In the hidden forest ♪

Starting of today my mind is a bit more free than usual, as I had a last interview here for my university application. On Monday I had my exam at the same department, then I fell sick - and still am a little, and now I'm pretty much through with this. For now. Next Wednesday we shall get the result and I got all my hopes up for this. Bremen isn't my first choice to study but the HfK is such a wonderful university with so many nice people that I wouldn't mind. And then I'm also still waiting to get news from Berlin.

I have some other brilliant news though, and I think I haven't announced them here yet:

I'll be travelling to Paris next week with Mimi and we'll visit the Japan Expo! ♥

It's going to be my first time in Paris and my first convention outside Germany, I'm beyond excited! Especially for all the people who are going there and whom I hope to meet. So, in case you're seeing me somewhere in Paris, please don't be afraid to hit me on! ♪

Today I also finally got around to edit some more pictures, finally. They date back to April, shortly before my birthday, and for some odd reason I didn't get around to post them anywhere yet.
But I don't get up to post much lately, anyway. I can't post the things I should and would want to post because I can't take photographs with all these clouds in front of my window, and I also don't feel like posting the things I have already saved. I'm a weird woman.

These pictures were, by the way, all taken by Mimi ♥
I don't know, she's actually the only person that makes me feel fine in front of the camera (except for my lonely tripod) and takes wonderful pictures. Even of me, haha~

You probably guessed it but we had the most darling day back then. And now it's already been so long since we last see each other, next Wednesday can't come quick enough ♥

Alright, it's time to go again, have a last cup of tea and take a good rest.
See you soon ♥


  1. awww you look perfect you are sooo cute ^^

  2. You're so beautiful my dear!
    I wish you so much fun!

  3. die fotos sind alle sehr schön <3

  4. You look beautiful and I absolutely love reading your blog. You're a huge inspiration to me ♥

    /Greetings from a DECORAtion girl from Sweden

  5. I love all your different styles!!
    Have fun in Paris :)

  6. i loveee your tights ^.^
    and whole outfit! :P

    have fun in paris

  7. You are shockingly beautiful and very photogenic.

    Where did you get that gorgeous dress from? Did you design it or was it bought?

  8. Sorry my bad English, but I got tired of being a hidden reader.
    I came here to say I find your blog simply wonderful, and your clothes, everything is very beautiful and inspiring.
    Congratulations on getting hold such a place, where I feel so comfortable.
    Thanks, Honey.

  9. I've followed your blog for a while now, but this is my first comment. I just wanted to say that I think all of your outfits are amazing, & this one no less so. I love your skirt, the lace looks really pretty.

  10. deine brüste hängen immer sooo

  11. @Larissa
    Thank you so much, my dear ♥♥♥

    Aww~ thank you, cutie <3

    Thank you darling! ; u ; ♥♥
    I'll think of you~ <3

    Danke! <3
    Dank Mimi, haha ♥

    Thank you so~ much! I really appreciate that ♥ And thank you for letting me inspire you <3

    Aww~ that makes me happy, you do ♥
    Thank you! I'm pretty sure I will!

    Thank youuu~ ♥ I bet I'll have a good time, haha <3

    Nah~ I'm not really, it's the magic of angles, haha ♥ But I'm still flattered you think so <3
    It's actually not a dress, the shirt is from C&A and the skirt from Primark <3

    Thank you for showing yourself here, darling ♥
    It makes me really happy that you like it here so much, that gives me the confidence to go on. I'll hope you stay a little longer ♥♥♥

    I'm so happy you think this way, it really makes me happy, dear! <333

    Oh nein, das tut mir wirklich sehr leid! Ich werde mir gleich Doppel D Implantate einsetzen lassen damit meine Titten in Zukunft wie Fußbälle stehen!
    (Bzw. willkommen in der weiblichen Anatomie. Vielleicht solltest du nochmal einen Blick zurück in dein Biologiebuch werfen, dürfte dir gut tun.)

  12. Whoa.. You`re so beautiful ;;
    Paris will shine only for you, Mio ♥

  13. oh god, you are awesome fairy!

  14. @Katherine
    Owwww~ thank you! ; u ; ♥
    Haha~ and I'll try my best to shine only for Paris <3

    That's very sweet of you, haha ♥ Thank you! <3

  15. These photos are absolutely beautiful and really fairytale-like! I love the last photo the most, somehow it'd be a perfect book cover.


  16. @Hanae
    Thank you so much~ ♥♥♥
    It would certainly be interesting to find it on a cover, maybe for some romantic fantasy novel~ ♥

  17. I totally love this outfit! I'm in love with mori, so the natural twist makes my eyes sparkle.
    Too bad we don't have Primark in Italy!

  18. @Piperita Patty
    Oh Mori is one of my favorite styles as well, if only I hadn't so little Mori-able clothes I'd wear it a lot as well, I guess ♥
    But I'm glad you like it and perhaps, who knows, Italy will have some Primark stores as well in the near future! ♥


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