Kawaiigoods ♪

Finally. FINALLY I get to write this one entry I've been writing for so long now but something always had to interfere with my plans. Now though, I have everything ready for take off - so take a seat and enjoy the show ♥

Before I left for my last journey to Berlin I posted a tiny preview about this, maybe you remember it.
What it's actually about? Well, here I go ♪
A few weeks ago I received an E-Mail from the lovely Mochi, the owner of Kawaiigoods which is a pretty little shop that sells handmade accessories, jewellery and lots of, well, kawaii goods. She asked me to model and review some of her newest things and of course I couldn't resist the cuteness ♥

So~ these are the things I've got all together ♥

As you can see, you can either use them as a hair clip or a brooch ♪
These reminded me of the one that Chocomint sells, and of which I own a few, but they're like the lovechild of the Fuzzy Chocomint Stars and the Milky Way Stars. And on top of that they're nicely decorated and come in different colourways that CM doesn't have. I really like my colourway because it's so freshly and spring-like.
I wish I'd have something like Angelic Pretty's Happy Garden to go along with it ♥
Another interesting fact about the Fuzzy accessories from Kawaiigoods is that they're handmade and the fuzzy wool is sort of handwoven in an elastic mesh, so they're not as hard as the CM ones but as sturdy.

The Fuzzy 2-Way Rainbows & Shooting Stars are made in the same way like the star clip above but I'm pretty sure you won't be able to find similar ones anywhere. I wish there was also a shooting star clip to match the colors of my Angelic Pretty bag, that would be like the most amazing thing ever. But I guess I somewhere already mentioned that I'm a sucker for shooting star shaped things ♥

And this one is my favorite of all the things I got ♥
A giant 3 Way Lollipop - You can wear it as a necklace or remove the chain to wear it as a brooch or hair clip. I love it so much because of its decorations and also because I love chunky oversized necklaces, haha ♪ The only thing I don't like so much about it is the chain. I simply don't like bead chains and I also prefer a bigger chain for bigger pendant. But that's a rather minor thing I'll change myself pretty soon.

Then I also got some small Flower Barrettes that are coated in some glitter along with the things. Something I rarely wear but I already have some nice ideas to use them 
♥ They're cute nevertheless ♥

I also got these lovely rings ♪
One with an ice cream cone and one with  a candy on top. The Ice cream one is actually a little heavy for my feel and I wonder what it's made of because it's hard as stone. The other ring sadly broke off when I wanted to take it off my finger after wearing it for an hour. I need to see if I can fix it somehow but it's not like it broke off the glue, the ring itself actually broke between the ring and the other metal part that's supposed to hold the candy. So I'm not so sure what to think of these, though they look most cute and delicious.

This sweetie, though, didn't disappoint me at all. It's another 2 Way clip/brooch in the shape of a lovely decorated ice cream ♥

And then this is the last thing that I got along with all the other pieces. A 2-Way Candy clip/brooch made from a very soft fabric and tulle, decorated with little stars ♥ 
It also reminded me of the Chocomint Candy Clips but this one is a lot softer and not as tightly stuffed as those from Chocomint. But I still think I like them equally much ♥

As much about the items themselves, let me show you them worn ♪

Which takes us to the end again ♪
I hope you enjoyed all those kawaii goods and the photographs ♥

See you soon && much love


  1. Oh, so adorably cute! ♥♥ I was going through the photos like "Oh, cute... pretty... that's nice, maybe I'll check it out." Then I saw you wearing them all and all but squealed for how sheerly AMAZING it was. >u< (You suit OTT looks so well!) Thank you for the review, I really want to look at what Kawaiigoods have now!

  2. adorable stuff and a adorable girl ♥

  3. Thank you so much for the review. >_< I will improve on the rings. You look so cute. ^^

  4. you look so beautiful and adorable!

  5. waaah D:
    was benutzt du für deine Haut?
    Die sieht ja klasse aus !
    Oder ist das geshoppted? <:

  6. awwww... >.<
    danke für den review >3<
    war schon ne ganze lange zeit als am überlegen, dort etwas zu bestellen, aber war immer etwas skeptisch
    und die sachen sehen toll aus ;_;

  7. Die Bilder sind so wunderschön. <33
    Ich habe mir auch schon überlegt dort was zu kaufen, aber ich finde es zu teuer bzw. ich kann es mir nicht leisten. ._.
    Vorallem liebe ich diese Blümchenspangen! <3

    Was ist das für ein Nagellack denn du trägst, wenn ich fragen darf?!

  8. So beautiful!! I love your photos! Your makeup is perfect :)

  9. oh my god! i just love your pictures!
    you look like a dooooll! <3
    can i ask what lipstick you used?
    i love this ''pink'' colouuur <3

  10. The ice cream cone with the little pink bunny is so cute!!! And you look like a supermodel in these pictures!

    You know, today I went to primark and I bought a yellow t-shirt with a my little pony on it. It's so Mio-style! I love my little pony but I think I bought it mostly because I read your blog every day. :D
    I wonder if you can find it in German....

  11. Oh, I loved the items!

    They look very cute and sweet on you! ^^

  12. @Our Youth
    Thank you! :)

    Thank you so much for your lovely compliments, they really made my heart melt ;; ♥♥♥

    Thank you, darling ♥

    Oh I thank you for giving me this opportunity! I'm very happy you liked it ♥

    THank you very much! <3

    Viel Make-up und wie du schon sagtest: Photoshop :D

    Sehr gerne! Ich war auch erst eher etwas skeptisch aber mitlerweile bin ich doch ziemlich überzeugt <3

    Vielen Dank! ♥♥♥
    Ich finde aber überwiegend sind die Preise durchaus in Ordnung, bedenkt man dass auch einiges an Arbeit darin steckt.
    Der Nagellack ist von China Glaze und heißt 'Pink Underground' ♥

    Thank you so much! <3

    Thank you my dear! ♥
    Sure, the color is from the Nivea LE by Chantal Thomass and is called 'Rose so Lovely' <3

    I really don't but thank you so much! You make me blush <3
    You're so cute! ♥ I saw the shirt as well yesterday, it's really nice! <3

    I'm happy you do! Thank you~ <3

    Thank you ♥

  13. thank you very much for telling me!♥
    i hope when i use it it looks so great as when you wear it!! ちゅ!♪(。◕ฺε ◕ฺ。)♡
    i really searched a long time for a colour like this!

    hope you have a nice day♥

  14. I just placed my first order from them! I ordered a fairy kei lucky pack. SO EXCITED!

  15. @Mie-chan
    I'm happy that I could help you with this~ ♥
    I bet it'll look great on you!

    @Magical Ice Cream
    Haha~ thank you!

    Wow~ I didn't know they had such a thing now! I wish you good luck to get pretty items! ♥

  16. That is just so awesome! :D Love love love the kawaii+pink+pastel look! <3

  17. what brand and colour are the contacts you're wearing in the photos?

  18. @Laura
    So do I <333
    Thanks a lot ♥

    I'm wearing the ones from this post~

  19. Where is the wig from?

  20. Mio♥ eres la persona que sigo desde mis 13 años, ya tengo 2O años & aun te sigo admirando por todo ;w; eres la mejor *-*


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