Welcome in my Kitsch Kingdom ♪

It feels like I haven't posted anything in years! Sorry for the little time-out but we're kind of busy with renovating right now and in the meantime some other good and bad things happened. I try my best to keep posting frequently nonetheless, we'll see how well that goes.

I've been debating with myself to whether or not split this post up into two but I guess it wouldn't make too much of a difference, it would only confuse things instead. Just prepare yourself to find a very picture heavy entry this time!
In fact I was going to post this much, much earlier but you know, life and such. So here I am now with an updated 'tour' through my room. Unlike last time, where I made a video about it, I'm bringing you some pictures of everything. A whole lot of things have changed in the two years from when I first made that video, my room is much more crowded now. I don't know if that's rather a blessing or a curse but what does it matter anyway.

Without further ado, Let's just start right off!
My room is still the same and so is the assembly of my furniture. The way it is now is simply the best way to place everything while having the most space.
My room is also more or less divided in two because of the original partition of this floor. My 'dressing room' used to be some sort of bathroom, we assume and then my bedroom and my sister's room used to be one very big room, which is parted by a wall now. And wall that used to separate my two rooms is partly removed ever since. That much about the theory of our houses architecture.

This is what my dressing room looks now~ ♪

When you enter my room ♪
And from the middle of my room. This corner is like the heart of my room~ ♪
My closet on the left, next to my dresser ♥
My clothes don't have a certain order, they're only assorted by type and style. Above I have all my dresses, big sweaters, jackets, cardigans, blouses and skirts. Below on the outer sides are all my shorts and skirts, in the middle my my shirts, in the back my sweaters, pajamas and old jeans, T-shirts and tanktops ♥
The top of my dresser ♥ Around here I keep all my make-up, accessories, jewelery and hair things.
The shitload of accessories I call my own, postcards, souvenirs, ponies and random kitsch you'll find all over the place ♥
The top of my small rack next to my dresser. On top I keep my hairties, bracelets, rings and brooches. Inside of the rack you'll find more bracelets, bangles, nailpolish and DVDs
My DVD collection! I wouldn't ever want to part with that. Though I'm still missing a bunch of my favorite movies it still represents what I love fairly well so far ♥
Another small shelf, right above the other rack. Here I keep some beauty products, more jewelery and my favorite perfumes. My very favorite is L by Lolita Lempicka, followed by Opium by Yves Saint Laurant and Coco by Chanel.
A brooch I've made ♥
This coat rack is what keeps all my beloved necklaces safe ♥ Though I wonder why it's still hanging, considering the weight it has to hold up.
More jewelery can be found on my sill, where I keep all my pendants, brooches and most important: my rings!
Getting dressed without this big mirror? No thanks, haha ♥ Here I also have all my painting supplies and a painting that I haven't finished in far too long. The walls are decorated with Monki receipts, flyers, clothing tags, a setlist from a Gogol Bordello concert and the two old clothing hangers my mother found at the fleamarket. I seriously love them to death!
That's all the things you could find in my dressing room but I keep most of my stuff in there. My bedroom isn't as crowded and also a little bigger.

The first thing to see in my bedroom is my bed on the right and my desk to the left. Here I work most of the time, craft, sew or draw. Ronja is blocking my chair again, like she always does ♥
The shelf above my desk where I keep some drawing supplies, notebooks and other useful things. You can also see my wall decoration, the big yellow scissors are still there ♥
Hidden between my desk and bed is where I have my stereo, CDs and books, crafting and sewing supplies, my sewing machine and my dress form.
Finally, the place where I dream my weird dreams, my bed ♥ Above I have shelves with all my vintage toys and underneath are pretty much all the shoes I have. In three rows actually, I'm running out of place for them! There are also a bunch of bags hanging from my bed posts.

And now that is all ♥

I hope you enjoyed the little picture tour through my room and maybe now you have a little better inside into how I live. But if there's anything else you'd like to know or like to see, just tell me ♥

Also, I wanted to take a minute as well to thank you all for your great support in the Kawaii.i contest! I wouldn't have thought of this to happen but I actually really made it! I can't thank all you guys here and on Facebook enough for your help and the love you gave me.
But also in general. I get so many cute messages and mails that help me keep my head up even when I'm sad. Reading your sweet words always cheers me up somehow. I really wish I could travel the world in order to meet every single one of you and to thank them in person. Because of this I'm also working on a little surprise again and I hope to have it ready very soon. Stay tuned ♥

But now I need to head downstairs again! We ordered bulky waste for tomorrow and still need to put some old things outside. Finally we're getting rid of all the things that blocked our living in this house, one step further once again ♪

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!
Much love ♥


  1. You have so much cuteness in your room xoxo

  2. sehr schönes und farbenfrohes Zimmer

  3. I love love love your room! @__@ Its awesome <3

  4. love your room!
    you have so much jewellry and accessories im jealous haha i want to try them all on! :P

