She will be your living end ♪

There I go again, this time with a less colourful outfit and something more casual.
You say 'colourblocking'? I say 'why not'? Even though I didn't do it on purpose.

To be honest, I'm rather happy I can blog again because I was almost afraid I wouldn't be able to in the next time because of, once again, technical issues. Seems like something sneaked through my firewall and took a bite off some of my programs, including editing programs, and after a long struggle between trial and error I had to reboot my laptop. Now everything works again, though. At last! For some moments I felt really stranded in this entire situation, including some minor and major anger attacks. I hate it when things don't work like they're supposed to be.

Last month, while Mimi was still over in Bremen, we took a little trip to the waterfront and I wore out my fancy Betty Barclay blazer. I'm not sure but I don't think I've ever shown you a picture of it being worn or did I?

Blazer - Betty Barclay; Shoes - Vagabond; Skirt, Shirt, Hair bow - Monki; Jewellery - Flea market; Bag - Berlin

Hell, words fail to describe how much I love this blazer. I wish I had more things in this shade of deep violet blue in my closet. Black clothes start to pile up, so do the pastels but I pretty much don't have anything in a dark blue or green. Maybe I should change this for the upcoming fall/winter.

It's also about time again to do a little Shopping Update because I didn't do one in a while. Then I can also give you a better view on the wedges I'm wearing here and on a bunch of other things.
There's also going to be a big, big surprise coming of for all my readers this week! Those who follow my tweets probably already know a little about my plan but all the others shall find out this weekend so make sure to check back ♥

And now I wish you all a lovely day or night, whatever goes for you!
Take care, lovelies! ♥


  1. wow! I absolutely love the style! So poised! YAY!

  2. I love the blazer and your hairstyle!

  3. Uh ich liebe das erste Bild!
    Es sieht fast so aus, als würden die schwarzen Striche (?) zu dir gehören oder aus deinem Rücken kommen. Ein bisschen wie bei einer Puppe oder so. Ich kann mich nicht ausdrücken... D:
    Ich finde die Farben außerdem so passend ♡ Deine Haarfarbe und das dunkle lila harmonieren so toll ( *`ω´)
    Und ichbin gespannt, was du vorhast... ;3

    Liebe Grüße, Shin ♥

  4. I looove your style, you look really fabulous :)

  5. nice blog!

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  6. so adorable :)

    just found your blog and I'm your newest follower*


  7. oh my god! this is so good!
    everything! aahhh you're the best!

  8. I love your David Bowie bag and not to mention your starry blouse! Love it.


  9. @Heidi
    Hell yes! I couldn't agree more ♥

    Thank you! Favorite tote, hehe <3

    Wow, thank you so much for this compliment ♥

    And I love that you love it~ <333

    Vielen, vielen Dank ♥♥♥ (Diese Linien sind egtl so eine Art Vertiefung in der Mauerverkleidung und sollen wohl schln aussehen. Mich persönlich erinnern sie mehr an Hakenkreuze /D")
    Ich freue mich auf jeden Fall sehr, dass es dir gefällt, wirklich! <3
    Und man darf gespannt sein, in der nächsten Stunde wird sich's zeigen ;D

    I thank you so awfully much, dear, really! <3

    Thank you very much, my dear ♥

    Aw~ thank you for following it! Always makes me happy when people stumble over it and decide to stay for a while ♥♥♥ An thank you for the compliment as well! <3

    My blushes, thank you so much, darling! You're too sweet <3

    (May I say that I love your name? ♥)
    However, thanks a lot! Bowie and a bit of glam seem to make the perfect mixture ♥

  10. I love your purple blazer! It's gorgeous, and so are you !

  11. you are so pretty! <3 i love your hair color so much.


  12. I love this look! The shirt in particular!

  13. Aghg your blog is amazing!! so much fun. Started following :)


  14. @Saara
    That's very kind of you, dear ♥ And I'm glad you like it <3

    Thank you very, very much dear! ♥

    It's one of my favorites too, hehe! And thank you~!

    Thank you so super much for following me ♥♥♥ I'm very glad you like it here <3


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