I ♥ SPANK! ♪

You've got to be kidding me, right? Almost two weeks passed me by just like that since I last made an entry. Now I really get kind of suspicious, there must be a black whole or a place-time-vacuum surrounding me, else I don't have a proper explanation to where all this time goes.
In the meantime I was in Bielefeld to catch a sweet rejection and finished my assignment for the UdK Berlin. Next Monday my exams in Bremen will start as well and in the end I can only hope all this leads to something good. A nice place at a nice university would be something very sweet now.

Nevertheless, I actually have quite some things I've yet go to show you! There will be some upcoming reviews, pictures and Shopping Updates as well. I just need to find some free space in my schedule and my mind to do all these things. Right now I'm a bit overwhelmed by everything but that's just the average madness.

Then, was is last month? Sometime in the past few weeks I ordered custom made buttons from an Ebay seller. I found myself lusting over the Spank! buttons for way too long but I never found anyone online and if I found them they were sold out already. But I really wanted to have at least one so instead of whining about how I never found any I simply made my own.
So I grabbed some nice patterns, tried my best in copying the design and font of the original buttons and searched for a shop to make them real. And I did! Greener City Designs on Ebay did a pretty good job on them. The buttons are nice and big, the communication flawless and the service good. Only the colours, specifically the mint, came out a bit wrong but by now it doesn't matter to me anymore, I like them ♥ Et en plus, they also threw in a free magnet with my design~
In the end I paid about 2€ per button which is still a good price in my opinion, considering that they are pretty big.

What do you think about them? ♥
I really love them and immediately threw them on everything I could. On bags, on a dress, on my mirror and as you can see also on my biker jacket. Though, I'm slowly running out of space but also love that jacket more and more. I really need some more spikes and studs to decorate it, or some spray paint so I can customize the back.

In case you want some Spank! buttons of your own I put all my designs, the ones you could see here and some more, together for you to enjoy. You only need to cut them with an editing programme and make sure to safe them as a png so they stay clean and sharp, but even MS.Paint should be able to do that ♥
But when you're using them, please only do so in a private manner. The original design doesn't belong to me and it doesn't belong to you either so don't use it to make money out of it.

Just click on the picture and it should pop up bigger ♪

I hope you enjoyed the designs and the buttons ♪
See you soon, lovelies! Take care until then ♥


  1. Aww, the badges are absolutely awesome! ♥
    I might use these designs in the future and make my own Spank! badges because I've also wanted them for too long, haha. :3

  2. die sind echt toll geworden!
    Werde mir wohl auch welche zulegen müssen ;)

    btw der Gummibärchen-Pin ist so KYUTE <3 *_*<33

  3. I'd definitely love to have buttons like that! I've never actually seen the Spank! buttons but I've seen some of their designs and I do love them~

  4. Hei Du, sagmal welches Make-up/Foundation benutzt du eigtl? (:
    Es sieht immer so schön aus bei dir.
    Und was mich auch so brennend interessiert:
    Gehst du eigtl. schon Arbeiten?
    oder wie kannst du dir all deine tollen Sache leisten, weil du gehst ja schon oft Einkaufen und/oder Bestellst dir Sachen von weit her (:
    Ich bin 17 und gehe selbst Arbeiten :D
    aber sooo oft Einkaufen ?! ;D
    hehe . . . *du bist eine kleine Einkaufs-Fanatikerin* :P

    p.s trotzdem siest du immer hübsch & adrett aus, nur so als Kompliment, nicht dass du meine Fragen falsch oder Böse aufassen tust. ^_-

    lg.Minchen <3

  5. Ich hatte mich auch in Bielefeld beworben und wurde nicht genommen.
    Nunja, man erzählt sich, man müsste ne übernatürliche Begabung haben. Ansonsten kann man sich an der FH dort wohl auch gut "einkaufen" =___=

  6. You did an amazing job, you know I love your ideas and ways to realize them! ♥ and the galaxy one is aaah too lovely <333
    But sadly, I'm not sure how many people are going to respect your work and the design as well, I'm super used to rude people that steals from there and there only to make money on it and it sucks, really ;A; so, I really really hope to not find these lovely badges around for sale! >^<
    ♥your biggest fan, Lilapyon♥♪♫

  7. wow
    i like these buttons
    soooo cute)

  8. so delicious!

    that gummy bear is adorable too.

