A sketchbook filled with memories ♪

Only a short, not really meaningful entry today.
When I was in Berlin I had lots of time in the mornings and on the train so I scribbled in my sketchbook every once in a while.

Started on my Berlin-trip in February, then finished off at home.

Started in the train to Berlin on my last trip, while being at a 'Korean/German lesson' and finished at the 'Café am Meer' on a sunny morning.

Both drawn on the train back home. Last one inspired by the lines of Hanging High by Lykke Li: 'I'm hanging on a thread that's bound to drop'.

I know it's not much but I'm happy about every drawing I make. If only I could be as creative and productive as I used to be but that probably won't be too soon. 
Maybe some of you still like these ♥


  1. wow ♥
    die ersten beiden skizzen/zeichnungen sind verdammt toll!
    Ich mag vor allem die zweite sehr gern *_*
    Wobei die erste so wundertoll detailliert ist ♥

  2. Omg, so beautiful! <3 I'm in love Ö__Ö And I love your blog too!

  3. die zeichnungen sehen echt toll aus (:

  4. Ich liebe es, wie du zeichnest. Es ist einfach fantasierend.
    Aus meiner Sicht ist es einfach perfekt.
    Und ich freu mich schon, noch mehr Zeichnungen von dir zu sehen♥

    Und dein neuer Ava ist auch sehr toll!

  5. What beautiful sketches, you have a beautiful unique style :) I'd quite like to see more of you drawings <3

  6. Wow these are beautiful! I adore your style ;A;

  7. Omg! Loved them! I abosolutely adore your drawing style! Wish I could draw like that www ;D

  8. you have beautiful drawing style

  9. You're incredibly talented mio ;o; I wish you could work with your drawings and to become a lovely and successfull illustrator~♥♥♥

  10. OMFG deine strichführung is der hamma
    und allgemein der style
    richtig krass
    omg wie geil ey
    heftig zu sehen wie du dich in der ganzen zeit entwickelt hast
    fashion- und zeichnungs-stil
    nice <3


  11. I love your artworks *-*
    The last picture is now my wallpaper :'D

  12. You are such a talented illustrator!

  13. @Mü
    Ich freu mich wirklich sehr, dass sie dir gefallen ; u ; ♥♥♥
    Vielen Dank! <3

    Aw~~ thank you so much for your love ♥

    Danke dir vielmals <333

    Es freut mich sehr, dass sie dir gefallen ♥
    Ich werde auch hoffentlich wieder mehr Zeichnen, jedenfalls wünsche ich mir das :)

    Thank you ♥

    I'm very happy to hear that you like them ♥
    Maybe I'll post more of my artworks in the future <3

    Thank you so much, my dear! ; u ; ♥

    Thank you very much! ♥
    I bet you can do it, too! Just keep on practising and never give up ♥

    Thank you so much <3

    Thank you ♥

    Thank you so much, darling! Oh that would be a wonderful thing! Maybe one fine day <3

    Vielen, vielen Dank für die ganzen Komplimente! ;; ♥
    Das macht mich wirklich sehr, sehr glücklich <3333

    Awww~ thank you! I'm very flattered for you to use it ; u ; ♥

    Oh thank you so much for saying this~ ♥
    Hearing it from such a talented person like you really makes my heart jump <3

  14. omg so hammer geile zeichnungen. Wie machst du das? gibt's dafür ne anleitung?

  15. Ahhh I love looking at pretty sketchbooks. Mine is just....sad. I haven't drawn a proper thing in years. Having to make 10 full drawings per week as homework that one year in school has 'scarred' me :P The 4th drawing is my favourite.

  16. Oh God, I love your drawings SO MUCH. Your style is amazing!

  17. WOW i love your drawings!! I think it has a lot of expressiveness, really! ^^
    bye byeee~~

  18. Wow unglaublich schöne Bilder
    auch wenn es "nur" skizzen sind.
    Wirklich toll :).


  19. @Ms Bella
    Danke dir!
    Leider nicht, ansonsten würde ich die auch gerne sehn ;)
    Aber einfach am Ball bleiben und nicht aufgeben, würde ich sagen ♥

    Thank you very much ♥
    Trust me, it was the same with me. During all three years of secondary school I almost didn't draw a damn thing for myself because of my ridiculous art teacher and her assignments. But I hope your creativity comes back soon ♥

    Aw~ that coming from you makes me so happy! Thanks a lot, dear! ♥♥♥

    @Basic & Bàrbara
    Thank you so much ♪

    Vielen lieben Dank! <3

  20. last one looks like ball-jointed-alice drawing.

  21. OMG I loove you drawings!!! and I love you >3< I knew you from youtube but now I have discovered your blog I'm happy!


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