No, I'm not obessed with feet ♪

Even though you one could get that idea considering how many pictures I have here. But sure as hell I am obsessed with these shoes!

Creepers, yes, they're finally mine. Call me a stupid girl for buying these but I've been wanting these shoes for at least 6 years now but never got myself to actually buying those. We want so much and eventually some things will be forgotten. But not these shoes, after all these year's I still like them and now that I own them I'm more in love with them than ever before.

So many pictures for only one silly pair of shoes, I apologize. Look like I had a little too much fun with playing in them today ♥

The lace socks are from Monki but I tie-dyed them last weekend just like a bunch of other things. The gods of crafting had mercy with me and finally put me in high spirits again. Soon I will show you some of the lovely things I made these days ♪

But for now I'll take a rest. It's so late, or more like early, already and I need at least a bit of sleep. See you again soon ♥



  1. wuaah, i love it *_*
    die schuhe sieht so cool aus x3

    Creepers are amazing, I own 3 pairs :/

  3. So CUTE!! I like your tie-dyed socks too! <3

  4. CREEPERS! I totally want a pair but I want to own a vast collection of Doc Martens before I own creepers *weird me*

  5. They look amazing with the tie die socks!
    I have black creepers but white leather is next on my list, they are perfect.
    Love the gifs too~ :)

  6. OMG!!! i love your new shoes are beautiful and you socks are perfects

  7. Those creepers are adorable. I normally see them worn with a more punk look. But they look super cute here.

  8. wow how hd are your gifs!?

    Those socks are so pefrect, what a good idea! Creepers have always had a place in my heart too, I don't know if I will ever get any but if I did they'd be the ones that have hearts on them!

    You blog is looking so squelchy and adorable- I like the cartoony feel!

  9. Oh my God! *-* I love creepers!
    They are so cute! Where'd you buy them?

  10. YAAI :D
    Hab mir auch letztens die schwarzen Demonia Plateaucreepers geholt <3
    Gar kein Vergleich zu den flachen von TUK die ich vorher hatte o_o

  11. great great great piccies! love the black VS pastels.lush!

  12. omg! those are so beautiful. i actually just ordered my leopard/black creepers a week ago and they arrived on Monday :x THEY'RE BEAUTIES.

  13. Wow! Those are adorable!!! Congrats on finally getting them!! ♥ I love your animated pictures!!

  14. OH MY GOODDD :O i have wanted them for so longgg

  15. Congrats!!! :D
    I wanted a pair of Creepers too 4 years ago, and my friends bought them by the Internet, but I waited and was able to buy them when I went to Harajuku! But...sadly I haven't used them so often because my style changed. Sometimes I forget that I have them but after reading this post, I fancy wearing them again! Thank you ;D

  16. I would never use them myself but they were really cute on you :D

  17. I love your new creepers they are completely adorable <3
    I really want a pair now! So awesome. I love your blog by the way, just come across you via lookbook.nu and I think you're awesome.

  18. I COMPLETELY understand your obsession!! I've been wanting those shoes myself for HOW LONG. And I think the photos and gifs you made are really cool!

  19. @Sugarskullheart
    Danke dir, Liebes! ♥♥♥

    Now I'm a bit jealous but I can SO relate! I own two know, though you can't really count my first pair in. They're cheap and torn apart from all the wearing~
    But I can't wait to get some fresh black suede ones ♥

    Thank you darling! ♥♥♥
    Guess I'm turning into a little tie-dye addict, hehe~

    Damn, that would be so lovely as well! If only Docs wouldn't be so pricey~

    Thank you~ ♥
    For me it's the complete other way round now. I can't wait to get some black ones as well, because they look so lovely ♥

    I'm so glad you like them! Thanks a lot! <3

    I know but I think they can be more versatile than they seem at first. Already changinc the laces would convert them into something completely different, which is why I love them so much ♥

    Haha~ they could probably be even better but then they'd be HUGE!
    But thanks for all your sweet words, dear ♥ The ones with the hearts on them were the ones I always wanted when I was younger but now I'm more into some classic designs, hehe <3

    Thans a lot~ ♥
    I found them at Accessories that Rock but I think you could get them at many places by just searching for 'creepers'~

    Diese Sneaker-mäßigen? Die sind auch cool aber wirklich ganz anders, irgendwie. Wobei mir dieses Modell echt am besten gefällt und in allen Farben und Mustern ♥

    @The Turd
    Many, many thank you's! A bit of contrast is never bad I guess ♥

    Oh I bet so!
    I don't know but Creepers seem to be perfect for almost everything~

    Thank you~ ♥

    Why thank you! ♪ And I'm glad the gifs didn't annoy you, haha ♥

    GET SOME! You won't regret it, I promise!

    Thank you so much, dear lady ♥

    You gotta get some, really! Everybody can use some creepers! ♪
    And thank you very much for getting to my blog, I'm happy you like it here~ ♥


    Man, I guess it's creepers time now! Go and treat yourself a pair, they're waiting for you after all this time!
    And thanks a lot, darling! ♥♥♥

  20. Unauffällig Kayla Hadlingtons Creepersgifs nachgeahmt..

  21. @Anon
    Wer zum Teufel ist Kayla Hadlington?!
    Wenn ich einen "nachgemacht" habe, dann eher cutesy, die ihr ein solches gif schon seit 2983234 Jahren auf tumblr hatte. Ehrlich, tumblr ist voll mit sowas.

  22. Kayla Hadlington is more popular than you are.

  23. @Anon
    So? What does that even matter? Blogging ain't no fucking popularity contest, get that in you head.

  24. I've been wanting these for ages too.. and I still don't have them, shame on me. :D They're one of the most amazing shoes ever made *__*

  25. I've wanted those forever too, it make's me so happy to see you have them somehow. xD

  26. your shoes look amazing! i wish i had a pair :3 and i love your socks and polka dot tights ^^

  27. @Haru
    I totally agree! No matter what colour or style, creepers always rock! I hope you can get some very soon, they'd suit you so well ♥

    Aw~ that's so very sweet of you ♥
    But I'm very sure you'll get some once day, I know it!

    Thank you for liking it! ♥♥♥ You can always buy some at many stores or Ebay for example, I totally recommend them ♥

  28. I literally have these exact same shoes. Mine are from Demonia. :)

  29. @death_sexxx
    Thank you! ♥

    So are mine! Hello there shoe crony ;D

  30. Even though I love creepers, I don't own a pair yet. It's completely okay to be obsessed over something you've wanted for so long :D

  31. @Sofia
    That's very right I guess, haha!
    But you should treat yourself a pair, you'll never regret it ♥

  32. Sugoi! I like this type of shoes, so far I only have one similar like this , but oh well.. / ^^
    I am a new follower, and anyway, if you would be so kind to visit my brand new blog ~ xoxo


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