Lisa in Sky with Strawberry Eyes ♪

It's time for some art, isn't it? At least I feel this way, obviously, since I have something new to show you!
It's a drawing I've been working on since... since forever it feels.
If I remember it right I made the first sketch for it about 5 years ago and since then a lot of time has passed. To be true, I always wanted to turn that sketch into a big drawing but for whatever reason I never did. So it slept many years in my sketchbook instead of becoming real. But I could never really forget about it. So after some years I made another sketch of it but once again, it only remained a sketch and stayed pretty much untouched until about 2 years ago. That was when I finally decided to touch up that sketch once again to finally turn it into a real piece.
So, I sketched it once again, all neat and nice on some Copic paper and eventually start to do the outlines. When I was almost finished with them I noticed something really unfortunate - I used the wrong side of the Copic paper because the papers got lose and I confused the two sides.
For those who don't know: Copic paper has two sides and one of them has a special surface to not let through any ink. That means you can only colour on one side or else the markers will start to smear.

After I noticed my stupid fault I didn't touch the drawing for several months because I was angry about myself and also pretty demotivated because of it.
But we all probably know, after rain comes sunshine and so I started it over again! Working on it every now and then. Sometimes more, sometimes less sometimes not at all but eventually I finished it and I'm very, very happy about this. 
Because of this long way this drawing really means a lot to me, also for that it kind of grew with me, little by little. I think I never put so much heart and dedication into a piece until now.

Now I don't want to thrill you any longer, let me show you the drawing ♥

The very first -and very sloppy- sketch ♥
And the newer sketch I made ♪

Well, I think I actually did improve over the years, huh?
Everyone starts out little, this is definitely proven by this. However, I also find it very funny how we -or at least I feel this way about myself- may never really notice how much better we get over the time and how much we actually improve until we compare our past achievements. Before we do that we just go, go, go and before we even know what happened we are much better and stronger than before. And we never stop going unless we want to.

Before I get too sentimental, I better show you the final and scanned result!

Find this on DeviantART

At some point during colouring I really wasn't satisfied with it but I saved that with my darling coloured pencils! Now I can say that it's been a while since I was last so happy with a drawing.
Yes, it really made me happy to finally have this finished ♥

Also, this drawing was originally inspired by the song 'Lisa in Sky with Strawberry Eyes' from a Japanese band called DOREMIdan, hence the title of this entry. These days I rarely still listen to Japanese music but DOREMIdan are certainly one of those bands I could always listen to, they bring me in a comfy mood ♥

- DOREMIdan - Lisa in Sky with Strawberry Eyes -

I hope you enjoyed this drawing ♪
Much love and take care, cuties!

(P.S. I made a new header! Do you guys like it? ♥)


  1. Ich bewundere dein Talent!
    Schöne neue Zeichnungen *-*

  2. fffffffffffffkkfkfk I have no words, this is too too awesome ; u; And it's sooo vibrating and the colors the effects, everything is really perfect♥ Most of all it diffuse *something special* that I don't know but I see! ♥

  3. this is beautiful! I love the way the colors blend through the sky ;A; I am so impressed with all of the small details!

  4. OMG this is so cool, I wish I could be here

  5. DU BIST JA IRRE!!!!
    wie heftig gut ist das bitte geworden?
    meine augen halten soviel schönheit am frühen morgen doch noch gar nicht aus!! X A X) ♥

    aww alles ist so perfekt! am besten gefallen mir die klamotten & der dunkle sternenhimmel ♥

  6. krass geil.
    ich liebe es wie du colorierst.

  7. wow!! That's so beautiful! It's quite an accomplishment!

    I would love to see the WIP! ♥

  8. I compleatly love it!! It fits perfectly to the song ♥

    you're such a wonderful artist! xxx

  9. it's beautiful! and colorful! and full of details!! you are amazing!! *___*

  10. OMG! That's an amazing drawing * o * !!! ...

  11. Vielen vielen dank dass du das hier postest.
    Ich muss im Moment so viel zeichnen und bin kurz vorm durch drehen und hab schon fast keine Lust mehr. Aber das motiviert mich gerade so sehr. :D Danke <3

  12. im jealous of how good you are!
    you should do an illustrated book

  13. Beautiful!
    Space, like galaxys and stars (it's really beautiful) + a decora/fairykei girl with lots of cute stuff = awesomeness!

