Pastel Raindrops has a new header ♪

Yes, it's true! I made a new header for PR♪ so I finally could replace this miserable transitional one - I've been using far too long anyway, in my opinion.
You can see for yourself now since it's on since last night. And my, was I happy about the fact Blogger fixed their bug so quickly in the end because I was a little excited about changing it, in the end.

It took me quite some time to finish it, though as it's not just a font or anything like that. Also, I often forgot about working on it to be true. Mainly because it was a little hassle to draw everything how I wanted it to be.

But first things first. Since starting this blog I wanted to have a logo of the name, written in very kitschy, childish letters. Just like the shop sign of a milkshake bar or some 80s cartoon, really just something in between that. And I wanted it to be in my hand writing as well, if only a little. So I tried and tried and tried many variations of it, added stylistics only to eventually remove them again.
A little later, I stumbled across this blog and was really impressed by it's header (and the blog is very adorable as well but sadly isn't updated that often anymore). Now I noticed that the maker of it obviously took some inspiration from Ticket to Darling, but that only takes me further and somehow closed the circle of what I wanted my header to be like ♥

This sheet of paper shows what my sketches, looked like when I was almost finished with them ♪
(there you can also see the picture that later became my background image for PR♪)

some more rough sketches ♥

Another idea for a header ♪

The final sketch that now became the 'logo' and header ♥

After I scanned the sketch, I edited it on the computer, little by little. Outlining with a polygonal lasso isn't much fund but since I don't have a vector program it was my only way. Now it has some crooked lines here and there but it's okay for my standards right now. Sadly, I'm not a graphic designer who would probably do it a million times better than I did. But if I ever get the chance to do better I will! Even if not, I guess this writing will stay with this blog for a long time. Maybe in various different settings and designs but I really want to keep it from now on because I ended up really liking it ♥

After all this work I had some nice coffee ♥ in the best coffee mug ever!

I hope you enjoyed this little backstage tour of Pastel Raindrops ♪
Take care lovelies! ♥


  1. Ich find die Schrift süß, obwohl mir auch die Version mit dem Wölkchen gefallen hätte!

    Und... TASSE ♥

  2. Ich find die Skizze mit der Wolke auch total süß! ♥

  3. Alle designs sind sehr niedlich :o
    Der neue Header gefällt mir :)

  4. where did you get that coffee mug? it's gorgeous, and the header is too! :)

  5. The new header is really beautiful. Good job. ♥

  6. DIE TASSE! Du hast sie gekauft! ♥♥♥♥

  7. the header is so cute! <3
    and i really love seeing your work space and all like that since my favourite posts have to do with more the art :D

  8. So cute header! :D You are really talented. :D

  9. die passt aucht total zu dir.
    da denkt man gleich, jop das ist von dir <3

  10. You did really a good job!!!

  11. you are a natural designer :) Love watching how your concepts slowly begin to pieces together into the final product.

  12. @Gizzy
    Das freut mich sehr! ♥ Ursprünglich wollte ich auch erst eine damit machen aber naja. Aberich werds bestimmt immer mal wieder ändern, vllt komm ich dann ja doch noch dazu <3
    TASSE OF DOOM! ♥♥♥

    Wenn ich nur wüsste, wie ich sie fachmännisch digital umsetzen kann xD"

    Vielen Dank! Es freut mich sehr, dass er dir gefällt ♥

    I got it at Urban Outfitters :)
    Thank you~! ♥♥

    I'm so happy you like it, thankies <333

    Ich konnte einfach nicht NOCH länger an ihr vorbeigehen <DDD"

    Oh thank you really much! Happy you like it ♥

    Thank you~~! ♥♥

    @X lina
    Thanks darling! ♥ I'm so happy you like my art posts. I'm always unsure if anybody's actually interested in them since they don't really have anything to do with fashion or the like /D!

    Thank a bunch, lovely darling! <333

    Die Tasse jetzt? xD
    Jaja, Nerd at heart oder so ♥

    Thank you!~ ♥♥♥

    Aw~ that's so cute of you to say! <3
    I hope I can show you more of that in the future <3

  13. What ´model are you computer?
    Model + Mark!

  14. @Anon
    It's a E5218 by Medion.

  15. so it is a:
    Anon E5218 by Medion?

  16. Can not link or put a picture of the background image you have on your laptop in here on Pastel Raindrops?
    P.s it also me there hav ask you about your computer model and all that tings :D


  17. Are you computer a:
    E5218 by Medion???
    ~Illy Icecream

  18. What kind of toad do you use to color with and where to get them pregnant?
    ~Illy icecream
    p.s you may like to answer all my questions in the same "message"^^


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