Two hearts that beat as one ♪

Hellow monday ♥

It's artsy-day again, today ♪

What is this? What could this be?

"Two hearts that beat as one" by FLAU & Mio

It's been a long time since I've finished something this colorful and this piece definitely has a lot of time and postage stamps in it.

It was a collaboration between FLAU and me and since we don't live in the same city we had to mail the drawing between us. It took some time but we really had fun drawing this and we are more than happy about it ♥

Shown in the drawing are PINKU (left) and PLUNGE (right) who are both characters of us. Plunge belongs to FLAU und PINKU belongs to me. But since these two cuties can't actually know each other - each of them has their own story - we decided to pair them up for once. Only for this drawing ♪
So we both sketched our characters each, then FLAU made the outlines and in the end I put the coloration on it.
And I must say, I really admire her work! She has such a hand for details and her characters are always so adorable. And besides that I simply love the way she's drawing. You guys should check her out, since she totally deserves it ♥

We put a whole lot of love into this, along with the things we love: Pastels, kitsch and our babies - Plunge & PINKU. I hope we succeeded and if we did, we hope you can see the love.

I hope you like it as much as we do ♥


  1. it loooks awesome, really ! <3
    I really like your drawings, though.

  2. I love you more ♥(*´∀`*)人(*´∀`*)♥

  3. wow. Muss echt lange gedauert haben, also dass sieht man auch.
    sieht aber richtig richtig schön aus <3
    könnte da echt stunden lang draufstarren und details anlieben <3

  4. very kawaii!! *A*

  5. das Bild is' echt mal gut geworden. :3
    Die Details und die Farben sind total schön. ^-^

  6. wow you're both such amazing artists! your works are always so beautiful! i also one day hope to become as good as you <3

  7. @SakuraGirl
    Oh thank you so much! I'm more than happy to hear you like them ; u ;
    It's the best thing an artist can get ♥

    Even more, more, MORE ♥♥♥

    Es hat...auch lange gedauert xD
    Wan haben wir angefangen? So ca vor einem Jahr? /DDDDD"
    Aber ich danke dir! Es freut mich riesig, dass es dir gefällt! ♥

    Thank you~! * 0 * ♥

    Oh hab vielen Dank! Es freut mich sehr zu hören, dass es dir gefällt! <3

    @X lina
    Thank you so much for your compliment, we really do appreciate it! ♥♥♥
    Oh I bet you will be, just try your very best! I beliebe in you <3

  8. It's such a sweet drawing! *.*

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. oh wow, so amazing. wich technique do you use?

  11. Thank you guys ♥♥♥

    Thank you! ♥ I'm using copic ciao markers to color and shade, also using the colorless blender a lot. If I want to make something look more structured and/or softer I draw in details with colored pencils to touch up. And lastly I add light effects with white ink <3


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