Dreams Come True ♪

For several weeks and months I'm completely in the Disney fever. No, not because of TRON or Rapunzel but because of their good old Classics. These animated movies simply were one of the best part of my childhood and I bet there are many out there who feel the same way I do about this. So right now I'm trying to get all my beloved Disney Classics on DVD and so far I'm doing quite well.

But at this point I have something better to show you than just my DVD collection. I recently stumbled over some very precious jewellery over at ASOS.com 

I'm probably late as always with this but when I saw this jewellery from Disney Couture I fell in love and I think it would be a pity to not share this with you.
My favorite is probably the Cinderella Carriage that comes along with two crystal studs. Though 38£ is a little over my budget right now. At least we can dream of wearing such enchanting things ♥

And you'll never know - dreams come true, they say.

On a little side note, while speaking of wishing and dreaming, I'm wishing the very best for all of Japan and everybody involed in the horrible things that have happened and are still happening. I know it's not much I can do but I'm praying for the world with all my heart. We are one and I know together we can make a change if only we work together and believe in ourselves. I'm praying for things to get better soon and not get worse than they are now. Keep your hopes up ♥ がんばれ日本!


  1. I was looking at these earlier! How funny! :P

    I saw the tinkerbell lantern necklace and thought it was just beautifully delicate and sweet.

    its here: http://www.asos.com/Disney-Couture/Disney-Couture-14Ct-Gold-Plated-Tinkerbell-Lantern-Pendant-And-Tink-Stud-Earrings/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=1290396&SearchQuery=disney%20cotoure&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=-1&sort=-1&clr=Gold

    I always loved grumpy naughty tinkerbell <3

  2. yeah, I like the pumpkin carriage the best! I'd come across that believe necklace before and I thought it was really cute, a word I'd like to have on a necklace but I don't like Tinkerbell! She's a naughty fairy which is good as far as the portrayal of a fairy's nature goes, but she's so bratty and horrible lol

    I haven't watched a disney flick in a while, my favourites are Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Mulan and the Jungle Book. aww!

  3. I was extremely exited when I found out that, according to Wikipedia, The Lion King is to be re-released this fall as a part of the Platinum Disney collection after "hiding" in the Disney vault for I'm guessing 10 years!
    I also think you should know about the jewelery collection by Norwegian designer Fam irvoll for A&C(Here: http://www.ac.no/uploadCatalog/Web/Smykker.html ) She's an idol of mine, so you could say my dream came true when I won a pair of earrings :D

  4. I'm too expanding my Disney DVD collection, and it goes quite well. Though, I think it's a bit annoying they're so expensive when they're released, and (in Denmark at least) they only print a certain amount :( And I need my Disney in Danish, haha!

    Disney Couture is gorgeous, I often find myself lustering over their jewelry, especially their Alice in Wonderland line <3

  5. i want that jewelry. so bad. XD

    and i am trying to expand on my disney dvd aswell, i just still have the videos i cant even play anymore because i dont have a video player!

  6. ohhh, how lovely accessories they are!
    I wanna put it on!

    Thank you for praying for Japan.
    I am not very suffered from the huge earthquake but now we are afraid of nuclear power generation..
    Although Japanese people are in sad, we are struggled to get over this situation!

  7. die ketten sind echt total sweet.. *Q*
    ich bin auch riesen disney-fan! mach mal einpaar bilder deiner dvd-collection! dann kann ich mich mal mit meiner sammlung an jemandem messen! :D
    (auch wenn die wircklich alten filme wie arielle und könig der löwen so teuer sind... :O )

  8. Hey, do you know the online store: modcloth.com ?
    I thought, you would like it. (:

  9. @Usagi-bun
    I'm not to fond of Tinkerbell but I must admit that this pendant is truely wonderful! I'd love to wear it <3

    I think it's my favorite as well! Cinderella was one of my favorite Disney movies as a child and I sadly didn't see it in years. But I was always fascinated with this Carriage ♥
    But I agree, I don't really like her either. She can be cute sometimes but most of the time she's a snappy little bitch :/
    But Disney movies all the way! My favorite of all time is Aristocats but there are many other I just absolutely LOVE as well ♥

    Yes, yes! I've heard about it as well! Lion King is not exactly my favorite movie but it's lovely nontheless and I'd be so happy to get my hands on it!
    And thank you for introducing me to this precious jewellery ♥ So much eyecandy, haha <3

    Yeah, that's true :<
    I really don't like spending 20€ on a DVD but for some I just have because else I won't get them since they're so limited. But I luck to recently get a small bunch for 5€ per DVD ♥
    But it's funny, I usually love watching movies with the original dub but with Disney I need it in German, just because I remember it this way and only this way <3
    They should come up with an Aristocats line as well! I think I'd die if they did <D

    Me too! It's so pretty ;;
    I also have almost every old movie from Disney on VHS and we also still own a player but I'm afraid that some are already damaged because they're so old now and with DVDs that just doesn happen <3

    Right, huh? If only they were a little cheaper <3
    You're welcome! ♥ Apart from donating a little money it's the least I can do. And I'm sure things will get better it's only a matter of time. Until then I'm hoping for the situation to not get worse and I hope that the whole world will learn from this. At a time like this we can't just rely on nuclear power anymore. We already know how to use sources as wind, water and sun to use energy but to really use it efficient we need to investigate more. Instead of putting so much money into new nuclear plants we should put it into research for better energy sources. Not only for us but for all the generations living on this planet after us.

    Disney ist einfach LIEBE! ♥
    Vllt werd ich demnächst mal ein Bild machen! Ich möchte aber auch noch so viele Filme haben aber zum Glück erscheinen dieses Jahr ja so viele <3

    Yes yes, I know it <3
    But thank you for sharing it with me again ♥


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