Winter, you really need to gtfo! ♪

I've said it once and I'll say it over and over again if I need to but I can't stand this winter any longer. As lovely as the snow was or the cold weather to bring me in a sweet melancholic mood, I've had enough of it by now. 
What I need? Sun + temperatures above 10°C. At the very least.

But I'm no longer letting myself get down from the weather, the spring vibe and spirit is already there. Only the setting isn't right yet. 
Despite the cold it was already fairly sunny outside today, though. Which made me really happy since I was to meet up with Julia today ♥ We randomly skimmed through some shops in the city until we went to the cinema to watch 'The King's Speech' (which really worth watching it, by the way!).

So here is what I wore today ♪

Jacket - milklim; Shirt - 2nd hand Disney; Shorts - 2nd hand/no brand; Sneakers - 2nd hand Reebok; Accessory - CCK, Chocomint
Scarf - made by mommy ♥; Jacket - New Yorker; Bag - Mezzo Piano

This was probably the first time for me to wear a hairstyle like this but I really, really like it!
And it's a good hairdo to avoid certain before treatments like straightening, which is a big, big pro for me since I want to keep my hair as healthy as possible ♥
Speaking of healthy hair - the part of my hair where I already grew out the damaged parts are feeling so soft! Can't get enough of it! Grow faster, hair!

Hopefully we'll have some more of the sunny weather tomorrow, so I can take some pictures or anything alike.
Well, well, see you then, lovelies ♥


  1. i love you hair me encanta ^^ goodnight

  2. I love your outfit and that hair style looks so adorable on you!

  3. you look so cute in the outfits! I love your hair style too

  4. Your hair looks absolutely amazing ! *-*
    Everything about this Outfit is perfect ! ♥

  5. wow, das outfit gefällt mir sehr!


  6. I like those shorts, and that hairstyle looks gorgeous on you!

  7. I thought the same about winter, just a few days ago I decided to go to any near wood whenever the spring will start and dancing and run like a crazy unicorn and doing some rite to thanks the spring GOD XDDD ♥

  8. Both your outfit and your hair are sooooo cute!
    I also agree with you, I can't wait for winter to be over

  9. Ich träumte diese Nacht von dir T_T
    Ich bin bei dir engebrochen oO

  10. What I love the most is your hair and your short pants which is perfectly patterned, I love it, for real ♥ I wish I could have one like this because I never found short pants I like or that fit me x_x

  11. @chocoreto
    I'm very happy you like it, thank you! ♥

    Thank you so much, darling <333

    So glad you like it as well ♥ Thankies <3

    Thank you~! <3

    Oh you make me blush, darling! Thanks a lot ♥

    Das freut mich zu hören, Liebes! ♥

    I'm very happy to hear that, I fell in love with them, too <3

    Oh darling, that's a fabulous idea! Dancing with the fairies ♥♥♥

    It's time for a fresh spring ♥ And thank you~~ I'm so happy you like it <3

    Eh? Oh Gott! xD
    Ich hoffe du hast wenigstens fette Beute gemacht >D

    Thanks so much, lovelie ♥ I always have the same problem, though which is why I'm so happy to have found this pair. They fit me like they're grown on or something, haha ♥
    I hope you can find a pair like these too ♥

  12. Nö, ich hab dich nur erschreckt :D

  13. Also die Kombination von dem niedlichen/pastel Klamotten und dann einer Lederjacke passt überhaupt nicht zusammen.

    Aber deine zwei Zöpfe sind sehr süß und die solltest du auf jeden Fall öfters machen. <3

  14. @Anon
    Also mir gefällt's schon aber die Geschmäcker sind ja verschieden ;)
    Aber freut mich, dass dir meine Frisur gefällt! ♥ Ich werd's von jetzt an bestimmt auch öfters tragen, is ja nicht so schwer zu machen <3


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