Pastels over black and whites ♪

Ugh. Another week passed me by again. Could time please stop being so fast? 
Every minute could last at least two time longer that it actually does.

So, long time no shopping-update, huh? Even though most of these things aren't that 'new' anymore.
Here we go again:

I bet this face is familiar to you ♥

Yes, Magic Nursery plushes are still some of my favorite plushes and I was lucky enough to catch this mint puppy boy from Ebay ♥ Really, I don't know a single plush that could be cuter than these.

And some more vintage toys! ♥♥♥
Two Keypers (one on each side) and some more MLP's. Go ahead and call me nuts for drooling over a bunch of toys but I can't stop loving them!

Enough with the childish things, already! I recently thrifted this wonderful jumper (and already wore it - but more about that in my next entry!) It's a little fluffy and really comfy. Not to mention it has the perfect colors for me as well ♪

Then, actually a little longer ago, I got myself this Angelic Pretty Headbow to match my christmas present ♥
(Self-treat, if you could say that). And next to it is a Nile Perch necklace, I got along with it. Sparkly~
Both from the sales_comm 

AND NOW MY NEW FAVORITE SHOES! Wait- I say that every time I'm getting new shoes, don't I?
However, I had to search for these lovely Swimmer sneakers a little while until I actually found them. I especially love the detachable bows in the front ♥

Next to the shoes - A shirt from Cute Can Kill!...

...and some bears from another dimension - from CCK as well ♥ I have no doubt in this - there can't be jewellery cuter than this!

And the last thing for today: The biggest self-treat for me in a long, long time. I plead guilty but I simply couldn't resist to this Angelic Pretty bag! And how I searched for it, since I only wanted it in this colorway. Tokyo, Sendai, online - Until a shopping service in Osaka could get it for me, finally. The most precious bag I own ♥

As much as this for today! A little bit of pastel goodness for all of you ♪


  1. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii What can I add? XD
    I saw these items on your poupee, they're like... no word for. The sweater is to die for, the shoes are to die for, the bag is to die for. But wait ? You're gonna make an outfit with that of course ? I'll have to stay alive to see this wonderful thing *o*
    The bag isn't small right ? I read stuff like it's cute but too small inside but didn't really belive it >w<

  2. Pastels are so wonderful, aren't they~?

    Is that 'Glistening Gem', from the 'Princess Brush n Grow' series? I have 'Curly Locks' from the normal 'Brush n Grow' series! Aha, I'm such a MLP geek. I'm afraid I don't recognize the pale yellow one though.. Shame on me;;;

    The AP bag is so gorgeous! I'm so excited that you were able to get it ^^

  3. seriously,I can tell you that I would die for all those lovely things you posted! ;3;♥
    How and when did you find those swimmer shoes? On auctions? My feets and them HAVE to be togheter *A* XD
    And, as always.. Thank you so much for the lovely cck pic ;////; Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuug honeyyyy~♥

  4. and I have to grab that silly super cute magic nursery bear too, it's just adorable♥

  5. @Mnon
    Haha~ Poupée spoiler xD (it's so much faster to post things there and I need ribbonsssss!)
    Well yes, I actually threw the bag, the sweater and the jewellery together for an outfit but even beyond this - dare you to die too soon! I still want to write a little more with you ;;
    The bag isn't too small, I'd say. It's not like HUGE and you probably won't fit your household into it but it's enough for the necesities like cellphone, wallet, notepad etc. Big enough for me `__´

    There couldn't be anything better, in my world! ♥
    Yes it is! I used to have 'Star Gleamer' as a child as well but not anymore ;~;
    The pale yellow one is from the 'Rainbow Curl' series and named Ringlet but you can't really see it so well on my picture ;;
    I'm not too much of a nerd about MLP but they took up most of my childhood along with Rainbow Brite and Polly Pocet <D"
    And thank you so much! I still can hardly believe I really got it~

    Awww~ thank you SO much darling!
    I have no doubt about this! They're wonderful ; u ;
    I got them with the help of chibi_tenshi (Livejournal) and her shopping service. I don't know if Swimmer still sells them but asking is for free ♥
    (But I suggest you to get them one size bigger than usual if possible because they run rather small~)
    For the Magic Nursery plush, you should really check out Ebay every once in a while! There are always some for sale (though rather expensive for my taste) but there are some auctions every now and then if you're lucky ♥♥♥
    And no proble, I'm just too much of a CCK addict by now. You really deserve it, if it's all I can do ; u ;

  6. Ach, ich bin immerwieder einversuchtig auf dich
    ; D ;
    Was du dir immer wieder für tolle Sachen kauft ;W;

    Ich mag die Magical Nursery total gerne, sie sind so süss * u *

    Und ich liebe die Swimmer Schuhen ;O;
    Ich wünschte, ich hätte auch welche ;W;

