Leipzig Bookfair 2011 ♪

Last weekend it was once again time for the Leipzig Bookfair ♥
Only some weeks before I didn't even think to really go there this year but fortunately I still made it in the end and I don't regret it a single big.

You may still remember my entry about the Bookfair from last year and this year wasn't much different, actually. Though this year I already went there on Friday and again, stayed until Sunday. I also went there with other people than last year and stayed, among others I didn't know so well, with Taku,Yuu, Nechan & Cage in one apartment. However, we met up at the Bookfair on Friday and spend our day just checking through the exhibitions, booths and doing some activities. All in all there isn't much to say about the first day of our little tour since everything was very calm and easy but I really enjoyed it ♥

We also drew pictures for a campaign to help poor children. They were auctioned and the money was donated in the end ♥ On the left is a drawing by Nechan and on the right is mine ♪ (picture stolen from Yuu)

On Saturday, we all got up early to make ourselves ready. I with my wigs, make-up and lenses, which just didn't want to get on my eyes that day, and the others with their wonderful cosplays. 
There I met up with Mimi & Flau ♥ Flau had to dress herself at the Bookfair, since I borrowed her some clothes and then we added the last details to our outfits. 
All in all it was a really lovely day! We met some people, went around a lot and had tons of fun. I also had the feeling that the Japanese Culture scene was represented by so many more people than all the years before. So much more cosplay and J-fashion.

I also made two big, big headbows for Flau and me. Can you guess our color scheme? ♥

So now onto the pictures ♥
But before I show you pictures of us I want to show you one of Yuu, Taku, Cage & Yue_Kato because their cosplays, which were designed by Neechan, were simply breathtaking. It's supposed to be the White King, Queen & Pawns of the chess game.

(picture belongs to Cupcake_Cult)

And now to the other pictures from Saturday ♥

Wigs - MintyMix; Shirts - Banana Fish; Petticoats - ManiaQ; OTKs - Angelic Pretty; Shoes - Secret Shop; Accessories - selfmade, Chocomint, etc
(Picture by Hazu)

Flau I are TWINS ♥
Okay, not actual twins but we decided to make a twin outfit for the LBM and luckily everything went as planned ♪
I'm even a little proud of us and I think I never felt this cute before. Double Fairy-kei power is simply better ♥

With Mimi & Taku ♥ Picture by Yuu

WITH BATMAN! This was seriously so cool! I felt like a little kid again ♪

With Mimi ♥♥♥ Picture by Chocomints

Sunday then was all in all a little bit calmer ♥
I spend the day with the rest of my group, taking pictures, walking & fooling around and I also learned how to fold a crane since Nechan was so nice to teach us ♪
Yes, there was a sub-event to fold 1000 cranes for Japan and many people participated in it. In case you don't know, there is a Japanese legend that says if you fold 1000 cranes the gods will grant you a wish. In the end we had almost 4000 cranes altogether ♥

Now some more pictures because there isn't really something else to say, I think,

Cardigan, Blouse, Salopette, Headbow, OTKs, Bag - Angelic Pretty; Wig - MintyMix; Shoes - Secret Shop

My personal résumé for this years LBM - possibly the best one I've ever had.
Maybe I'll go again next year as well, who knows ♥

I also have some smaller news. Some might know that I've participated in the contest currently held by Gothic Lolita Wigs on Facebook and I can announce that I made it in the second round! ♥
I also wanted to thank everyone who voted for me so I could make it this far. It cheered me up a lot when I saw it yesterday ♪

So, If you would like to help me out a little, please click the like button on the picture over here.
Make sure to also 'like' their Facebook page first or else it won't work~
It would be a great help to me and I highly appreciate every vote I can get ♥♥♥

Alright now, I guess this is all for today ♥
Much love~


  1. CAN'T STAND HOW CUTE YOU ARE?! You are my style icon number one. <3<3

  2. ich hab deinen alten style wirklich vermisst !
    dein comeback ( wenn man es so nennen kann ) ist genial !


  3. I LOVE these outfits SO MUCH! ♥
    The one from Sunday especially. Seriously, you're so perfect! *_*

  4. you are sooooo cute♥
    i really adore you&your style :)

  5. Mio-- you are breathtakingly gorgeous! How are you so photogenic? :3
    Looks like you had a great time :)

  6. Awwwww~ You are so cuteee!! *3*
    Really! And so photogenic! :D Love your outfits <3

  7. Oh, you are so cute!!!!! *____*
    Mio, I'd like to ask you a favour... I was thinking to go to German with my hubby. I've never been there and mostly I want to go shopping (I bought my only lolita dress when I went in London...I live in Ireland and there's nothing here, sob)! Can you write a post about your favourite places? I want to go to Monki (because you like it and there are no shops where I live), but there's only a store in Hamburg and I was thinging to go to Berlin... And in Berlin I found online NeoTokyo, because it sells Hangry & Angry and some lolita clothes. Have you been there? Thanks :)

  8. Wow looks cool in this lovely dress with is nice pink wigs thanks for share these pictures

  9. Oh my god you're sooooooo cuuuuuuuuuteeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

  10. i know you must hear this a lot, but you're just so incredibly adorable! not only just by looks, but also your coordinations skills ♥

  11. wow. cooler style :D meiner ist übrigens ungefähr genauso. nur mehr lolita. deine schuhe auf den bildern sind doch sicherlich angelic pretty's? echt sweet!

  12. my eyes are melting from pastel coloured goodness!

    glad i stumbled across your blog!


  13. The pictures are so cute and pretty! ^^

  14. @Candy Starstruck
    Aww~ you're too darling! Thank you so, so, so much ♥♥♥

    Naja, so wirklich weg war ich ja nie wirklich aber man kann ja schlecht immer das gleiche anhaben, wäre ja langweilig ;)
    Aber freut mich, dass es dir gefällt ♥

    Aww~ thank you so much! <3

    Vielen lieben dank dir <3333 ♥

    Thank you <3

    Oh darling, thank you so much! ♥♥♥
    I'm far from perfect but I'm very happy you liked my outfits ; u ;

    I'm so happy to hear that, thank you so much <3333

    I don't think I'm really photogenic but I'm very happy you like it still ; u ; ♥
    Thank you so much! And yes, we had a wonderful time indeed <3

    Thank you so much, lovely ♥♥♥
    Glad you liked it <3

    Thank you so much my dear! <3
    Well, I'm going to Berlin next week and I can try to track down some places and take pictures so I can write something about it probperly ♥ There are some wonderful places here and there and I'd be happy to help you out <3

    You're very welcome and I thank you <3

    Darling, thank you so much ; u ; ♥

    Oh it makes me so happy to hear that from you, really! Because I can totally tell you the same thing ♥ Thank you <3

    Thank you so much! <333

    Würde mich dann ja mal interessieren Bilder von dir zu sehen <3
    Aber nein, wie ich auch schon schrieb, die Schuhe sind von Secret Shop ;)

    @The Fashion Turd
    Oh I can only say the same to you! Glad you shared your blog with me, it's always refreshing to see people like you <3

    Thank you so much, darling <3

  15. Yeah!!!!! Thank you so much, I'm looking forward to read about your favourite places! ^__^

  16. really sweet pictures *--* <333
    you all look sooo adorable <3

    "i felt like a little kid again"
    i had to laugh while reading this, because, if I were dress up like you i would feel like a little kid all the time XD

    love, cath <3


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