  14. Everything is so f*ckin awesome, very good job. My friends were speechless when i showed them this pictures.
    Keep it up. : )

  15. Fffffffffffffuuuuuuuu O.O... That is so beautiful! The colour graduation, the detail in her hair, the stars, the shine on the chocolate... omg!!! Seriously one of the most beautiful illustrations I've ever seen in my life!

  16. It's just absolutely perfect! I love your coloring, it's always so nice. What did you use for the star-splatters? They look so smooth.
    I love that it's easy to see you made both the old and the new drawing, you have such a recognizable style! I recently re-did one of my old drawings too, and it's kind of fun to see how one can get better over a period of time, without seeing it :)

  17. This drawing is so beautiful! ♥ I really really love it, you're amazing! *_*

  18. schön. <3 wie hast du den sternenhimmel so hingekriegt & das die sterne im vordergrund so schön rausleuchten?

  19. I love your drawings. :)
    You are an Artist , really. ;3 ♥
    Ps : My English is very bad , I'm French.

  20. @La fleur du mal
    Vielen, vielen lieben Dank! ; u ; ♥

    Oh god, that makes me incredibly happy to hear, darling! I'm always happy when I manage to make drawing that not only look nice but also give a nice feel to the viewer. Thank you so much! ; 0 ; ♥

    I'm very happy you like it, dear ;; ♥

    Thank you~! ♥♥♥ Maybe you can dream yourself in there <3

    Haha~ aber viiiiielen, vielen lieben Dank! Das macht mich doch am späten Abend ganz furchtbar glücklich zu hören ; u ; ♥

    Aww~ danke dir liebes ♥

    Thanks lots and lots!
    Yeah I know, I always think I should take some WIP pictures but then I forget about it ;;

    Thank you~ ♥♥♥ <3

    Oh thank you darling! I'm happy to see here is a fellow peep who knows it ♥ I did my best to make it somewhat fit ;;

    Awww~ thank you very much ♥♥♥

    Thank you so much, dearest <3

    Thank you * u * ♥

    Glad to hear you do <333

    Oh nur zu gerne! Ich danke dir für das Lob ♥
    (und ich kenne das Gefühl nur allzu gut, aber hau rein! Ich bin mir sicher es wird sich lohnen~ <3)

    Don't be ;;
    But that's a lovely idea and actually I once thought about that but yet didn't make anything for it. I wanted to illustrate the German Ballad of 'Two King's Children', maybe you've heard of it before ♥

    Astronomy ftw ♥ I'm very happy you like it <33

    Thank you so much and greetings to your friends ♥ I promise I will keep it up <3

    Wow, thank you so much! This really makes me happy to hear, trust me ♥

    Oh yes, that's exactly what I meant! I'm so happy we mostly only make progress, even though it takes us time to notice it.
    And you really think so? I don't know, for me it's almost very hard to recognize my own style in the first sketch because it was so much different back than! But thanks a lot, darling! ♥
    I covered up everything but the sky completely and then I used an old toothbrush and an old stiff bristled brush and my thrumb to make the tiny spots. Just grab the brush and then scratch over the bristles with your nail in direction of the paper. You could also use a mesh but I didn't have one to my hand and it's easier the other way round I think.

    That's so nice of you dear! Thanks a lot~ ♥♥♥

    Die Sterne hab ich einerseits ausgespart beim zeichnen und anererseits hab ich zusätzlich noch mit weißem Buntstift um sie herumgemalt. Den Sternenhimmel hab ich mit Deckweiß gemacht ♥ Und danke dir <3

    I thank you so much, my dear ♥
    (And no, your English isn't bad at all! <3)


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