Leaving for Berlin ♪

Good day lovelies ♥

Actually I wanted to make some posts on the weekend but I had lots of bad luck with my laptop while editing pictures. First I caught a virus that killed my firefox and messed up with my cpu-load so it stopped working while editing pictures and all my work was gone. And when I caught up with part of the pictures we had a power blackout yesterday and my laptop froze again. 
You can probably imagine how happy I was for that to happen...
All that while I'm once again behind the things I want to do because of regular work and me being sick after the LBM. But that only gives you more to look forward to, I guess ♥

On another note I'll be leaving for Berlin in a few hours ♥
Spending some time with my dearest Mimi & my sister, visiting the Lykke Li concert and hopefully seeing some new places. Well, I try to capture some of that for you guys, as my morning will be filled with lots of spare time for adventures whilst waiting for Mimi to get back from school ♪

I'll be back on Saturday night so you might hear from me again on Sunday. Until that I leave you with a tiny preview on what you'll see coming up.
Have a fine week my dears and don't forget me ♥


  1. Enjoy your time in Berlin! ♥
    (I love the picture *-*)

  2. Cool! I'm going to Berlin for the first time this Friday actually :D I've never been there ^^

  3. Das ist definitiv das schönste Bild was ich je von dir und überhaupt jemals gesehen habe. <3
    Es ist einfach perfekt und wie alles so wunderschön hamoniert. *O*
    Ich hoffe du lädst, wenn du wieder zuhause bist mehr Bilder hoch!

    Ich wünsche dir viel Spaß in Berlin! :)

  4. Oh Mio, das Bild ist so hammer wunderschön *___*

    viel spaß in Berlin

  5. Viel Spaß in Berlin ... ach mein Herz blutet, wenn ich daran denke, dass ich kein Geld habe, um heute Abend nach Hamburg zu fahren ...

    Na ja ... so bin ich morgen zumindest fit für den Unterricht.

    Btw. Dein Foto ist wirklich sehr sehr hübsch ~

  6. Have fun in Berlin! :D<3

    (Also, this is the first time I am stumbling on your blog and omfg, you're so cute. T_T)

  7. Have fun. you look so adorable with my accessories. >_<

  8. Beautiful hair and make~

    Also what kind of lenses are you wearing in the picture? They look really nice!

  9. @Haru
    Thank you for your good wishes! I surely had a nice time <3 ♥♥♥

    Too bad we didn't see each other ; 3 ;
    But I hope you enjoy your time in Berlin as much as I did! Berlin just never gets old, haha ♥

    Oh Gott, tausend Dank für diese unglaublich netten Worte ;;
    I werde hoffentlich noch morgen dazu kommen den Rest der Serie hochzuladen ♥

    Es freut mich wirklich sehr, sehr, sehr doll, dass es dir gefällt * u * ♥
    Danke dir <333

    Vielen Dank, meine Liebe <3
    Ich hätte auch gerne die Show in Hamburg gesehen. Ich bin mir fast sicher, dass die Stimmung da besser war :<
    Aber sie kommt ja sicher wieder und dann Rocken wir die Scheiße fett ♥

    I had much fun, thank you! ♥♥♥ I hope you'll stay a little longer with me and my blog <3

    Thank you so much, dear! ; u ;
    I hope I could do them justice ♥

    @skipping girl
    Thank you ♥♥♥ I got these (GEO XTRA GREY WBS-205) but I'm also going to review them soon <3

    Danke dir! :D

  10. Berlin <3
    Youn are a fucking master piece!


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