Another Circle Lens Review ♪

Today I want to review the GEO XTRA GREY WBS-205 lenses ♪

I got them from iwantcute.com and had a very smooth transaction!
The lenses arrived quickly, very carefully packed and the communication was very, very good!
The shop has quite a nice collection of in-stock lenses to chose from and they shop from UK, which is also nice for those located in Europe who don't want to wait long for shipping.

Some data about the lenses:

Base Curve: 8.6
Diameter: 15.0mm
Water percentage of content: 42%
1 year disposable lenses
Manufacturer: GEO Medical
Prescription available? No

This is how the lenses arrived me ♥
The lenses were carefully packed in a second bubble wrapper you can see here.

All the things I got: Lenses, a free lens case, instruction papers and a coupon to get 10% off my next purchase ♥

The lenses in their natural environment ♪

Compared to my natural eye colour...

...and with both lenses and make-up on ♪

Up close they don't look all too natural, also due to their bold black circle. The grey colour is visible but there's not too much of it. But for myself I really like that because it blends well into my natural eye colour. 

Wearing these lenses was pretty comfortable though I have the feel they're a little sturdier than all the lenses I've had before, which made them a little harder to put in for me.

All in all I like these lenses quite a lot. They're probably nothing for daily wear (well, I don't wear lenses every day anyway) but more something for special occasions or anywhere where a slightly artificial look is okay. I also think that I surely will get another pair of grey lenses someday because they seem to work rather well with my eyes.

If you want to see more pictures that are not close-ups of me wearing them you should go here

Also, if you're interested in buying lenses from iwantcute.com, there is a code you can use!
Maybe you've seen it before as it's been on my sidebar for quite some time ♪

I hope you found this review helpful ♥
See you soon!


  1. ich finde zwar, sie passen dir nicht so gut wie die anderen lenses die du hast, aber sie sehen trotzdem super aus!

    jedenfalls danke für das review ♥

  2. wow beautiful. I will consider of buying it.

  3. schöne linsen :)
    du solltest jedoch mit deinen fakelashes etwas aufpassen, so wie du sie am rechten auge trägst ist das richtig so, doch am linken siehts einfach sau komisch aus, so hattest du das ja einige post vorher auch schon, vom nahen siehts einfach nur depp aus..

  4. @m.
    Ich mag die anderen bislang auch lieber aber irgendwie finde ich haben alle Linsen so ihre Vorzüge für verschiedene Anlässe und Launen :)
    Gern <3

    Glad I could help and thank you! <3

    Ich hab ja glaube ich schonmal geschrieben, dass ich mit Wimpern und solchem Make-up noch nicht so viel Erfahrung habe. Ich weiß, dass ich da noch einiges verbessern kann aber währen dieses Lernprozesses probier ich trotzdem weiter rum. Ich hab so ein Make-up bislang ja auch erst 3-4 mal getragen und bin schon frog, dass ich die Wimpern überhaupt auf die Augen bekomme ;)

  5. These lenses look amazing! I love the black circle's effect. *_*

  6. I actually just saw this post from you and instantly went and bought a pair of black circle lenses from them ^^'
    Only 10 pounds with free postage, really can't argue with that! :)

  7. Oh and I didn't even see the money off code! Damn! Oh well XD

  8. @Haru
    Thank you! I do, too and especially love the bits of gray <3

    Aw~ that's really sweet! I hope you'll be happy with them ♥
    (And better use the code next time ;;)

  9. This is really random but did they declare this package as a gift or commercial uses ?? because I think if they didn't declare it as a gift, most countries would have to pay custom duties ?

  10. wow! they're gorgeous..:)



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