Sweets for my hair ♪

I found some really cute old hairclips at the fleamarket some weeks ago ♪

Polly Pocket and Little Twin Stars!
They're almost too pretty to wear but eventually I'll take them outside someday.
I still have so many old Polly Pocket things on our attic but it's hard for me to go up there to find them. But I miss them so much, especially the tiny PP boxes you could wear on a necklace and the set with the rings. Polly was certainly one of my favorite toys back when I was little ♥

Kewpie and my Magic Nursery Puppy had a little vis-à-vis recently, hehe~ ♪

Well, I hope you're all enjoying your holidays or have some fine days~

Much love ♥


  1. oooh the little hairpin that you said to have it too when we met at the JE *0*
    I love that we own the same one eheh♥
    But I don't have that little lts ribbon one aaaw, best hunter♥♥♥
    Oh but I'd come happily to help you rustling all your hidden treasures in your attic beheheheh~ >:3

  2. so cute :D
    and congrats on hitting 900 followers girl!!!!!! i would be ecstatic

  3. die Polly Pocket Haarspangen sind so süß :3
    ich hatte früher so unheimlich viel Polly Pocket Zeug aber meine Mum hat leider fast alles verschenkt ;__;

  4. Those hairclips are too cute!! *___* Such a lucky find!

  5. So cute, and a good find at the fleamarket!

  6. What an amazing lucky find! I love Little Twin Stars since they were my first Sanrio "friends" ☆

  7. Wow, that is so cute!! Congrats on your finds!! ^^


  8. @Lila
    Yes! This is the one, hehe ♥
    I wish it was easier to find old Twin Stars things for a good price. More vintage toys on fleamarkets, I demand!
    I bet you would! ♥ But sadly it's only my Polly Pocket and Barbie things up there. All the rest was sold too long ago and I still hate myself for doing that.

    Thank you! ♥♥♥
    Hell, trust me I am! This makes me so happy beyond measure ♥

    Danke dir! ♥ Och nö! Man, sowas ist so ärgerlich. Ich hatte früher auch die traumhaftesten Sachen, noch von meiner Schwester, und dann dachte ich mir so irgendwann 'brauch ich das Zeug nichtmehr, verkauf ich das mal' und weg war es. Allein meine MLPs vermisse ich zu sehr ;;

    Right, huh? Thank you so much! ♥
    I wish I could always be this lucky but that's also the thrill of searching for things alike, I guess <3

    Thanks a lot my dear! ♥ I wish I could find something like that every time I go, haha~!

    Oh they certainly one of my favorites as well, though I sadly don't own too many things from them. They are so adorable ♥
    And thank you! <3

    Thank you darling! ♥


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