    I really want a badge maker, it would be such a cool thing.. the things I could do! Pity they are so pricey.

  9. So adorable, i love #2 its so pretty

  10. I love it!!! SOO KAWAII!!!!

  11. Lovely buttons!! I love dots and Spank! *_*
    You're really good at customizing ;)
    I follow your blog, it's just WONDERFUL!!!!
    Please go on and make us happy with your pics :)

  12. @Haru
    Aww~ thank you! ♥
    Haha~ you most definitely should! I wouldn't want to miss mine now that I have them <3

    Solltest du, so'n Button geht doch imemr! * u * ♥
    Danke ♥ Den Pin hab ich selbst noch von meiner Schwester aus ihrer Kindheit, ist schon uralt <3

    I'm glad you like them ♥
    They sometimes pop up in some of the staffs blogs or at random streesnaps online ♪

    Danke für deine lieben Komplimente ♥
    Ich bin eben ein ausgewachsener Shopaholic, sehr zum Leidwesen meiner Geldbörse ;D
    Aber nein, ich gehe anständig arbeiten und verdient mir so schon mein Geld, also kein Problem ♪
    Bis dato habe ich immer de TV Cover Stick von Kryolan benutzt, ist aber extrem deckend und eben eigentlich ein Bühnen Make-up. Ich würd's auch nur bedingt empfehlen, wenn man's wirklich so dick braucht weil es nicht sonderlich natürlich aussieht. Nur hab ich selbst leider oft relativ schlechte Haut und dafür ist's wiederum ideal.
    Momentan probiere ich aber die Rich Liquid Foundation von Illamasqua aus und die kann ich bis jetzt super empfehlen! Trägt sich gut auf, deckt gut und sieht angenehm aus. Und es gibt auch ein sehr breites Farbspektrum. Nur ist der Preis mit ca. 25-30€ nicht umbedingt billig aber es lohnt sich. Weil's eben auch sehr helle Farben gibt, was ich sonst kaum gefunden habe. Selbst die meisten MAC Farben passen nämlich nicht zu meiner Hautfarbe :<

    Echt? Ach Mensch, das'ja blöd! Ich wüsste auch echt mal gerne, was die sich alle so vorstellen unter ihren künftigen Studenten.
    Kann ja wohl nicht sein, dass man sich erstmal durch die Professoren vögeln muss :/

    Haww~ thank you darlign! ♥
    I already know that I can't stop people from commercially using them but I don't want to lose my hopes. Because in the end they don't hurt me with that but Spank! itself and that's their own business then. People should be honest to themselves ;;

    @Japanese wife
    Thank you so much! ♥ I'm very happy about that <3

    Thank youuu~, lovely! ♥
    I wish I had one, too! There are always these childrens badge makers but they only make such tiny buttons and the supplies get so expensive ;;

    @Cherri Drop
    Haha~ you have a good taste! That's actually my favorite one as well ♥

    Thank youu~ ♥

    Oh thank you lots and lots, dear! ♥
    I will always go on, haha <33

  13. I love Spank *-*


  14. @Danger
    Spank! all the way!~ ♥♥♥

  15. I want the lavender and pink button, but with the text, "I <3 Giant Robots!" XD What font is this? Do you still have the blank backgrounds?

  16. @Anon
    I used 'Courier New' for this but I altered the width and size a little bit to fit the original. I sadly don't have the black background anymore but with the templates you can easily make your own. I uploaded all the others to this album :)


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