  5. Tolles Zimmer wirklich! Am besten gefällt mir die Idee mit der Schere und der passenden Line über die Zimmerwände <3

  6. Wow, I love everything, especially your toy shelves!

  7. woah) never seen such a cute and pastel room

  8. OMG! you have an entire seperate dressing room?! o.e
    that's craaazy! i love both of your rooms! amazing post

    PS I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog! It's open worldwide :)
    Velvet Codeine

  9. I'm so happy for you to win the contest! *O*
    And aww, your room, words cannot describe how much I love it. :D I'd love to enter it and take photos of everything like a tourist, haha. :D :3

  10. I'm in love with you room! :O

  11. soooo schön! *_*

    das Bild, das du angefangen hast zu kolorieren, (neben deinem Spiegel) ist wunderschön ♥
    soooooooo tollig *-*

    liebe Grüße
    Hella ♥

  12. your room is SO beautiful! :D:D:D

  13. I really adore your room Miooo!!!♥
    The pink wall with the cutie friends is the best part ♥___♥

  14. Your room is simply fantastic! But when I saw those super-dirty make-up brushes- I almost vomitted! Please clean them or they will make your pretty face blossom! :)

  15. I absolutely love your room, it's full of amazing things.

  16. Oh, my!<3!! I'm in love with your room!! *o*
    Wish my room was as cutie and colourful as yours (;_;).

  17. Oh dein Zimmer sieht wirklich toll aus. Alles Pastellfarben und so.
    Mich würde interessieren ob du einen Freund hast und was der dazu sagt? ^^ Meiner lässt sowas nämlich nicht so :( xD


  18. your room is to die for!
    OH MY GOSH...it´s like heaven on Earth!

  19. I am in love with you room and your style !

  20. AMAZING!!!!!! *____________*
    It looks like the 6%Dokidoki shop!!!!
    I love the decoration of the walls, and the Rilakkuma carpet!!!
    Hope you enjoy your moments there, it must be soooo confortable and warm! ;D

  21. Your room is so lovely! It's such a great representation of you ;A;! I am so jealous of your vintage toys and good bit of your closet *u*!

  22. wow! Your room is amazing!! ♥ so cute and beautiful!

  23. your room is so awesome. that little pink bear is really cute!!!!

  24. Oh wow! You have so much cute stuff, and I love what you've done with the place!

    I'm always too lazy to organise things so that they look nice...

  25. @Momickey

    Thank you for thinking so <333

    Vielen Dank! <3

    Aw~ that's very nice of you to say! ;; Thank you! ♥

    Aw~ don't be! I'd love to invite you here, haha <3

    Freut mich sehr, dass dir das gefällt! Dankeschön! ♥♥♥

    Haha~ they're my favorites as well, they always make me happy <3
    Thank you~ ♥

    @Japanese wife
    Never? Aw~ pastels for life, haha! Literally <3

    Thanks a lot my dear! * u *

    Sort of but the two rooms are still connected and not seperated with a door or anything~
    But I'm happy you like them and thank you for telling me about your giveaway! <3

    Aw~ me too! I really can't thank everyone enough ; u ;
    If you ever come here I'd happily invite you into it! I'd love to show you around <3

    Aww~ thank you sweetie ♥

    Viiielen Dank meine Liebe ♥♥♥
    Naja, viel ist daran ja leider noch nicht gemacht aber vllt schaff ichs ja dieses Jahr endlich es fertig zu machen ;;

    Thank you so much! ♥♥♥

    Aww~ thank you my dear! Thank you! Haha~ it's all my pride ; u ; ♥

    Hehe ♥♥♥

    Thank you so much! Don't worry, I clean them all the time when I use them. I also merely use them for blush and sometimes powder and on that day I just used them before so they look like that~

    I'm very, very happy you think like that ♥

    Aw~ I'm sure you can accomplish that! You just need some paint an things will already look nice always ♥ Thank you~ <3

    Freut mich, dass es dir gefällt ♥
    Einen Freund habe ich nicht aber selbst wenn ich einen hätte würde ich mir nicht von ihm da rein reden lassen. Jedenfalls nicht wenn es um mein eigenes Zimmer geht. Und bei einer gemeinsamen Wohnung ließe sich auch sicher ein Kompromiss finden~

    Oh darling, that's so sweet to say! ♥
    Thank you~!!!

    Thank you lots and lots darling <3

    What a lovely comparison! ; u ; ♥ Though the shop is even much, much cooler in my opinion! It's always so collourful there ♥
    But you bet I do, I wouldn't ever change it there <3

    Haha~ I'm jealous of yours! And you make such lovely things all the time, too! ♥ But thank you~!

