A new home for my laptop ♪

My laptop used to be very introverted. It refused to go outside because it was afraid that other laptops would laugh at it since it would have to go all naked. Now this has changed, fear no longer little laptop!

Okay, enough with stories like that. Actually, yes, I bought a bag for my laptop! For once I spent money for something useful. But let me tell you, I didn't just buy any bag. I bought a Milly Molly laptop bag!
One fine day at Poupée I stumbled upon a bag from there and the girl who originally posted it was really nice and helped me a lot to buy it ♥ 
Because, it wasn't all that easy to get it as Milly Molly is a shop based in Thailand and the page is written in Thai. So I managed to directly contact the owner of the MM, an incredibly nice and helpful person. I'm still very thankful that she made it possible for me to buy something from her and that she sent it all the way to Germany.

I also bought a bag for Mimi as her (belated) birthday present. Now let me show them to you ♪

This was a gift from their new launched collection. Isn't it cute? ♥

After this massive picspam you can probably tell just how much I am in love with MM. 
Really, their bags are incredible. And can you believe they are all handmade? Right, the owner of the shop, Mine, makes them all herself. They are so well made I could've sworn they were factory made. Besides this, they aren't expensive at all. I've paid about 40€ for both bags including shipping. And shipping was about as much for them as they cost together. Despite the high shipping rate it was still worth every cent I paid, simply because I wouldn't know any place in the world that sells laptops bags that are as cute as these ♥
Not to mention the very wonderful service Milly Molly provided. I wish they'd get an international shop in the future, that would be great ♪

Much love! ♥


  1. sie sind endlich da * A *)9 ♥
    super süß auf jedenfall!

  2. omg sind die Laptoptaschen liebe!

    Wenn Milly Molly einen inernational shop 'eröffnen', werd ich mir garantiert einen holen * A *
    Auch wenn ich kein Laptop habe xD
    Die sind einfach nur liebe <3

  3. Die Taschen sind so schön! ♥
    Ich hätte auch gern eine, aber ich besitze keinen Laptop. ._.

  4. Oh wie niedlich die Taschen doch sind * - * da wird man direkt eifersüchtig! :)


  5. Wie geilschaun die denn aus :D richtig richtig schnieke!
    Ich bräuchte auch mal ein Täschchen für meinen Schleppi... so rein aus prinzip. Aber ich glaub ichhätte lieber so eine im Rockabilly Stil :3

  6. the laptop case is soooo cute!!

    <3 steffy

  7. @Flau
    Ja! * 0 *
    Ich könnte platzen vor Glück! ♥ && Danke! <3

    Auf jeden Fall! Man kann sie ja schließlich auch für war anderes nutzen, muss ja nicht zwangsläufig ein Lappy rein ♥ Ich werd meine wohl auch ein wenig Zweckentfremden /D

    Danke ♥♥♥
    Aber man muss doch nicht umbedingt einen Laptop haben, eine Tasche ist für alles gut <3

    Nicht doch! Aber dennoch vielen Dank! ♥♥

    Kannst dir ja mal die Taschen auf der Homepage anschaun. Sie schneidert auch nach Wunsch zusammen, sofern sie das Material hat ♥

    Thank you~~! ♥♥

  8. hi there!!
    i wanna order one!!
    but how do i go about ordering it?
    as in contacting the owner and all?
    would appreciate if you help me with it!


  9. omg!! I want one! really gutted I am from England~~ :(


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