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What a week this has been, full of ups and downs and crazy happenings. Yesterday the heavy rain flooded our basement, I won a ticket to the Dockville festival in Hamburg, had a chilled time with Roya, got soaked wet in a thunderstorm and last Monday I received one of the most exciting mails I've ever came across to read.

What I'm taking about?

'Bloggers Wardrobe gathers the BEST brands and the BEST bloggers. Bloggers Wardrobe is where they meet in a way so that the integrity of the bloggers is kept sacred'.

Basically it's going to be a place where the crème de la crème of fashion blogging will gather together to discuss and present brands, products, fashion and much, much more. They called it the 'chance of a lifetime' to be part of this but you can see for yourself if you need more information. To me it indeed sounds like a chance you'll only be offered once.

Now, I received an invitation from the Product Manager of Studio Total which created Bloggers Wardrobe and was offered to take part in the auditions for the last few free places of this project. Only time will tell if I really have what it takes to be part of this but I figure it's needless to say just how much I want it.

This takes me to my part of the hearing: 'Write why YOU should be a part of this'

I'm not your average kind of fashion blogger - if that label even fits the things I do. But anything that is supposed to work out needs a misfit, doesn't it?

And now time, tell me those are the 30 words it takes to change my life ♥


  1. Those last days sound like an UP UP UP !
    obtaining creepers, bloggers wardrobe, winning dv tickets~
    well though a flooded basement, and univ.stuff doesn't sound so nice~ but yeah in ur life it surely happened a lot the past few days~

  2. awww i wish i could go to that. that sounds like so much fun. you deserve to go :)

  3. you really aren't the average kind of blogger^^ i think that's what would make that project of bloggers wardrobe (whatever it is about) more interesting :) can't wait to see you in that project!!! keep up the good work^^

    best wishes, melle

  4. Wooow, fantastisch! Hast du auf jeden Fall verdient, sowas hätte früher oder später passieren müssen! ♥

  5. Wow what an amazing opportunity you have been presented with. I think someone with your style should definitely be part of it. You have a style that not many of the 'famous' fashion bloggers have.

  6. @Roya
    There's only two ways to see it all, haha ♥ But I'm surely seeing more of the positive things as well, it could always be far worse ♥

    Who wouldn't? ♥ Though nothings figured out yet, at all! There seem to be so many applicants I feel it's almost impossible for me to make it but I can still dream <3

    I'm so happy to hear this, really! ♥ This surely cheers me up~
    But we'll see if BW thinks that way as well, let's hope so.

    Naja, erstmal abwarten wie es letzlich klappt oder nicht klappt. Aber überhaupt schonmal so eine Mail zu bekommen hat mich mehr als einfach nur glücklich gemacht ♥

    I can't thank you enough for this comment, it makes me so happy ♥ Things like this give me the confidence to work on ♥

  7. I wish you to get the place, you'd totally deserve it! ^^

  8. I absolutely think you deserve this opportunity to join this bloggers wardrobe project! You go girl :D

  9. @Haru
    Thank you darling ♥♥♥ I wish I could get it but we'll just have to wait and see <3

    Aww~ thank you so much for the cheers! Really ♥ We'll see how well it goes <3


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