    Und und und zu letzt ;______;
    Die Angelic Pretty Twinkle Bag ist einfach Liebe ; A ;


  7. Nachi hier!

    Die sachen sind echt süß!! Ich liebe das shirt und sowieso.. hast einfach nen guten geschmack <3

  8. maaan alle kriegen diese Swimmer SChuhe T___T ich will auch!! ;__;

    du hast so tolle Sachen <3333
    ich find so Sachen nie xD (ok ich suche auch nie richtig :p)
    echt wunderschön, so viel Pastelliges, respekt <33

  9. Aaaw ♥
    Wirklich süsses Zeugs *3*
    Obwohl mir diese Plüschtierchen angst machen o0o''!

    Ich kann es kaum erwarten dich wieder in so zuckersüsses Zeugs zu sehen >o< [ tönt pedo-mässig ...>D.]



  10. omfg, i want that ap bag, too! *__________* <3

  11. Die Schuhe standen dir übrigens super!
    Und generell die ganzen Sachen sind toll <3333

  12. @Yuki
    Aw~ nicht eifersüchtig sein ;;
    Magic Nursery sind einfach...die besten! <D"
    Schade, dass das Spielzeug, was heute aufm Markt ist, nichtmal halb so putzig ist ; n ;
    Frag doch mal chibi_tenshi auf LJ ob es die noch in den Läden gibt, vllt hast du ja Glück! ♥
    Und vielen, lieben Dank sowieso! (Ich glaube ersthaft, dass diese Tasche das schönste ist, was AP jemals herausgebracht hat <D")

    Danke dir, Liebes! ♥♥♥
    Ich hätte nicht übelst Bock dadrauf mich mal wieder fett mit euch aufzubrezeln ♥

    Wie schon bei anderen gesagt: chibi_tenshi auf LJ! Ich weiß nicht wie's bei Swimmer ausschaut aber vllt gibt's ja noch welche auf Lager? ;;
    Ich kann's auf jeden Fall verstehen, die sind einfach zu süß! Ich hätte sie am liebsten auch noch in rosa ♥
    Aber vielen Dank! Ich verbringe viel Zeit mit Suchen und wenn ich mal was sehe, was mir gefällt setzte ich meistens auch alles daran es zu finden /D"
    Aber auf egl_sales findet man immer wieder viel und da gibt's auch echt gute Shopping Services ♪

    Danke dir!!! ♥
    Haha~ wieso machen die dir Angst? Die schaun doch so lieb ♪
    Pedobär mag Fairy-kei ♥
    Aber ne, heute noch oder spätestens morgen poste ich mal was ich mit den Sachen gemacht habe, nur Gedult! * u *

    Thank you, dear! ♥♥♥
    You should take a look at egl_sales then, I've seen some being sold there recently but not there also happened to be some sort of replicas of it. Though they're a little ugly, I think ;;

    Aww~ danke dir, meine Liebe! ;;
    (Bunte hi-top sneakers ftw! ♥♥♥)

  13. So many pastel colours that you just drown in them while reading the entry.. I love it ♥ And I really really envy you some of the items.. the AP bag especially. *-*

  14. all the pastels look amazing! you must have the most gorgeous wardrobe ever ♥

  15. U look so adorable T^T!
    i die for those shoose T_T

  16. Oooh, you've bought some amazing things! XD
    I love the pastel jumper-- it looks so cute and cosy!
    And of course, the Angelic Pretty Bag is just spectacular. Well done on finally finding your favourite colourway <3

  17. @Haru
    Aw~ thank you so much, lovely! I'm happy you liked it ♥♥♥
    What's better than drowning in pastels? I guess nothing <3

    Oh thank you so so so much!
    It's probably not the most gorgeous one (I'd know at least a good handful of ones that'd be at least a quadrazillion times more gorrgeous!) but I know for sure that my closet gets too small, haha <3

    @Martini Cat
    Thank you so much! I highly appreciate it my dear ♥

    Trust me it is! It could only be a little bigger (for that extra oversized comfy goodness!).
    And thank you really much! ♥ I was so happy about it in the end ; u ;

  18. Oh my gosh! I'm seriously considering buying myself a pair of those shoes from Chibi_Tenshi. How much did you pay for them? Before I even considering contacting her I should make sure it's in my budget XD

    Thanksies in advanced <3

  19. @queenyarbo
    You should, they're the best thing ever! <3
    I just don't know if they're still available instore ;;
    I don't know what I exactly paid for them (it's been a while, haha) but it must've been around 40 - maybe 50€ including shipping & fees etc ♥

  20. you got that Sweater at a Thrift store?! Jealous! maybe I should look around at one...


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