One for each finger ♪

Today only a tiny little something for you~
I'm still well-behaving on contemporarily working on my portfolio, as well as spending some time with my deatest Mimi, who came all the way from Berlin to my little Bremen. So far the days are quite busy - we're drawing, dressing up and down again, watching movies and eventually meeting some friends. In one week the two of us will leave Bremen behind to return to Berlin. Mimi for school and I for my exams. You can probably tell just how excited I am! Hopefully I'll finish everything in time without leaving out anything.

As much as this to my current circumstances. Now something else.

I think it's about time to introduce you to my collection of silver rings. About 4 or 5 of them aren't real silver but it would be a pity to ingore those pretties and simply leaving the spots, where they are in now, blank.

I've been collecting them for many long years now. I think I got my very first silver ring with maybe 6 or 7 years? It's that tiny one with the blue lapis lazuli on the right top corner. Ever since I'm loving rings and my collection is growing and growing ♥
My favorites are almost all in the bottom left corner, black stones always mysteriously call me. And it's probably not a bad thing, they say they're protecting their wearer.

Is there anything you are collecting? Or something you're addicted to? I know many girls out there are mad for shoes and handbags (and I've got to admit, I am as well).

Lastly, it's your last chance to participate in my Giveaway!  The closing time is 31.01. at 00:00 (UTC +01:00), so don't miss it ♥
I'll be picking out the winner on Tuesday and hopefully get everything ready that day! 
Until then, have a nice time. Hopefully I get to write again before leaving for Berlin


  1. Currently I'm collecting tea cups, rings, ribbon, and interesting paper for scrap booking :]

    Your rings are adorable! I particularly like the crown and the owl. Too cute!

  2. wow, nice collection~
    I like the one that looks like a crown
    and one with cross sign :)
    It's hard to find one like that in here~~
    even yes there are, they not pure silver T_T

  3. Oh, you make you exams in Berlin!? :O I had no idea! ^^ I was wondering if you have any favorite restaurants or cafés in Bremen you could recommend? :)

  4. woa da sind so einige dabei die ich selber gerne hätte! schöne sammlung ^^

  5. ich würde töten für den kronenring ♥

  6. You have a most impressive silver ring collection! Haha, I feel so short with my.. 3 silver rings.
    The ones with black stones and the roses ones are really stunning!

    I've gotten ridiculous about collecting tea, I buy some new kind every week.
    Even if my collection of masks and officer hats isn't really big right now, I have to admit it's quite a fancy to me and if it wasn't so expensive for the beautiful ones I'd definitely own more than I do now!

  7. Best of Luck ! You´ll make it for sure :) >3

  8. The black ones are really pretty, yes! I like they too, but my favourites are the both with roses ♥

    Btw I like to collect Rubbers, COPIC's nd Bags too |D (but only the cute ones! like my tartlet Bag)

  9. maybe I'm collecting necklaces ~

    ha ha - starting 1 1/2 year ago

  10. Wowza that is absolutely splendid! The box is great, where/when did it start to house your collection?

    my collections? well I suppose I collect clothes! The item I can't say no to are unusual dresses, particularly printed collared dresses, I have about.. 7.

    I also collect badges and brooches, I should photograph those sometime!

  11. omg I love the one with the crown style
    and the cross
    really great collection ^____^

  12. Oh my, thank you all so much for your positive feedback and nice wishes!! I'm very happy to see you like my little collection and it's very, very nice to hear about your small obsessions ♥

    Actually, the crown and cross rings are part of those rings which aren't actually silver but shhh~ don't tell ;)

    I seldomly go out to eat but my favorite café is the one called 'Litfass' in the Viertel. My favorite Restaurant is 'Lilie' in Findorff/Hemmstraße (http://www.lilie-bremen.de/ http://www.litfass-bremen.de/)

    There surely is too much nice tea out there I'd like to try but I wouldn't know where to put all the teaboxes, haha~
    But officer hats are fancy indeed! I have a faible for old hats as well, even though I only own 3 so far.

    @Glass Doll
    Oh Copics! I could never ever have enough of them (if only they weren't so expensive!). And bags are always to die for, haha~

    I think it all started when my mother gave me that lapislazuli ring when I was a little child (I can still wear it on my pinky!) and she already gave me many other rings as well, her being a collector for old jewellery and the like.
    You really should photograph them and don't forget to show me! I bet they must look very lovely. I'm especially curious about your dresses :)

  13. Tolle Ringe!!
    Wo hast du die alle her ??

  14. Do you remember where you go the crown ring from?
    Its gorgeous ; v ;

    Iv been looking for
    a crown ring for years
    like that one but
    haven't seen any :c

  15. @KarLo
    Danke! ♥ Die meisten kommen vom Flohmarkt bzw von Schmuckhändlern die wir von dort kennen :)

    Yes I do~
    I bought it second hand from a LJ community years ago and I believe the seller purchased it in Japan at that time. But I don't know if it's any brand and it has only written something like 'silver 925' inside even though it's 100% not any sort of silver :<
    But if you search for 'crown ring' on ebay you get quite a lot of nice results, too~


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