Many things to play with ♪

Shopping Update! ♥
Fuck yeah! Quite some stuff here that I didn't show you yet and quite a lot from long ago.
I better don't start rambling now and get to the goods right away~

Back in November (or even October?) I stumbled across this blazer on Ebay. You may guess it was love at first sight and I'm more than happy to be able to wear it now. It simply got too cold for thin blazers like this one once I held it in my hands.

This old Betty Barclay jacket came to me in such a great shape, I almost think it was never really worn before. It's a really wonderful piece and maybe one of my all time favorites by now and it really has the prettiest blue I've ever seen. I wish I had a nail polish in that colour to go with it but I've never seen anything alike in my life.

Then I got some things when I last went to Hamburg in January. Already so long ago as well, how odd.

Almost simplistic but with the catchy detail of the etched fabric that makes this Monki shirt see-through. It's pretty big with 3/4 sleeves and I love it with black on black ♥

This longdress is from Monki as well and the only reason I bought it was the price and the adorable print. I only payed a few euros for it but I'm going to alter it once I have a working sewing machine again. Other than that I wouldn't be able to wear it since I'm too small to wear something like that, I look like a clown in it. But then again, who can wear these? Except for the lucky tall girls with divine measurements.

The last thing I bought in Hamburg on that day was this double finger ring I got at Weekday. You know the way: Cool rings + me = unstoppable need and love.

Almost immediately after my flying visit to Hamburg I went to Berlin and there I found some cute things as well ♪

First off I got these wedges from Weekday. I've seen them in Hamburg before and since they were on sale they were bloody cheap as well but they didn't have my size in stock anymore. In Berlin, however, they still had lots and lots of these and who would complain about paying 10€ for them?
Mimi probably still hates me for buying the because they didn't have a pair in her size. I'm sorry Mimi and you know I love you but I still couldn't resist ♥

Also got this at Weekday, even though this skirt looks rather weird. I'm still figuring out a way to rock it and I'm sure I will. I bought it anyway as it was really cheap and the thin fabric with this strange print just hit me.

These findings were made in the 'Garage' which is a really big second hand shop in Berlin where you can buy things per kg. That cardigan was just love at first sight, though I'll change the buttons sooner or later, and the shorts are also just perfect for my taste. I love those little pleats in the front ♥

When I found this cropped shirt on Etsy I was really happy! It gives off such a big 80s gym vibe and I love that! I'm so going to wear it over a sweet body along with leg warmers in summer!

If you know me well then you'll know that I love the old 80s Disney shirts. So when I saw this on Ebay I had to get it and luckily I won the auction ♥ If I counted right then this is my 5th vintage Disney shirt and certainly one of my favorites now. I also already worn this along with the shorts I showed you before and you can see it over here if you didn't already ♪

The last thing to show you today are these 6%DokiDoki shorts I bought off the sales community on LJ. Hell yeah, I'm diggin' 6%DD stuff and I'm still desperately searching for the Merry go Round drapey skirt. I'll find you one day!
But until that I'm also very pleased with these soft chiffon shorts ♥

...which bring us to the end again~ ♪
I hope you like these things!
And now I wish you a good day && night and much, much love ♥

Take care lovelies ♥


  1. Tolle Klamotten :) Vor allem auf die 6%dokidoki Shorts bin ich so riiichtig neidisch ♥

    Ich suche immer noch verzweifelt einem Blazer, der mir passt :C Irgendwann find ich noch einen!

  2. That sweater is the cutest! <3

  3. 6%DOKIDOKI shorts are cute!(´ ∀`)
    I would like to have some items of this brand, too (>_<)

  4. Uuuh, I'm in love with the 6%Dokidoki shorts! ♥

  5. That blazer makes me think of The Joker ^^
    Which is a good thing because I'm a huge nerd so haha xD ♥

  6. That cardigan is so pretty! the colour reminds me of Little Twin Sisters from Sanrio. so dreamy :)
    (BTW hi from Japan.your blog seems soo colourful, me likey! )

  7. die schuhe sind liebe! ultra! ♥

  8. I am a new follower! Love your blog, and love the fairy kei and gyaru style!
    Your are so cute! Love your style! The sweater is very nice!

  9. Love the Monki shirt and the wedges.
    I think i need to go shopping in
    Hamburg, again ;).


  10. hey mio :]
    ich mag mal fragen, wo dieser ich-kann-alles-nach-kg-kaufen-laden ist ? da ich ja nun in berlin wohne aber trotzdem keinen plan von berlin habe würdest du mir einen riesen gefallen tun :D

    lg, naori
    (falls du dich erinnerst ;D)

  11. ok wow this is like totally crazy..! i saw that crop shirt you postet here a while ago at etsy and i thought how much it would suit you and your style! and after some time when i decided to give you the link (i didn't post the link right away cuz i never commented on your blog before and stuff) i realised it was sold!
    so i got a little depressed because i wasn
    t able too show you this when it was still for sale :-(
    and now you are posting this! :DD haha i couldn't believe it!
    can't wait to see you wearing this <3

    love your blog really much, keep up the good work! but pls post more often :(

  12. @Gizzy
    Danke dir Liees ♥ Glaub mir, ich war auch richtig ausm Häuschen als ich die gefunden habe, vor allem weil ich die bis dato noch garnicht kannte <3
    Aww~ schon auf Ebay geschaut? Da hab ich in letzter Zeit immer wieder richtig schnieke Blazer gesehn ;;

    Thank you, honey! ♥ I'm glad you like it <33

    Thank you! Me too! So far I 'only' have a shirt, these shorts, a bow and a button but I'm still helplessly searching for the drapey skirt they once had ;;

    So am I! 6%DD is still making some of the cutest things ;;

    Really? Well, now that you say it~ ...maybe I should wear some nice green stuff with it, along with bright red lipstick ;)

    (Hey~ it's good to see you here! I'm happy you like it and hope you stay around ♥)
    Thank you! Indeed, it really has the same colours, my favorites ♥

    Danke! Ich könnte sie auch nicht minder lieben, auf wenn ich sie noch ordentlich einlaufen muss :<

    Thank you for following, I hope you'll like it here ♥
    And thank you very much~ ♥♥♥

    Hamburg is always good for a nice shopping adventure! Glad you like them :) ♥

    (Klar tu ich das <3)
    Mal sehn, wenn ich da jetzt nix verwechsel ist der in der Ahornstraße 2. Da steigst du beim U-Bhf Nollendorfplatz aus, gehst ein Stück die Einemstr. hoch und die 2. Straße links rein. Kann man praktisch garnichts verfehlen <3

    NOW IF THAT ISN'T COOL I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S COOL ANYMORE! Well, first off thank you for thinking about me and your nice compliments ♥
    But expect to see me wearing it soon since I'm wearing it right now ;)
    And I'm trying to post more, I promise ♥ I always want to post a whole lot more but then again there's always an excuse <D"

  13. That jacket is the coolest thing ever. Which i had a jacket with giant conical studs as buttons....

  14. @MelancholyChild
    Thank you ♥
    Who knows, maybe you'll find an even cooler jacket one day <3
    I wish you good luck ♥


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