland eher skeptisch. Vor allem wegen dem 'whitening' Zeug das darin enthalten ist. Denn heller machen muss ich meine Haut nicht umbedingt und solche Chemikalien können ziemlichen Schaden anrichten, daher bin ich mir da nicht so sicher :/
    Von daher würden mir deine Proben eher nicht helfen, da ich gerne auf sowas verzichten würde aber trotzdem vielen Dank! ♥♥♥
    Wobei ich glaube ich grade gesehn habe, dass es von Etude house auch eine BB ohne diesen Effekt gibt. Weißt du denn vllt wo man solche Proben zu verschiedenen BB's bekommen könnte? Sonst fuchse ich mich da nochmal durch.
    Das Puder habe ich auch lange Zeit benutzt aber letzlich ist es mir irgendwie zu auffällig auf meiner Haut weil's so herrlich in den feinen Gesichtshaaren hängen bleibt und dann so hervorsticht. Puder ist momentan auch nicht so mein Problem, denn seitdem ich auf das von MAC umgestiegen bin geht's damit egtl ganz gut.

    Haha~ that's exactly why I love it so much ♥

    I've heard a lot about it but haven't tried it myself yet. Mostly because of the whitening ingredients that are used to make the skin paler, which I don't really need and it can damage the skin after some time. So unless I get to find one that really doesn't have that, it's sadly a no-no for me. But in general I'd love to at least try it out because of all the positive things I've heard about it~

    Mal sehn, vllt finde ich ja demnächst eine ohne dieses Haut-Aufhellungs-Zeug ;;

    Why, thank you! ♥

    Vielen Dank für deine Hilfe! Das mit der Galerie Lafayette wusste ich noch garnicht, das werde ich auf jeden Fall mal auschecken sobald ich wieder in Berling bin!
    Auch von der BB von MAC hab ich noch nichts gehört aber da werde ich mich jetzt mal schlau machen ♥

  8. Try Revlon Colorstay in Ivory. I swear by it as I'm pale with combination skin too. It gives great coverage and stays on pretty much all day.

    Love your blog! :)

  9. @Rosellie
    I'd definitely need to take a deeper look into that, thank you for the recommendation! ♥
    And also thank you for liking my blog <3

  10. Hey there! This is so long after you posted this ;A; but I just wanted to say about the Illamasqua foundation-- I use RF115 and it's amazing. RF105 isn't one of their natural shades... but RF115 is this absolutely perfect, creamy porcelain shade, and best of all, it's totally neutral. It doesn't have any yellow, grey, or pink undertones at all-- it's like doll skin. It neutralises every bit of pink without looking dead like some other full-coverage foundations. If you ever get the chance to try that shade, I totally recommend it!

    1. Hello there ♥
      Thank you for informing me about that shade, I'll definitely have a look into that next time I get to visit Hamburg because there is a store that sells their products and I could try it out directly ♥


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