Shinny Aqua Circle Lens Review ♪

I've been meaning to write this review so much earlier and already had the pictures and everything but I just didn't get around to do so. But today I'm finally showing you one pair of the circle lenses I got from Pinkyparadise
This is also going to be my first review on circle lenses so please bear with me, I'm doing my best and hope this will be helpful for some of you. 

So, I already talked about my purchase from Pinkyparadise some time ago and not here we go! ♪
I bought two pairs of lenses and first of all I'm going to show you the Shinny Aqua (Puffy 3 Tone) lenses by Dueba! I also got the Shinny Green lenses but I didn't open them yet but I'll show them to you once I do ♥

I have rather bright eyes so I wanted to go with something more natural to just enhance the colour of my eyes a little. Depending on the lighting my eyes have a blue or grey kind of colour, sometimes they even look a little green to me, and I was afraid that choosing a brown or any other darker colour wouldn't look good or even fake on them.

So, these are the lenses in natural lighting and the colours are pretty much like in this picture. It's a really nice and bright blue with a little yellow-ish grey inside.

On the right you can see my natural colour and on the left the Aqua lenses.
The picture is taken in natural daylight without flash but it was really bright in my room on that day. The lenses look even more natural when you're not directly staring into the sun, haha ♥

Now with both lenses in and a little more make-up on.
I'm really glad I chose these lenses because the pattern and colour looks rather natural compared to others. And personally I think they match my own eyes pretty well, even when my pupils are getting small from the light. They also have the classic dark circle and the eyes appear bigger without making them look creepy or anything.

And lastly, a full portrait so you see how they really appear ♥

Now that you've seen what the Aqua Puffy 3 Tone lenses look like, here's some more detail about them

Brand: Dueba
Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 year disposal

They're also available with power going from -1.00 to -8.00 but there are mostly whole steps between them. So since I have a vision of -1.25 on both eyes I decided to go with the 0.00 normal ones.

All in all I really like these lenses. They're comfortable to wear, even for someone like me who isn't that used to lenses and practiced in getting them in, and I think they look great!
Now I'm really curious about to what the green ones look like when worn but I myself need be be patient because I don't want to open them when I don't really need them right now. It only broaches their durability and I don't want that yet.

I hope you found this little review helpful and like the lenses as much as I do ♥


  1. I really like those! They look amazing!:)

  2. Thank you for the review. I've been considering buying a pair of circle lenses but am hesitant since I don't wear contacts...

  3. i'm a big fan of yours since your first video! I love how you dress into decora and your taste for clothes (decora or not) are just so cute and glamorous! ah! and i love your drawings haha
    well i bought a circle lenses and i hate them because they don't fit my eye XD they look so artificial!!
    your lenses are cute, but i think that another color instead of this blue will suit you more!
    kisses!! >_<

  4. Thanks for the review, I've been looking for fun lenses with power and even it's not perfectly right I'll think I'll buy a pair and test!

    I also want to say, it's a very cute blog you got! I just found it and it's really lovley!

    Have a nice day!

  5. Also mir gefallen die Linsen gar nicht, aber das liegt wohl daran das ich generell keine blauen mag.
    Aber welche ich dir gerne an Herz legen würde, wären Bambi Lenses in Apple Green!
    Ich habe sie mir vor ein paar Monaten gekauft und sie sehen wunder-, wunderschön und verdammt echt aus! Auch die Qualität ist perfekt. <3

    Aber ich mag deine Wimpern sehr gerne!
    Die sind so schön lang..
    und die Perücke ist wieso das genialste. <3
    Ich würde mir auch so gern eine von MintyMix kaufen. :)

  6. @Josefine
    Thank you <3
    I'm glad you like them :)

    You're very welcome! ♥
    I usually don't wear them either and it was quite a hassle when I first tried wearing contacts but with a bit of trial and error you'll get used to it and with the right products there is nothing to worry about :)

    Awww~ thank you so much for all your kind word, darling! ♥ You made my day <3
    They don't? Well, maybe you should get some smaller ones then if they're not comfortable for you to wear. Bigger isn't always better :<
    But there are so many lenses out there to try out, I bet you'll find the perfect ones for you ♥
    I got them in green as well and right now I'm trying out grey ones and I really don't know which ones I like better so far, haha <3
    But we'll see <3

    You're very welcome, dear ♥
    There are also many other lenses at Pinkyparadise that have power and also ones that have more different ones but just try the ones you like best <3
    And thank you! I'm so happy to hear that ♥♥♥

    Jedem Tierchen sein Pläsierchen ;)
    Ich mag blau sehr gerne aber ich bin ja selbst noch am probieren und schauen <3
    Die Bambi lenses hab ich mir grade mal angeschaut und so von den Bildern her sind die echt schön! Ich glaube ich weiß schon, welche ich mir demnächst bestelle, haha ♥ Danke für den Tipp!
    Danke auch für die lieben Komplimente <3
    Was hält dich denn davon ab dir eine zu kaufen? Sind schließllich noch genug da und das Geld wäre auch super investiert denn die Perücken sind echt schön <3


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