Silence is my boyfriend ♪

I don't have much time as I'm ready for take-off, literally ♥
A few things still wait to be packed, some things to be arranged and then in less than two hours I'll be checking in for my flight to Munich. Nothing overly exciting but a TV production I prepared myself for in the past few weeks is waiting for me and I'm waiting for the recording. 

Since there's still some time left, though, I'm taking it to show you another outfit from last month when I visited Hamburg with Mimi and Roya.

Shirt - Gina Tricot; Shorts - fleamarket; Tights, Socks, Bows - offbrand; Sneakers - used Reebok; Accessory - from Flau &; Cute Can Kill

I absolutely love this shirt! It's from Gina Tricot and I already got it back in May or so but I'm wearing it all the time right now.

Now, I really need to head back to packing so I'll have everything ready in time. So you back on Wednesday, I hope! ♥

Much love~
Mio ♥


  1. I had no idea Gina Tricot existed in Germany! ^^ And wow, your hair has grown so long! O_O I was wondering, did you follow any great tutorial to make your awesome gifs? I haven't quite figured this out yet ^^'

  2. Love your outfit! especially the shorts!! What do they have appliqued on the back?

  3. Lovely outfit and pictures! <3

    Have fun in munich! You'll rock it!

  4. You're so beutiful! =D
    That's shirt is awesome, I have it too ~ ;3

  5. The outfit is amazing and both the shorts and the tee are to-die-for. *-*
    Enjoy your trip! :3

  6. Loved your hairstyle! How you do it? :O

    Hope you have a nice trip ^^

    Have a nice week!


  7. i love your hair here!!! have a safe trip :)
    PS you're ONE follower away from 1,000! holy cow. yay.

  8. ohh, loveee your hairdo :P reminds me of Sailor Moon :)

  9. love it!
    and i want to see an outfit with your creepers! ^.^

  10. Gorgeously cute :) You look sweet enough to eat. Hope packing isn't too stressful!

  11. Woohoo I am your 1000th follower! :D Your style is so lovely, I added you because I'm starting developing a cute (and fairy kei if possible) and looking for inspiration ^_^

  12. I love your outfit. :D I really like the star bracelet and your hairstyle, too. :3

  13. Hallo :)
    Ich habe dir einen Blogaward verliehen und würde mich freuen, wenn du das 'Ritual' weiterführen würdest.
    LG, miamouz


  14. I love your style and I hyped you.
    [url=http://stylowme.blogspot.com/] Stylow [/url]

  15. I really love your blog and your style! I am in love with harajuku and I think you really pull off the pastel colours with Japanese street style vibes. :-) xx


  16. i love your hair ^^ and nice shorts :3

  17. The shorts are so cute!

    I love your outfit =]

    Lee x

  18. @Emilia
    Oh you! ♥ Thanks a lot, darling <3

    I didn't know it either but I think there's even a real store! Though not in Bremen, sadly :<
    Haha~ indeed! I never really notice until I see it in pictures. But I still have a long way to got because there's so much damaged hair to grow out, I'm not even halfway there, sadly.
    I've been making them following this tutorial (http://creativetechs.com/tipsblog/build-animated-gifs-in-photoshop/) but there's also a free program I've used before called 'Animake' which is free and very, very easy to use! If you have any questions on that feel free to ask me anything!

    Thanks honey! ♥ There are appliques on it that say 'POP' ♪

    Thank you soo~ much, my dear! ♥ Haha, I surely did! (or so I hope ;D)

    Aww~ darling, thank you for saying that ♥♥♥
    You do? Isn't it awesome, hehe~ I'm deeply in love with it <3

    @Thanks my darling, I'm happy you like them ♥
    And I definitely had a gread time <3

    Why, thank you! It's actually very simple to make it. After washing my hair I braided the still damp/wet hair into two french braids on the side of my head and let them to dry. After that I opened the braids, brushed them out and next you only need to make two little buns which are very easy, too. You can even tease them out if you like so the appear fuller but that's really it ♥
    You too, darling! And I totally had a nice trip <3

    I'm super glad you like it! ♥♥♥ And thank you of course~! <3
    (I know! I'm so excited about that and now I'm even over that! You all make me so happy, you have no idea~ ♥

    Haha~ you're right! But I bet Usagi's hair wasn't as stubborn as mine is ;)
    But thanks a lot ♥♥♥

    Thank you, sweetie ♥ You bet there'll be many to come ;) ♥

    Aw~ what a lovely compliment, thank you so much ♥ No, no, it was all alright but I still need to unpack most of the things to be honest :<

    Whaaaat~?! Really?! CONGRATULATIONS! And of course thank you for following me, darling! ♥
    I hope I can give you all the inspiration you need! <3

    Hehe, I think it's my favorite bracelet I have ♥ Thanks a lot <333

    Wow, vielen Dank! Vor allem für die netten Worte die du meinem Link angehängt hast, die machen mich wirklich sehr, sehr froh ♥♥♥
    Allerdings bin ich selbst kein großer Fan von diesen Tagging-Geschichten weshalb ich's selbst nicht weiterführen werde, tut mir leid. Aber auf jeden Fall bin ich sehr glücklich und dir Dankbar dafür, dass du mich dafür ausgewählt hast ♥

    Thank you so much! Much love to you as well, my dear ♥

    Aw~ it makes me so incredibly happy that you think that way of me, really ♥ Thank you, thank you, thank you! ♥♥♥

    Many thanks my darling <333

    Haha, thank you so~ much! ♥


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