Korilakkuma can't hide in my room ♪

I feel a little bit ashamed for not blogging in more than a week but it's been a little busy in our house.
I spend some time with Roya, Mimi visited last week, I somehow celebrated my birthday -at least a little bit- made my first vegan burgers, then there were the Easter holidays and other things that happened. In between all these things I didn't find the time for you, I'm sorry. But I suppose everybody needs some time for themselves to enjoy life when it is enjoyable, right?

For today I only wanted to show you what came in the mail some time ago ♥

You know him, right?
Who, you ask? Korilakkuma!

Feel free to say I'm off my head - but honestly, how could I resist?
There are very few characters that I love more than it's good for me. In fact there are only 2 that have these 'privileges': Marie from Aristocats and Korilakkuma. So when I saw this rug while randomly browsing Rakuten once again, I really couldn't hold myself back.

When I ordered it, I didn't expect it to be this huge, though. As I had to pick the parcel up from the customs I thought they were playing a big prank on me (okay, I always think that when I enter the custom office but this time in a different way).

Just to give you an idea of the actual size~

My cat Ronja in comparison. Since I got this rug it has become her favorite place to be in my room. No wonder, this thing is soft and fluffy as hell and if I didn't have other things to do I'd sleep on it all day long, too.

That's it for today, I guess~
Good night ♥


  1. OMG that is indeed huge *_*. Must be expensive to ship it 0v0?


  2. so cute!
    i must get one somehow... hah

  3. OMG i have a matching rilakkuma carpet in my room! eee <3

  4. I LOVE IT! O_O
    Its freaking awesome.
    I want to go to your room now XD

    And Ronja this little cutie. <3

  5. EEEEEEEEE adorable! -runs away with kitty and carpet-

    Actually there's a Gloomy bear face carpet on ebay that I'm so tempted to buy >3<

  6. you shouldn't have written the name of the website, it's full of cute things and now I want to buy everything!!! And the huge Korilakkuma rug is fantastic, my cats would be happy too! :)

  7. So cute! I love the size! I shared this link at the sanx_fan twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/SanX_Fan

  8. omg this is so~ cute! :3
    I was already happy when I got my Korilakkuma table but... I want this! *____*

  9. hahaha wie gut
    ich hab das teil auf ebay gesehen und es gammelt schon seit knapp 1~2 monaten in meinem lesezeichen ordner vonwegen "noch kaufen irgendwann" rum XD;;

    es ist echt sehr sehr süß ha ha ♪
    aber ich bin jetzt auch etwas erstaunt wie groß es ist o_O

  10. @Sarah
    Thank you! ♥♥♥

    Shipping from Japan is usually a little expnsive but it was cheaper than I expected it since they sqeezed and rolled it up to fit in a box~

    Thank you~! You should, I highly recommend it! ♥

    Aww~ how lovely! Is it also a big one? <3

    Thank you~! ; u ;
    You've never been here, huh? So then you should come over and we'll have a Korilakkuma party with Ronja ♥

    No~ take the carpet but not my Ronja ;;
    She's my everything ♥
    Oh, I've seen that one, it's adorable! I'd take it as well but my room isn't big enough for two of these, haha~

    Sorry ; u ; ♥
    I was very tempted to buy more as well but I had to be strict to myself ;;

    Thank you! <333

    Aw~ a table of that must be so cool as well! Lucky you~ ♥

    Die auf Ebay sind aber glaube ich die kleinen °_°
    Jedenfalls kenne ich von da nur die kleineren Fußmatten. Die sind aber auch liebe ;;

  11. OMG so cute...a cat on Rilakkuma's face! LMAO its so funny how cats always find the best place in the house :)

  12. @happyneko
    Thank you! ♥ I secretly wish I was a cat so I could just sneak through the house to sleep where ever I wanted :)


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