Witch, what is your name? ♪

Funerals are surely the strangest things I know.
Death itself is strange, even though it's not as strange as life is.

Dress, Chiffon Bow - Monki; Hat - my mother's; Shoes - offbrand; Jewellery - Fleamarket

The amethyst ring was a birthday present from my mother and hell, I -indeed- love it to death. It certainly is one of the prettiest amethysts I've seen in all my life.
Amethyst is also surely one of my favorite gemstones and probably the one which is followed me the longest time. Who said Taurus' birthstone had to be rose quartz? It's a pretty gem as well and I surely got enough stones of it for a lifetime since relatives always gave them to me, but amethyst seem so much more appealing and accurate to me.

This was by the way what I wore a few weeks ago to bid yet another farewell. The hat belongs to my mother and neither pictures nor words can describe how lovely it actually is. I didn't even know it existed until recently but I'm planning to wear it more often now that I do. There really isn't anything that is as wonderful as a pretty hat.
A call for everyone, me included - Wear more hats!

Well then, much love~
Mio ♥


  1. I think you pull off this look with dignity! Nice and fancy, without being too much concidering the occation.
    I am sorry for your loss though.

  2. I almost hate to say but you look absolutely stunning in black!
    Also, condolences.

  3. Sorry for your loss, that hat is beautiful xoxo

  4. You're so pretty! I thought maybe you were mentioning funerals because this outfit was all black, but maybe someone you know did pass away! If so, I'm sorry to hear that!

  5. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are so elegant looking I mean. damn... different girl. O_O

  6. My condolences to you and your family.

    I do like the outfit.

  7. Black suits you so damn well!! The outfit is really gorgeous!

    I hope it does not sounds rude, but I would like to tell you what foundation you use on your great skin! thank you!

  8. So beautiful! You look amazing and that outfit suits you very well! *_*

  9. Omg this outfit is amazing! :O and that hat looks great on you :)

  10. you are so beautiful and your outfit is perfect, even is it outfit for funeral :(

  11. dein dress ist so toll *_*

  12. You are so pretty! Did you ever thought about becoming an actor? :o
    I'm really sorry for your loss.

  13. You're really lovely and elegant on this outfit.

    So sad is in a sad momment.

    I'm sorry for your loss =( ...

  14. I love your outfit! Very pretty and stylish.

    I'm very sorry about your loss..

  15. You look absolutely beautiful and elegant. Love the hat and the dress. Perfect look.

    I'm sorry for your loss.

    xx Paula || intergalactic radio station

  16. @Kaizerin
    Thank you so much! Though I was probably still a bit overdressed considering that no one ever dresses up like this anymore here. But well, times always change~

    Oh thank you lots of lots! It's so nice to hear that coming from you ♥
    I almost feel a little too comfortable in black, haha~

    Thank you dear ♥

    That's really sweet of you ♥ Well yes, someone did pass away but even though that may sound strange or cold, I'm not too touched by it anymore. There were a little too many funerals in the past, I guess. I don't know how to put it.

    Really? ♥ I'm glad you think so, thanks a lot <3

    I really appreciate it ♥
    Thank you, darling~

    I thank you really much and I'm happy you think so~ ♥
    'Great skin' is a little exaggerated but I'm surely going to tell you! Right now I'm using Illamasqua Rich Liquid foundation mixed with an offbrand foundation because I didn't get around to buy something new for that yet. And the pro longwear concealer from MAC along with the mineral powder from MAC

    That's very nice of you, thank you darling ♥

    I'm glad you like the hat! Thank you so much~

    Thank you, dear~ ♥

    Well, no matter what the event may be I will still try to work my best and not to get down. So I'm happy you like it ♥

    Freut mich, dass es dir gefällt <3

    Oh you, that's very sweet of you to say, haha ♥
    Actually, yes, I did. I've played in some theatre groups for a few years and also in front of the camera but actually would love to become a musical actress. Though I probably wouldn't make it because I never had an education in vocals or ballet :<
    And thank you for your condolences ♥

    Even sad moments have their bright sides so let's not be too sad ♥ Thank you, though, I really appreciated it <3
    And thank you for your compliments as well, dear~

    Thanks a lot my dear ♥
    It makes me happy~

    Thank you very much! I'm glad you're thinking this way ♥♥♥
    And also thank you for the condolences~

  17. Hey Mio (:
    boha, kannst du mir sagen,
    wieviel du für diesen Hut bezahlt hast?
    so einen wollte ich schon immer haben <3
    wo kreigt man sowas eigtl her?
    einen monki gibts hier in der nähe nicht !!! ^^
    ich fahre erst im September nach Bremen, ..
    aber dann gibt es sicherlich so einen nicht mehr.

  18. @Mine
    Wie ich schon geschrieben habe ist der Hut ehemals von meiner Mutter und die hat ihn vor bestimmt mehr als 30 Jahren mal gekauft. Ich fürchte also dass du den gleichen nicht finden wirst. Aber du kannst ja mal auf dem Flohmarkt, in 2ndhandläden oder auf Ebay nach alten Hüten ausschau halten. Viel Glück ♥

  19. Ohhh aschsoow :D
    das hatte ich nicht gelesen, ...
    auf dem bild stand doch iwie hut: monki,
    oder dann hatte ich was flasch gesehn (:
    Wie nennt man solche Hüte? =)
    da muss es doch einen begriff geben, bezüglich der form usw.
    Ja ich hatte schon auf Ebay geguckt, aber
    mit mittelmäßigen Erfolg.
    Aufjedenfall steht er dir sehr gut & sieht super
    Ladylike aus.
    Trotzdem vielen dank !! ;)


  20. this dress is so damn awesome !!!
    and it perfectly suits you honey <3

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  22. @Mine
    AChso~ ne! Das soll so gemeint sein, dass immer ein ; die Sachen voneinander trennt und ein Bindestrich dann zeigt welche Marke das war~
    Gute frage! Ich weiß leider selbst nicht wirklich was darüber aber du könntest ja auch einfach mal auf gut Glück nach sowas wie '50s black hat' oder so Suchen oder alterntiv auch nach anderen Jahrgängen. Dieser Hut muss so ca. aus den End-Siebzigern oder Achtzigern sein.
    Ich bin da glaube ich leider nicht so eine große Hilfe. Aber ich glaube man könnte auch super auf'm Flohmarkt sowas finden, einfach mal rumstöbern ♥♥♥
    Danke dir! Ich war auch überascht, dass mir sowas einigermaßen steht aber eigentlich sollte man viel öfter zum Hut greifen, es gibt so viele schöne~ ♥

    Aw~ thank you! I'm very glad you think this way, hehe <3

    Thank you!
    Indeed, I love her! I was very surprised to see she got so popular now, she's a very sweet girl ♥


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