Not getting tired of all this kitsch ♪

Still no news and still not well again, while it's been one week now that I'm sick. Trust my words, I'll smack a bitch if I don't get fit again by Wednesday. Though, it's so stupid! In the morning I always feel like catpoo, wake up with a very scratchy throat and a running nose, during the day then I feel a lot better and in the evening I'm always getting a bad cough. This isn't funny anymore, I want to feel better now.
But what else can I do besides drinking lots of nasty tea and taking it slow, in the end I always win the fight against the cold, anyway.

Then I though it would be about time for another shopping review, wouldn't it? And today we even had some sunshine and I took that opportunity to show you some of my newest treasures.

These lovely accessories are all by I'm Your Present, a very sweet indie brand ♪
I finally got around to buy some of her things, along with the Sweetheart earring that I've been lusting over so long now. They are probably also the most know items from the shop and available in many colours. But I also couldn't get around the cute cat earrings, they were simply too darling!
And since both pairs are pretty big at the top they can cover up my tunnel as well - or well, what is left of that tunnel now.
Actually I also bought them because I have nearly no earrings left from what once used to be a big collection. But then I got my tunnel and mostly only wore studs or other tiny things if I wore anything in my ears at all. I think it's time to change that ♥
Those hairbows were also love at first sight for a cat lover like me and the fabric is also to die for!

Yes, she did it again. She bought new shoes. Who would have thought...
I know, I know, too many shoes! But I bet you wouldn't be able to resist them either and besides that - you can never have too many shoes (or handbags!).

It was really worth it though, because these sneakers are spot-on cute - all around! Even the soles have a sweet little pattern with bunnies and hears ♥

I also have the strong suspicion that these come from the same shop, or at least same factory, as my other sneakers, which would solve the mystery. Anyway, I found them at AmiAmi

Lastly I also managed to get my hands on these darling bedsheets by Spank! ♥
I was lucky enough to find them on mbok after I already gave up ever getting them, since they sold out so quickly once they were released. 
Though apparently they have weird measurements for bedclothes in Japan and while the pillowcase is super small the bedcover is extremely big! It's 150cm x 210cm and is even longer than my entire bed.
But the money I spent on it won't be in vain because I'll use it as a daybed and a decoration pillow now, so it'll be fine if not even better!

And this would be it for today I guess~
I hope to be find the time for another time before I leave for Paris but we'll see how things are going.
However, I hope you liked the things! ♥ See you again soon ♪



  1. Those. SHEETS. I had no idea Spank designed bed sheets. I am completely smitten with them. <3

  2. cute schuhe! *_* <3 ~
    it's so spank ~
    & have fun in paris :3

  3. Wow so many adorable things! I'm in love with the shoes, I've been looking for a pair like that for ages, they're perfect! :D
    And those sheets are amazing, I didn't know spank designed sheets as well, so adorable ^^

  4. How cute shoes and bedsheets! :3 And those ribbons *__*
    Plus the pillow in the first pictures, awwww! :D

    Have to have them! *___*

  6. Sorry you feel so crap! I quess it´s just a regular flu you got. My tip to you is garlic. Take a whole nail, cut it in half, wrap it in one sheet of toilet paper and stuck them into your ears! I know- it sounds silly, but I wouldn´t recommed it if it didn´t work. Garlic has a lot of nature´s own antibiotics and the fumes absorbs best through earcanals. Get well soon, this helps me never getting the flu :)

  7. Omg, everything is SOOOOO cute! *see rainbows everywhere*

    Hope you get well soon ( I know how hard is to be sick for more than one week x.x') and that you can use your new itens soon too ^^

    Have a nice week!

  8. i would like all of these items please....they are kind of thing a 'my little pony' might poop out

  9. Those shoes are spectacular. I totally just ordered a pair for myself! I hope they fit - Thanks <3

  10. Wow, your blog is awesome, and you're really beautiful!

  11. Hi! I was wondering what shoe size you normally order in? I plan to buy those shoes soon but I keep on getting mixed answers on what size I should get. I normally wear a size US 6.5 to 7 so I'm not sure if a M or L would be better (>.<) Do you think you can help me?

