Always good for a surpise ♪

Hopefully perfect in time for christmas I'm having a surprise for you, my lovely readers ♥

So, sorry for the lack of posting once again but I'm constantly working on this little surprise in order to get it ready as quick as possible. It's already getting later than I intended to but I couldn't predict things concerning it would happen so fast these past few weeks.

I'll let you have a peek on my working space:

It's only one of the things I've been working on. Can you guess my plan? Or even guess what this is?
Let's see if I manage to finish everything right in time - Well, let's hope so.


  1. n.i.c.e!

    Especially they way you made the letters.
    And maybe, you use later some pastelcolors? ;D
    This was the first thing I thought haha.

  2. Your hand-painted clothes brand!! *A* am I right? ♥♥♥

  3. ha ha Ich weiß es ... aber ich verrate es hier natürlich nicht... :)

  4. (me and my friends blog is written in swedish, but it would be fun if you checked it out anyway)
    You have a wonderful style, you are so much of everything :)
    i would love to if you blogged more, it's so fun to read :)
    have a nice day :D

  5. Ich mag wie der Bereich ohne Farbe im Deckel aussieht wie ein ♥.

  6. Seht cool! Mein eIdeen: DIY Totebag, Kunstwerk auf nem bestannten Ramen?


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