Black is back ♪

I'm back from my tiny vacation to Leipzig! ♥
What I did there? I bet some of you already can tell (at least my German fellow probably will) but this is actually not going to be my topic today. There's still plenty of stuff I need to write down before I can get to that.

I finally found the coat of my dreams! Of course the winter is pretty much over now but I bought it with the intention to wear it next winter. No doubt I will because I feel it is just perfect for my needs.
Actually I wanted to get a cape already last winter but I was too greedy to buy a new one. Besides my sister gave me her old one and I also still had the red wool coat from 2009, so why spend much money on something new?

But now you probably wonder why I got this cape nevertheless. It's pretty simple since I was lucky enough to win it on Ebay for not more than 35€ shipped. A quite good price for a Mango cape that may not be new but still has plenty of life left in it.

And since it's still a little chilly outside I can already wear it every now and then. Oh how I love you, Mr. Cape! ♥

Also, first try to feature a gif in this blog. I hope you can all view it and it's not breaking your internet or anything like that. I already tried to make it as small as possible so I hope that's alright and that you like it ♥


  1. oooooh helloooow little cuute bat!! (o * 3*) ♥♥♥

  2. Das Cape sieht echt super aus ♥

  3. Haha, you say chilly, to me it's summer XD 14 degrees = summer XD LOL

  4. Wow sieht klasse aus :3!!
    Könntest du mir bitte sagen wo du diese super tollen Schuhe her hast *--*??

  5. Die Tür öffnet sich ein Stück ... ♥

  6. Mal wieder sieht du einfach nur schön aus. <3
    Das Cape sieht wirklich toll aus,
    aber vorallem liebe ich diese Schuhe!
    Darf ich fragen wo du die her hast?

    Das mit dem schnellem Bildwechsel ist echt gut gemacht! :D

  7. ey, bei dem einen wo du keine schuhe anhast, siehst du aus wie laura.... also so weils so schnell geht. voll lustig XDD

  8. awww i love your gif is very fun and your coat is beautiful ;)

  9. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa the gif is so cool!!!!!!! I saw it last night form my ipad and it was perfect :) I want more!!

  10. nice~ really love your outfit. black is always in for me.:D

  11. beautiful! I love your hair also =)

    Funny to have a mini you in the reflection of the mirror!

  12. I'm thinking of changing blog name from dottedpanda to razuberi (raspberries in Japanese)
    What do you think? :)

  13. Changes the blog name to razuberi.devote.se! :)

  14. @Lila
    Bats rule~ ♥♥♥

    Nicht wahr? ; 0 ;
    Jetzt können wir in unseren coolen Hipstermänteln rumprollen. Für die letzten kalten Tage /D"

    But you are used to much cooler weather, huh?
    To me it's only really warm when it reaches about 20°C, and 25 is my comfort temperature <3

    Danke ♥
    Die sind von Weekday <3

    ...und auf der Kommode fliegt das Make-up rum ♥

    Viele, lieben Dank! ♥♥♥
    Klar darfst du, die hab ich von Weekday <3
    Freut mich auch sehr, dass dir das gif gefällt! Ich hatte schon Angst ich hätte es gar zu schnell gemacht~

    Stimmt, so ein klein wenig schon xD

    Thank you darling! I'm very happy you like it ♥

    It makes me so~ happy to read that you like it! I'll make some more in the future ♥♥♥

    Thank you~ <3

    @Online Parenting Class
    That's right, black is always perfect <3

    Thank you~ ♥ Oh right, the magic of mirrors <3

    Alright, good to know :) ♥

  15. Your coat is really beautiful. I love how different the sleeves are. <3

  16. @Valerie
    Thank you, I'm glad you like it too <3


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