What to do on a rainy day in Hamburg ♪

I've been meaning to write something since Sunday but after this unpleasant call during breakfast that Sunday morning I really didn't feel like doing so.
I'm not going to get any deeper into this but it always leaves me with an awkward, empty feeling when somebody passes away. Death is indeed a strange thing. Though I'm not sure which is stranger - death or life?
Now I'm really wondering how the upcoming days are going to be but I'm sure I'll be feeling better again, soon.

So, before I had my petit folie à deux in Berlin visited Hamburg once again, along with Mimi, who stayed over at my place the week before we both left for Berlin. We were to meet up with Gizzy and were looking forward to another lovely, sunny day in Hamburg. But instead of that we got bucketfuls of rain and creepers at the restaurant.
It was nice nevertheless, because time spent with friends always leads to a good time! ♥

Cardigan - Primark; Skirt - H&M; Shoes - no brand; Top - Mango; Jewellery - Primark & Fleamarket

We spent the time at Monki (now who'd think that?), Weekday, various other shops and the restaurant to escape the rain and wishing for that creepy guy to finally leave the table next to ours. But we had a fun time and it was lovely to see Gizzy again who we hadn't seen in almost a year!

So, you can look forward to another Shopping Update, soon! There's still stuff I bought back last year to show along with the last Sale findings and some stuff I got in Berlin.

Much love ♥


  1. Love your cardigan. Too bad Primark isn't available where I am. your outfit is cool

  2. I hope you're alright an even so we're not talking that much lately, if you need someone to talk, I'll be there.

    Also, I really love your outfit.
    You looked great.

  3. Oh you are so cute! ^^ <3

  4. @bisQue♥:
    I'm very happy you like it! Meh, that really sucks, though. But seems like they're expanding their company atm so I'm wishing you luck to get one for the place you're living in ♥

    Ich danke dir von ganzem Herzen für dieses Angebot, Liebes ♥ Aber abgesehen, dass ich mich sehr über diese ganze Angelegenheit aufrege geht es mir gut <3
    Und sonst auch vielen, lieben Dank! ♥♥♥

    Thank you, darling! <3

  5. AAARRRG, was sachste denn net mal bescheid wenn du in Hambuich bist, du Nudel du!

  6. @Circus_Princess
    Oh Nase, daran hab ich garnicht gedacht! ;;
    Aber beim nächsten mal werd ichs tun, versprochen! ♥


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