Colourful Shopping Update of the past four-ish months ♪

At this point I was actually going to write something like:
But unfortunately, I won't be able to say that since Blogger didn't let me edit my layout. Though I'm so proud of the header I made (and because it took me quite some time to finish it). So we probably have to wait until Blogger has fixed their bugs and I can finally change the layout again. 
Well, at least I hope it is a bug. If it isn't I'll be in the great trouble once again to figure out what's wrong with my laptop.

EDIT: I was just about to go to bed when I noticed: IT WORKS AGAIN!
So now I quickly changed the header, what do you guys think?
But well, I'll write some more about the header in another entry ♥

In my last entry I already announced yet another Shopping Update, now here we go.
It always seems like an incredible lot to me, even though things just back up here from months and months ago. However, I don't won't to deny you these things and so I go on to show you them ♥

It was probably in November when I saw these two pretties over at Mystère Wonderland and couldn't hesitate to get them!

...especially not with this 'milklim' college zipper! To cute to be true ♥
And also this replica of the MONSTER parka from 6%DD which is sadly sold out - but I'm still on the lookout for the real deal
Then I finally got myself some cute room-wear from Shirohato ♥ It's incredible cozy and so soft to touch! But it's by far too cute to only wear inside ♪

I found this very cute dress at Primark. Though I'm still debating whether or not I should change it to a skirt & a top or not. It has also a cute heart cut-out detail in the back! ♥

The chiffon-like skirt on the left is also from Primark. The blue mini on the right is from H&M (and was on sale, haha) ♥

Somewhat in January I found this Angelic Pretty Pop Day blouse for pretty cheap so I had to get it! (And it matches my salopette so nicely ♥)

And after almost years of searching I finally found this Banana Fish shirt on Yahoo!Auction. I already had it in the white colourway but also fell in love with the lavender one. Oh how I miss Banana Fish these days, their designs were always so lovely ♪

Lastly, I also had the urge to shop at CCK once again ♥ This stuff just hooks me up! And this time I also got two rings and an earring (that isn't pictured due to my silliness) for free. You're just way too lovely! I don't ever want to live without your creations again ♥

...which brings me to the end of this entry again ♪
I hope you all have a nice weekend, lovelies!


  1. I've been dying to get my hands on the 6% replica hoodie for a while. * A* ♥

    You always seem to find the cutest stuff ever, Mio~

  2. OQO!!! cuantos colores pastel me encanta ^^

  3. @Sprinkles:
    You should! It's still available at RTBU over here~ http://cgi.ebay.de/400195699535 ♥
    And thank you~~! <3

    Eh~ Thank you? <D ♥

    No~ ; ^ ; ♥

  4. So many pastels! ♥
    I was reading through this and I all the time was like 'awww' *.* :D

  5. i never find such cute things like you do Q_Q

  6. Oh my god! I love and need that first jacket xD I can't find it on the site you linked though. Is there a URL you can give me? ;u;?
    Super cute haul btw! <3!

  7. Haa I love your items <3 it's so cute !

    It's easy to order in Rakuten ? .__.' I want to buy a lot of clothes in this website T.T'

  8. Was für schöne Sachen! <3
    Ich freue mich schon sie an dir zu sehen. :)
    Vor allem das Banana Fish T-shirt.

  9. @Haru:
    Ah~ darling, you're too cute ; u ;
    Thank you! ♥

    Oh, I'm sure you can! Just keep your eyes open and keep on searching! Sometimes this can be like working as a detective but it's always worth it! ♥

    I'm so happy you like it and thank you~! But unfortunately it seems to be sold out now, that sucks :/
    Maybe it get in stock again and if I see it I'll do my best to let you know first ♥

    Thank you darling! ♥♥♥
    It really, really easy! The only thing you need is a credit-card, though. But you don't even need to speak Japanese since there's the English Rakuten as well (http://en.rakuten.co.jp)

    Vielen, lieben Dank~! Und ich denke, das wirst du auch schon bald können ♥

  10. What an update ! *o*
    I'd love to order to Milkim, they have so great thing, they do have a rakuten site right ?
    Oh and I have this polka doted top from Primark, very nice to wear with a frilly skirt~

  11. @Mnon
    I'm happy you like it! * u *
    So do I! Didn't get around to it yet though, obviously. But they have so~ many adorable things! A Rakuten site? They do? I only know about their regular online shop and they seem to have a 'rakuten' Blog. Need further research! >D
    Yes? Aw~ I'd love to see it on you! I still don't really know how I'm going to wear it and I'm kind of afraid of showing my back, too :/

  12. Your two skirts are soooo cute!
    They must be comfy to :)

  13. @Shinobu
    Thank you~! ♥♥
    Yes, they are <3

  14. Dear Mio.
    I can not find Banana Fish or Primark websites. Can you link them?

    ~One of your fans from Denmark
    Illy icecream

  15. Dear Mio.
    Its me Illy icecream again.
    I will just ask you about one thing more today and it is:
    What Angelic Prety webside do you use? Do you use the English webside or the Japanese webside?
    ~Illy icecream

  16. Does Shirohata have good Quality Clothes?

  17. @Michiru
    I only ever purchased this room wear set there but they're very good quality.

  18. hi! 6% doki doki. Do you only shopping online or do you buy it at home?? Just wonder.... I live in sweden so.... if the shop is there, i could go to germany!! ^w^ i love the flyffy top!!!

  19. @Anon
    I haven't bought anything from the shop directly but you can only order it online, unless 6%DD are touring somewhere.
    But you can buy some things at Electric Alice for example ♥

  20. woher hast du eigentlich diese meganiedliche lilane Decke unter deinen Klamotten? ^__^#?


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