    Thanks a lot, darlign! <333

    @lovely death
    Do you mean Gloomy Bear? Haha~ thank you! ♥♥♥

    Thank you very much my dear~ <3
    I always get easily annoyed if my room isn't in order or if things are out of place but I also like organising things, hehe <3

    Dankeschön ; u ; ♥

  26. Super awesome room ♥ So jealous... ;;___;;


    Everything is so damn cute! I adore the necklaces stuff and also your purses *dies*

    Srsly I called my fiancee and showed him the pictures and he said, wisely "But you're not single anymore, love" :P
    Anyways, I want your room! ^^

  28. I wish I could be as good as you. I can't be so creative to do something nice with my house...

  29. Wow... wie lange hast du gebraucht, um all die Plüschtiere und all deinen Schmuck zusammen zu sammeln? Es sind so viele unglaublich süße Sachen dabei... so schön ♥

    Wenn ich das Alles so sehe, dann habe ich das Gefühl, ich werde nie so ein schönes Zimmer haben... Aber ich arbeite daran ♥ Wenn ich sehe, das andere ihre Träume verwirklichen können, schaff ich das mit meinem Zimmer sicher auch irgendwann... oder mit meiner Wohnnung ♥ Dein Zimmer ist einfach ein traum! So schön hell und ein bisschen wie in einem Märchen :)

  30. @Valhe
    Thanks a lot sweetheart ♥ But don't be jealous, darling~

    Haha~ your boyfriend is a funny guy, hehe ♥ But you musn't be single in order to live a little dream like that, you should tell him that ;)
    Anyway, thank you very, very much for your lovely words! I'm happy you like everything <3

    Don't you ever think that way! You're very well as good as I am if not better. Anybody has the ability to do whatever they can think of and I'm more than you can do anything if only you believe in yourself. I know I believe in you ♥

    Thank you my dear~ ♥♥♥

    Huh? Where did you pick that up? ♪

    Sagen wir einfach mal, relativ lange ♥ Ich weiß es selbst garnicht so genau aber ich sammel den Kram seit einigen Jahren bei mir an.
    Auf jedenfall danke für deine zauberhaften Worte, die haben mich sehr froh gemacht ♥ Und ich denke auch, dass du sowas ganz sicher erreichen kannst und wirst wenn du nur willst und den Glauben an dich selbst nicht verlierst. Einfach am Ball bleiben <3

  31. omg!!!!!! your room it's so clean and organized. >W< love it.

  32. cute room!:)) I actually saw you on youtube :) thats why i am happy to find you in blogger :))

  33. You have given me some inspiration, I desperately need to make my room look pretty.

    There is so much colour involved in your room, I love it!

  34. Your place is a cotton candy/pastel heaven! I love it! I also noticed that you have Beetlejuice, which I happen to love! ^^

  35. @kawaiigoods
    Haha~ thank you! If only it was actually all the time like this ;D

    Wow, I'm glad you find your way here then! It always makes me happy when people still stay with me over the time ♥ So~ thank you!

    Aw~ I'd love to see how your room will look after its 'makeover'
    However, I'm glad I could donate you some inspirations, thank you for that! <3

    This is probably the best compliment ever! Thank you so much!
    Man, that movie has been following me since I was a little girl and it's totally one of my favorites ♥ I'm happy to have a fellow Beetlejuice lover in you <3

  36. Wow, dein Zimmer ist wirklich Liebe und der Traum jedes Mädchens. ♥

  37. oh,.. ich habe grad ziemlich verspätet gemerkt, das du sweeney todd auf dvd hast ;)
    ich liebe den film!!
    tolles zimmer übrigens! :)

  38. @My
    Das ist so süß von dir gesagt ♥ Vielen, vielen Dank! <3

    Lieber zu spät als nie ° u °
    Ich liebe vor allem den Soundtrack und das ganze Bühnen- und Kostümbild des Films, wobei ich auch sagen muss, dass ich manch anderen Film von Tim Burton besser finde~
    Und vielen Dank! ♥

    Haha~ thank you! <3

    I'm not sure if I'd have a good place for you to sleep but maybe you could try? Haha~ ♥

  39. Oh my god! I love your room! You know what? You gave me an idea!
    I will soon change rooms and I wanted to paint the walls black and purple.
    But ultimately, it will be too much and it becomes stifling and oppressive.

    I fell randomly on your wonderful blog and hit the corner bed painted pink with shelves stuffed animals is great! Now, I intend to do my part "dreams" with a black fabric with white dots and a small striped shelves on which I would put my faithful creatures!

  40. @A-Little-Lady
    I'm super happy if I could give you some ideas for your new room, I'm sure it'll turn out great! ♥
    You should send me some pictures once it's finished because that surely sounds exciting <3

  41. Wowie-wow, that is a lot of shoes and bags!

  42. @Static-Rapture
    Haha~ what can I say? I just can't take my hands of those~

  43. Wow.. You have a super cute room. Very lolita and fairy kei. I love pastels as well.

    1. Hello fellow pastel lover then! Hehe~ thank you ♥

  44. sehr süßes Zimmer und wunderbarer Style, obwohl ich eigentlich pastell nicht so gerne mag ;)
    wenn du magst, schau dir meinen Blog an: http://awonderfulcolouredworld.blogspot.de/

    1. Vielen, lieben Dank! ♥ Da fühl ich mich doch glatt geehrt <3
      Und dein Blog ist auch wirklich hübsch~


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