Join me in my sugary gardens ♪

The work is over and I already stumble in the next pile of it. Last week the application assignments for Bielefeld landed in my postbox and the due is only two weeks and I have to hand it in personal. I have no idea how I am supposed to even get there or where to sleep and if I can even finish this assignment because I also have to finish the one for Berlin whichs due is right afterwards. Forced productivity mixed with forced creativity, I'm really not sure about this.
But life goes on eventually and in order to reach my goal I have to keep on walking.

Recently, or now already a few weeks ago, some lovely things from Cute Can Kill flew into my hands as well. From all the things I have so far these are probably my favorites. Except for my rings. Nothing will ever be better than those rings. I'm mad for them.

But have a look yourself ♪

I've been wearing many of these on an almost daily base since I got them, especially the Kill pin, which is attached to my biker jacket, and the cross ring. Couldn't be anymore hipster-ish, could it? But I honestly love it to death. Lavender + glitter + wonderful shape = couldn't be any better. Though it was very weird to put it on first as it's light as air when I'm so used to heavy rings.
I was also extremely happy to get that ice cream necklace. I remember it being on sale when I first bought something from CCK but I was a second to late and someone else got it instead. 
Sometimes it surely takes a while if we find the things we love but once we do it's surely worth it ♥

On some other news, I've changed a few things at PR♪ once again!
I cleaned up the sidebar and made some extra pages instead, which you'll find underneath my header. I think it looks much nicer this way and it's a bit more handy as well. Also, I changed the Bloglovin' url since it's a different now as I'm using a domain now. If you were following me via Bloglovin' you may want to change it as well but I think the old url is still updated with the same content as the new one, so this is a minor issue.
Hopefully I can do some more things to make PR♪ a nicer place and I hope you like the changes.

And now onto some work again.
Much love && take care, lovelies ♥


  1. Such cuteness ♥ I love the lavender cross ring especially! *.*
    And thanks for noticing that you changed your url on Bloglovin' 'cause I had to follow you again. ^^

  2. I love the necklace in the shape of ponies. He is too cute! ♥

  3. I noticed the cross ring on your outfit photos, and I think it's super cool! I really like how cute and sparkly the other accessories are too~

  4. OMG! Those are soo cute! I love em!! ♥

  5. That Ice Cream necklace is really cute!

  6. Such cute jewellery :3 Love your style <3

  7. I think that glittery cross is perfect! I love the way crosses look but I feel weird wearing them, I can't push past the symbolism. Still desire that ring though haha.. maybe I'll make a glittery circle or something.

  8. @Haru
    You're welcome && thank you lots and lots ♥
    It's one of my big favorites as welL! <333

    I'm happy you do ♥
    It's probably one of the biggest CCK thing, if I may say that. They always bring them out again in so many lovely colours ♥

    So do I! ♥

    Things can never be too sparkly <333

    Thank you~! I'm happy you do <3

    @White Frills
    Isn't it? ♥ Glad you think so as well <333

    Oh thank you, darling! ♥

    Haha~ same here! I'm not really religious but I'd never wear some symbol if it didn't have a personal meaning for me, so I understand where you're coming from.
    But glittery circles qould look pretty cool as well, for that I'm sure ♥


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