Trial and Error ♪

Another week has passed again and another one has started. I'm slowly running out of time to finish all my assignments, paintings, drawings and sketches but this is just another problem of mine. Nevertheless a reason for the lack of updates, which I'm very sorry for. But you know, it could always be worse.

Last week, Roya and I, left Bremen behind for a day in Hamburg. A day we spent with hunting for best prices, clothes and hideaways from rain. In the end we were, of course, successful but really tired as well. Not to mention we were sleep-deprived anyway. 
Though, what the cat wants the cat gets. With our target in mind, which was most of all Monki, we took this challenge.

The fat loot we made that day together. But this wasn't the end, we still had Urban Outfitters ahead of us ♥
Look at this happy girl!
Random picture is random. But I kind of still like how it turned out ♥
And another happy girl!

Jumper - H&M; Granny booties - Fleamarket; Tote - Weekday; Snood - Primark; Bowler hat - Fleamarket; Jewellery - Primark, Fleamarket, Burberry

My hair was actually braided that day but the braid got stuck between my hat and scarf while we were taking the pictures. Grow faster, hair, so this doesn't happen anymore!
 Anyway, that day has once again proven that shopping does make you happy even though it mostly takes a drugs effect - it doesn't last very long and you always want more, you can never get enough.

In the next entry (that I'm trying to still post this week but bare with me!) you'll see the results of my winter-sale hunt. Well, maybe you can already guess some things as they show through the bags.

Until then, take care ♥


  1. Das nächste Mal bin ich auch mit dabei ... versprochen ♥

  2. I love your style =)

    too right about the addictive thrill of shopping, addiction to prettyness is futile but also a bit magical and we can't ignore that can we?! or can we...

  3. @Ānnī
    Das will ich doch wohl schwer hoffen <3

    Thank you! ♥
    Even if we could, I know I wouldn't want to ignore it :)
    It's truely magical ♥

    <3 <3 <3

  4. Yeah, fashion is a drug.. the most awesome one!
    Glad you enjoyed the sales, can't wait to see the stuff you've bought. ^^

  5. omg
    I loove the pictures and also the flair of them
    nyaaa ich will auch mal mit euch in hamburg shoppen
    haaamburg T_____T
    breemen T___T
    ich hoffe ihr zeigt noch paar von den dingen die ihr gekauft habt :D

    liebe grüße aus taipei
    miss youuu >______<


  6. schöne bilder :)
    bitte mehr outfitposts ♥

    btw trägst du deine piercings gar nicht mehr?

  7. Bleh, your fashion style is so insanely boring and mainstream now! Not to mention it makes you look twenty years older than you really are ... This saddens me, you've become just like all the other lookBook surfing hipster snobs out there.


  8. @Haru
    Thank you! ♥ (junkies at heart ♥)
    Well, if everything goes right today I can post something in the evening <3)

    Ich hoffe ich hab dich richtig erkannt? <3
    Wir werden ganz bestimmt nochmal zum gemeinsamen Shoppen finden, da bin ich mir sicher! ♥
    Und danke dir vielmals, Liebes! Ganz liebe Grüße aus Bremen zu dir! ♥♥♥

    Vielen Dank! ♥
    Jetzt wo die Tage wieder länger werden und man mehr unternehmen kann wirds auch sicher wieder mehr Outfitposts geben, ich bemühe mich <3

    Sorry, can't please everyone :<
    But I'm comfortable with what I wear right now and to me that's more important than pleasing everyones taste. It saddens me, you put your own taste over other people's choices :(

  9. I love all your looks, I love your sense of fashion.. I can relate a lot!



  10. @izzy
    Thank you so much, my dear ♥ It's always good to find a fellow ♥


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