Kawaii Factory - Freshly made treats ♪

The summer is finally here and I hope you're all enjoying the good weather~ ♪
I'm still pretty stressed out with my assignments, which is why you don't see me posting here as much, but today I'm back with some sugary treats for you ♥

I recently got some very lovely things from Kawaii Factory which I want to present you here. Though I'm going to split this up in two posts, actually, since I've taken way too many pictures and I don't want to see you drowning in them. 

Kawaii Factory is a Spain based indie shop that sells handmade jewellery, accessories, frames and many other lovely things, all topped off with a bunch of sweets and candy goodness.
So when I received a mail from Pinkarol, the owner of Kawaii Factory, asking me if I wanted to write a little something about her brand I was very, very happy ♥
I've seen her thing before and really liked the things - I mean come on, how could I not?
So I said yes, of course, and she let me pick out a ring, a necklace, a bracelet and a frame from her line.
Everything went very straight, the communication was flawless and Pinkarol was very friendly.
She sent out the things in no time and after about a week, I think, they arrived in my postbox.

As I opened the package I really couldn't take my eyes of it. She really put a lot of effort in it, packed everything very careful and in really nice wrappings and bags.

Call me stupid but I'm a lover of cute packaging.
And I also love the fact she has little stickers for her brand as well, it's darling ♥

A little note from her ♥ 
Her drawing style is too adorable, really. Even though that shall not be the topic for now~ ♪

Pretty much the first thing I unpacked was the picture frame~

Seriously, how kind and lovely and sweet is that? I can't even put in words how happy I felt when I saw the little drawing inside of the frame, surrounded by all these little treats. I think my heart skipped a beat when I saw it ♥
Now if somebody is lovely, than it's you Pinkarol! Thanks a lot for this~ ♥♥♥

But trust me, the cuteness doesn't stop here.

These were the jewelleries I picked out, all from the Yummy Marshmallow series~
Probably also my favorite pieces from all the things she sells! I really like the colours and softness the things have and I love sauce dripping and melting things a lot. Not to mention these came in my favorite colours, too! ♪
But I also really, really like her Chocobear designs a lot ♥

Actually, this should have been all but there was even more and I found this little box with a little note on it.

Absolutely no question I liked the things that were inside!

Once I saw all of these pretty things it was all up with me, I was so happy and thankful because I never imagined getting even more darling things. I really didn't expected this, so I was honestly happier than ever.
The buttons and the brooch already found their way onto my biker jacket and the little cupcake from the Kawaii Factory bakery also got a chain for its own now. What I really love about that one especially are the little fork and the spoon, miniature things really are rad! ♥
But I also absolutely loved all the other things!

What I can surely tell is that Pinkarol definitely puts a lot of effort into the things she makes and also a a heart for detail. They are sturdy made and and from a very good quality so I happily recommend them for anyone who is as mad for sweet jewellery as I am.
I really appreciated all the cute goods she gave to me and promise to care very well for them.

If you're interested in getting some fresh factory-made sweets you should take a look at the Factory itself!

And if you're interested in some pretty art and drawing as well, make sure to stop by Pinkarol's Flickr!
I promise you, you won't regret it!

In my next entry I'm going to show you pictures of me wearing these things so please stay tuned ♥
I hope you liked them so far, as much as I did ♪
Until then, much LOVE && take care!
Mio ♪

P.S. Part 2 of this Review can now be found here


  1. this things are just AWESOME!!!
    I'm so jealous! How you made all this popularity?!
    Awwwww~ *___________*
    I love you!

  2. everything is so lovely ;_____;
    i'm beyond jealous! posted on tumblrrr


  3. i didn't mean i posted it lol
    i mean post it.. ;o; sorry is late

  4. Hi darling! I really like your blog!
    I hope that you will follow mine too ^^.

  5. so adorable! i love the way the seller put so much effort into the packages alone ; u ;

  6. @KittyDragon
    Thank you~! ♥♥

    Aww~ thank you so much! ; 0 ; ♥
    To be honest, I have no idea how this all really started out, it just did /D

    Thank you dear ♥ I agree, haha <3

    Thank you so much <333

    Aww~ don't worry, darling! ♥
    I feel for you, I mess up things when it's late, too xD
    And thank you! ; u ;

    I'm happy you do! Thank you~ ♥

    Oh yes, right? ♥♥♥ I think there's nothing better than this kind of dedication and love to put in something ; D ; ♥

  7. Hey die Sachen von kawaii factory,
    war das schwer die zu bezahlen?
    wie haste es gemacht?
    über paypal? oder hattest du i-welche schwierigkeiten, irgendwie Frachtkosten?
    oder waren die preise auch wirklich so, wie sie da stehn von wegen 7 euro und so.

    Danke im vorraus. (:

    Liebe grüße Mine.

  8. @Mine
    Danke dir für dein Interesse! ♥
    Also bei KF kannst du mit Paypal bezahlen aber innerhalb der EU auch per Überweisung.
    Normaler Versand kommt so wie ich das sehe 3€ innerhalb der EU und die Preise sind auch wirklich so. Abgesehen von Versand und natürlich der normalen Preise sollte nichts dazu kommen.
    Du kannst aber auch nochmal alles hier nachlesen:
    Und im Zweifelsfalle auch Pinkarol eine Mail schreiben (kawaii-factory@hotmail.es)

  9. were did you buy your wig ?


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