Kawaii Factory - Let's wear some treats ♪

I said I was going to be back with a second part on this, didn't I? 
In case you don't know what I'm talking about or you didn't see it yet you can catch up with me by taking a look at this entry about Kawaii Factory

There isn't much to add about the accessories, I think I pretty much said everything about them. Of course I wanted to wear them immediately and so I did! I did my best to take some pretty pictures, though I'm not so sure if I succeeded. Maybe they give you a better idea of all the things~
I apologize beforehand for the load of pictures and in case I destroy your internet bandwidth with it. Actually I didn't intent to have that many but in the end I had more 'good' pictures than I expected. Usually it's more like "So, I'm going to take pictures now but in order to get 3 decent pictures I have to take 97 ugly ones first". For whatever reason, I have no idea, this wasn't the case this time.
But I don't want to keep anything secret from you, I'll just stop babbling and show them to you ♥

There I'm leaving you with this huge~ wall of photographs. Regardless of the amount, I hope you still like them a little, it would make me happy if you did ♥
This time I really tried to make even better photographs and I hope I succeeded a bit. At least I know for sure now, that it's a whole lot easier to take pictures when you have a remote. Best invested 4€ ever.

With this I wish you well for this weekend and get back to sewing my assignment work. Not much time left to finish it, I'll be leaving for Bielefeld on Tuesday already. In case I don't write anything anymore until that I also wish you a very pleasant week!
(And wish me good luck to get in the exams so I didn't to this assignment for nothing ♥)

Until the, much LOVE & take care ♥
Mio ♪


  1. Those lenses have the exact same colour as my eyes uiiii. They`re gorgeous on you ; 3 ;

  2. wirklich tolle bilder :3
    du siehst fast aus wie ein risenbonbon den man anknabbern möchte xD

  3. ich liebe deine bilder! du bist so süß und dein make up steht dir so gut!! <3

  4. Aw, ich habe mich so gefreut als ich sah das du dir, wegen meiner Empfehlung, die Bambi Lenses gekaut hast. *O*
    Sie sehen an dir so schön aus. <3
    Die Bilder sind auch echt schön geworden und jetzt werde ich mir auf jeden Fall eine Perücke von MintyMix kaufen!
    Ich hoffe sie wird an mir auch so toll aussehen, wie bei dir immer. <3

    Darf ich fragen woher du den Lippenstift hast?
    Ich suche so eine Farbe schon lange. :)

  5. @Katherine
    Really? That makes me a little jealous, haha~ I wish I really had green eyes <3 They look so pretty ♥
    But I'm glad you like them on me ; u ;

    Aww~ danke dir! ♥♥♥
    Lieber nicht, du weißt doch - das ist Kannibalismus! /D

    Vieeeeelen Dank! ♥ Das freut mich echt sehr, dass sie dir gefallen und deine Komplimente machen mich ganz verlegen ; u ;

    Eigentlich sind das garnicht die Bambi's sondern meine Shinnies in grün ;;
    Freut mich aber dennoch, dass sie dir gefallen, haha <3
    Die Bambi Linsen bekomme ich aber auch bald, hehe~ auf die bin ich schon super, super gespannt!
    Aber das kann ich dir wirklich empfehlen denn schönere Perücken hab ich so noch nicht gesehen. Ich denke du wirst zufrieden mit ihr sein ♥
    Klar! Ich weiß nur nicht ob man den noch so findet weil's eine LE war. Aber er ist von Nivea mit Chantal Thomass und die Farbe hieß 'Rose so lovely'. Vielleicht hast du aber noch auf Ebay Glück damit ;;

  6. What color/brand are your lenses?
    They make your eyes look phenomenal! <3

  7. You looks so so so so so kawaii~!!! Like always *^^*

  8. Wie immer sehr sehr tolle Bilder! >w<
    Pastel colour & cuteness overdose ♥

  9. I think I had a sweet overdose right now. But, yummy, it feels good! huauauauhahuuha

    Lovely photos, you are very pretty ^^

    Have a nice week .o/

  10. awww~ those are so adorable~ I love the wya the pictures turned out :)

  11. That was so nice. I love the colours and you are very good at styling! ;) :D

  12. You're so pretty and the pastels look great on your ivory skin! I love all the jewelry! They all look so sweet! ^^

  13. MarisaMarshmallowiieJune 11, 2011 at 10:45 PM

    Can I ask you, what kind of camera do you use? :3

  14. These pictures are awesome as well as Kawaii Factory's items. I've known the brand for some time but never ordered anything from it.. now I'm even more tempted to do so. *.*

  15. Aaaw :3
    Diese Sachen stehen dir einfach zu gut !!
    Und diese grünen Kontaktlinsen sind wunderschön *--* !!

  16. These photos are very nice (^^)
    Last Saturday I went to a shop opening where there were some things of Kawaii Factory (^O^)

  17. Gotta love things that look like candy :)

  18. WOW!! love everything
    you are beautiful ^-^

  19. Hi darling! I really like your blog!
    I hope that you will follow mine too ^^.

  20. @Presley
    Thank you ♥
    They are the puffy three tone (Shinny green) lenses and I found them at Pinkyparadise.com ♥

    Thanks a lot my dear! ♥♥♥

    Dankeschön! ; u ;
    We need more pastel goodness ♥

    Aww~ thank you~ ♥

    Oh thank you! That's very sweet of you! I hope I didn't mache your tummy ache too much ♥
    Haw~ to you, too! <3

    Thank you! I'm happy you like it * u *

    Aww~ thanks a lot! ♥
    Well, I do what I can <3

    Thanks a lot for the nice compliments, darling ♥

    Sure thing! ♥ I'm mostly using the Canon 1000D right now~

    Aww~ you should! The things are really, really lovely ♥

    Viiiielen, lieben Dank! ♥ Freut mich sehr, dass sie dir gefallen <3
    Haha~ Ich glaube das sind bislang auch meine Lieblingslinsen <3

    Aww~ really? that must've been exciting!
    And thank you~ ♥

    Surely sure! Who doesn't like sweets? ♥

    thank you so~ much, dear! ; u ;

    thank you so much, I'm happy you do ♥
    And yours is very sweet as well, darling, very nice! ♪

  21. Styles like this are usually too sweet for my tastes, but you made this outfit so entertaining yet not overdone that even I like it.

  22. @Chris
    Aww~ I'm happy you do ♥
    Thank you <3

  23. This brand is so cool and so sweet! I want each one of their amazing jewels ♥

  24. @Shinobu
    Indeed! That would be a fine thing ♥

    Haha~ you say it! ♥


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