  12. All these things are so cute!
    I hope you get better soon (>_<)

  13. oh my god, what a cute pic! full of pink~~~

  14. ahh <3 total süß die süßen schleifen mit dem kätzchen. *Q*
    eine frage nebenbei.. hast du schon mal was auf der jap. seite bodyline bestellt?

  15. @Bridget
    So was I when I first saw them! If it was for me they could start designing entire households, it'd be terrific!

    Thank you sweetheart! ♥
    We had lots and lots of it <3

    @Japanese Wife
    We ♥ Spank! <3
    Haha~ so do I! ♥

    I'm glad if I could help you with finding some, maybe ♥
    I was extremely happy when I saw they did as well! They should do more things alike~

    Thank you so~ much my dear! ♥

    Thank you! ♥
    Haha~ get them! <3

    Thank you so much for this suggestion! I've never heard of that method but I believe it must help because I had many positive experiences with garlic and also onions before. So I'm totally going to try it out next time I get sick! ♥

    Thanks a lot for your sweet wishes, they really make me very happy ♥ I'm glad to say I finally feel a lot better now (after two weeks, ugh).
    But I'm thankful for you suppoert~ <3

    @the fashion turd
    More than that I'd actually LOVE to have a Pony that really shit my room with pastel goodness like that. How cool that'd be! ♥

    You're welcome! I hope you'll like yours as much as I love mine ♥

    Oh thank you so much, I'm very flattered and happy about your words ♥♥
    Thank you for visiting my blog <3

    @Arin Jade
    I usually wear a 39 (so US size 8.5?) and ordered a size L and they fit me perfectly! So I guess M should be fine for you? <3

    Thank you~ ♥♥♥
    I already feel a lot better, too <3

    @Lina Kim
    Pink is always good, haha ♥ Thank you~ <3

    Nicht wahr, haha? <3
    Mehr Kätzchen braucht das Land!
    Bislang noch nicht, nur auf der regulären ;;

  16. Hi there Mio!
    This is the first time I've ever commented on your page (I'm a little shy about such things)
    But I do love your style and all your accessories, and it's lovely that you post everything on here. So inspiring!! <3
    I have a quick query, if you don't mind ~
    The adorable shoes you linked on this page, on Amiami? Well, do I need to make an account to purchase them? Because I tried to, and it wouldn't let me because I didn't live in Japan. A friend suggested using a shopping service? I was wondering how you did it? Did you make an account? ^^ And how much was the shipping to you? I live in the UK ~
    Keep being awesome!! ~

  17. Ok, THAT is pretty amazing! <3


  18. @Cami
    Aw~ don't be shy, darling ♥ I know it's easier to say but you don't have to be afraid to comment here <3
    But I thank you for overcoming your shyness and kind words ♥
    You don't have to make an account, you simply need to search the name of the shoes from the international Rakuten page and put them in the cart and checkout. The only hindering could be that you can only pay via Credit Card on Rakuten but that's all~
    Shipping here was about 20€ or something, I guess? The shops mostly send with EMS so it's more expensive~
    Well, I hope I could help you a bit, dear ♥

    Aw~ thank you! <333

  19. Now I want that bed sheet, TOO *_*

    And let me say that I have that same kind of shoes in the same color <3 I love them to death *w*

  20. Also, do you know what brand makes that bed sheets?
    You said "Spank" but I mean the brand that actually manufactured them XD I hope I was clear :P

  21. @Radioactive Unicorn
    Thanks a lot, darling! ♥
    Well, there isn't a certain manufacturer I think? Far as I know 'Spank!' got them specifically made for them and are the only re-sellers as well :<

  22. (way late commenting on this!) Does AmiAmi require a shopping service? :)

    1. No~ that Rakuten shop ships worldwide but it requires a credit card~


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