Kawaii.i Fashion Contest ♪

Look, she's bugging us again with this!

Yes, yes I am and I'm sorry in case some of you are already annoyed of it, haha ♥
I've already pestered my Facebook and Tumblr with this and now I'll even invade my poor readers here with it, but to me this contest is really important. Why? Because the price is fucking awesome!
300$ worth of lovely shit, who wouldn't want that? The only downside is that the winner is voted by an audience and not a jury, and currently I'm second place. But in order to really make it I have to be first and therefore I need any help I can get!

Voting is pretty easy as well, you don't even need to 'like' anything, just click on the big, green VOTE button and accept an application on Facebook, that's it. It won't even take a minute but it would help me more than enough ♥
Of course you can also spread the word about this and tell your friends and family, haha! But asking you for this would probably be a little too much. Nevertheless, I also want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who already voted for my entry, you are the best ♥
It really means the world to me that I already made it this far thanks to you all. I'd really love to win this thing more than anything, trust me. But we'll see how things will be going with this.

Now it's your turn and I'll see what my Kismet brings~

And speaking of Facebook, did you know that Pastel Raindrops ♪ actually has a FB page since a couple of weeks? No? Though so, that's why I'm telling you about it now ♥
You can see it over here, though it still needs a lot of touch up. Over there you'll also be the first one to know what's new and if there are any updates over here, so make sure to check it out!

Now then, I wish you a lovely Sunday and a good night and once again thank you for your great help!
Much love~
Mio ♪


  1. Ich hab Mama's Account für dich gehackt und gevotet. :D
    Viel Erfolg noch!

  2. hab schon vor ein paar tagen gevoted XD als das voting aufging
    andere freunde von mir machen da auch mit, aber ich drück dir beide daumen ♪

  3. viel glück wünsch ich dir. eine frage, was hälst du von bodyline? würdest du dort bestellen? danke

  4. I voted for you! And I'll try to vote everyday!

  5. awe I love your hair, so pastel look =D

    and don't forget to join my giveaway, thank you ^^

  6. @Selphie
    Ach das ist so süß von dir, haha ♥♥♥ Dankeschön! <3

    Aw~ vielen Dank! ♥ Haha, das Daumen drücken scheint ja geklappt zu haben! <333

    @Churi Chan
    Thank you sweetie! The luck was great! ♥

    Dankeschön! <3
    Bodyline ist so ne Sache, manche Sachen mag ich jetzt nicht so aber in letzter Zeit haben die sich auch echt schöne Sachen ausgedacht. Leider sind die Preise ein wenig in den letzten Jahren angestiegen aber immernoch relativ günstig und die Quali ist auch Ok. Gekauft habe ich da auch schon, wenn's auch schon etwas her ist. Hab da nix zu beklagen :)

    Aw~ thank you for your sweet help, darling ♥ I highly appreciate it ; u ;

    Thank you a lot, my dear! <3
    That's a very lovely giveaway you had but I'm not that much into this kind of make-up. Thank you for the offer and reminder, though ♥


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