Ice Creamy Bears ♪

Yes, we are back from our short Paris trip and actually I wanted to write about it today but I figured that first things come first and there's something I've been meaning to show you for quite some time but unfortunately didn't get around to do so yet. Now then I'll do so, though some of you may have already seen it ♥

Sometime ago, my favorite jewellery designers from Cute Can Kill started a little designing contest where the winner would get their design as an actually jewellery piece!
So, of course I entered as well (honestly, how could I not?) with the following design~

As the theme was 'ice cream' I decided to place some poor, melting bears in an ice cream cone and ban them on a necklace. And surprisingly enough enough people liked this design and eventually I won. Honestly? It's like a dream came true for me, I was so awfully happy!
So at this point I also take the chance to thank those who voted for me once again, as well as CCK who started the contest and later made my necklace ♥

And I can tell you, the necklace turned out so cool! It's even better than my design, it's just perfect!
Lila is so talented with this, it's hard to describe. I just know I could never do only half as good with this as she does, 3D modeling just isn't made for me.

But you better see for yourself~

See it now? Really, I couldn't be happier than I am with this precious necklace ♥

But who knows, maybe the little Ice Creamy Bears will soon go on vacation and visit many other girls and boys to make them happy. Tell me when you see them somewhere~ ♪

Other than that I tried myself in digital drawing once more in the past weeks and months. Actually I almost gave it up because my old grumpy tablet got a bit stubborn during the years and so it's always a little struggle to draw a clean line. But a little practise doesn't hurt and digital art offers a lot of possibilities I don't have with traditional materials. 
...Well, and it's a nice distraction when I should actually work on my laptop.

Most of those are only little doodles though and nothing too serious, just a nice change.

And that's it again for today but I'll show you some things of the Japan Expo later this week ♥

I hope you enjoyed my crappy little pictures and the darling necklace~
Much LOVE && take care ♥


  1. I love your digital drawings, I wish I knew how! I reblogged te pastel police one the other day ^^
    I love he cute can kill piece! I wear the stuff I have from them daily ^.^

  2. You're so talented, I love your design. You totally deserved to win. ^^

  3. Cute doodles!! Congratulations once again on winning CCK's contest. n_n I don't think I congratulated you directly before now, so I just thought I would :D The bears look great!

  4. Well, I am a frequent visitor here. Sorry never leave a comment, I just do not know what to say (and still counting on the help of google, because I do not know English).
    But I felt compelled to congratulate you. I mean, I love your designs and really think you deserved to win. It was so beautiful!
    Taking that comment, I mean that I always feel so happy when I visit your blog! He is so perfect and everything is so cute! Improves my day whenever I read your post one.
    -sorry bad english ><'-

  5. Congrats with winning the design contest. It looks so cute ♥♥♥

  6. wow!!! congratulations Mio :') that's amazing! i'm so happy for you. the necklace is beautiful and your illustration is just as beautiful!

  7. I am IN LOVE with that necklace, what an adorable design!

  8. Woa ! Das ist so toll dass du gewonnen hast ! Freut mich für dich ♥ von dem Design war ich erst nicht so überzeugt, aber in echt sieht die Kette echt toll aus ! (und das ist ja auch was zählt ;D) Ich glaub du schaffts echt auch ohne Studium in die Modebranche ♥

  9. omg
    i wanna the same necklace....soooooooooooo adoreable *_*
    and i like ur drawings)

  10. I agree with all the other commenters. :]

    You're sooo talented. <33 You should illustrate a childrens book one day.

  11. I love your design for the necklace! When I saw it on the website I immediately wanted to buy it but I couldn't :P It's just perfect, the colors, the glitter, the bears.. everything is so yummy and adorable!
    I also love your drawings, they're so cute :D

  12. it is an awesome design! ^.^ no wonder you won hehe

  13. Congrats! Your design and the necklace itself are so cute (≧▽≦)
    I really like the style of your pictures. They are very nice and well made (*^∀^*)

  14. dein design hat gewonnen!!
    das freut mich!
    aber deins sah auch echt mal mit am besten aus *_*
    und CCK hat es richtig toll umgesetzt!! sehr schön ♥

  15. Well done! Your necklace looks awesome! And your drawings are so cute too! ^_^

  16. Waaaah die Kette ist der HAMMER! Die sieht wirklich toll aus! Ich bin auch beeindruckt wie exakt CCK das Design umgesetzt hat ^.^

  17. Well, I think I'm in love with that lovely bear.


    PS: You blog is wonderful! :)

  18. @The Glass Princess
    Actually it's not that hard, you can even do this with the paint that comes with Windows 7 or Paint.net which are both free programs. Just play around with everything a bit ♥
    But thank you so much! ♥♥♥ Haha~ I also wear my stuff from them all the time, I'm addicted <3

    Aw~ that's so nice of you, darling! ; u ;
    Thank you so~ much! ♥

    Oh thank you lots and lots, dear! ♥ I'm very happy you liked it <3

    Thank you for taking some time and stopping by for a comment, I really appreciated it ♥ But also for reading <3
    Don't worry for your English, I understand everything perfectly ♪ No Problem! <3
    But I'm very happy you liked the design and my blog as well! This means a lot to me ♥♥♥

    Thank you really much! It makes me so happy to see that people liked it ; u ; ♥

    Haw~ this makes me so happy! Thank you so much~ ♥

    Letzlich würde ich auch noch ein wenig ändern an meinem Desing (alleine vom Zeichnerischen, ugh~) aber hinterher ist man immer schlauer. Dafür hat Lila es umso schöner umgesetzt, haha~ ♥
    Aber ich freu mich auch, dass es dir gefällt! Und ohne Studium dahin zu kommen wo ich hin will wäre schön aber man wird's sehen. Studieren möchte ich trotzdem noch~ ♥

    @Japanese Wife
    Haha~ who knows, maybe you can have one soon~ <3
    But thank you~ ♪

    Thank you so much ♥ That would be a nice thing to do, actually! Who knows, maybe one day I'll do that <3

    Well, maybe you can still buy it soon? Who knows, haha ♪
    But I'm happy you like it so much! <3
    Thank you~ ♥

    Aw~ thank you! But there were also many, many other pretty designs! ♪

    Thanks a lot, my dear~ <3

    I'm so happy you like it! Thank you~ ♥
    Well, I do my best to make them look pretty so it makes me even happier if that works and you think this way~ <333

    Jja~ * u * ♥ Aber ne~ mein Favo war immernoch das Design mit der Rakete, das hätte ich auch gerne gehabt ♪
    Aber freut mich, dass es dir so gefällt! Die meiste Arbeit ist aber von CCK und die sind halt enfach zu gut ; u ; ♪

    Thank you! ♥ I'm very glad you like it all, dear <3

    CCK haben halt einfach mal magische Hände! (Davon bin ich fest überzeugt!) Aber ich fre mich, dass dir auch mein Design gefällt! <333

    Thank you so~ much ♥ It makes me very happy! <33

  19. the necklace is so cute and you are so talented!!!!! *__*

  20. @stefania
    Awww~ thank you for thinking so! That makes me so happy ; u ; ♥


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