Autumn everywhere ♪

Oh shoot! Don't tell me I've been avoiding my dearest readers for more than 2 weeks now.
I really didn't mean to but the past few weeks simply outran me. Now my internship ended as well last Sunday and perfectly in time I fetched a cold, after this busy time. But everything's alright and I can truely happy about most everything at the moment. Only downside of all this is, that I didn't have the time to get proper snaps of my outfits lately. Merely because it was always dark when I got up and it was dark again by the time I got home.

Good thing I always have a little preserve to pick out off my folders ♥

I am really in the mood for fall/winter right now. It's just so nice so snug up in layers and layers of warm & comfortable clothes while it's getting so chilled outside. So basically all I'm wearing atm are layers of tights + oversized jumpers. Wonderful, isn't it?

Coat - H&M; Jumper - mothers closet; Heels - H&M; Scarf - Tally Weijl; Everything else - Primark

My mother already threw that jumper out of her closet like a year ago. Then my sister found it with the outsorted clothing on her last visit and took it with her. And after that I borrowed it again from her. ♥
The shoes were also a gift from my sister, I L-L-L-LOVE them ♥

I sneaked up to the crow as far as I could. She was searching for food in that hole in the ground. Fantastical birds ♥

Pictures where taken by Jacqueline on a wonderful day along with her, Jennifer & Maikel in Hannover ♥

I hope your autumn is as nice as mine. Some cities here in Germany even already got their first snow, right? Bremen didn't but I'm very slowly getting excited for it. Only one month until christmas! ♪

Love && Take care! Mio ♪


  1. Oha schöne anziesachen :9 schönes mädchen und schöber blog.. Aufjedenfall..

  2. In Finland is very cold. No autumn, here is winter. :( When I woke up this morning there was -25 degrees and lots of snow in everywhere.

  3. Very cold in Canada. It's been snowing but it doesn't stay on the ground for very long.
    Cute outfits!

  4. I love your haaaair, It "curls" just like I dream to *o* and your coat must be very comfy and warm <3
    Aaaah don't talk about snow, it sould be snowing next saturday in Paris, and.... big cities + snow don't really fit XD

  5. I love Autumn.. but it's really freezing in our country right now so even the layers of tights, oversized sweaters (which I love very much) and coats don't help. T.T
    This is a really lovely outfit.. I love the accessories and the whole Autumn feeling. I love Autumn the most. (That's why I hate its absence this year ><) ♥

  6. Thank you so much guys! I really appreciate your kind words ♥

    @Candy Starstruck
    Woah~ that sounds extremely cold indeed. I don't know if I could survive with a that low temperature. But did you have no autumn at all in Finland?

    Same here! I couldn't believe my mother when she told me it had snowed today because everything was gone by the time I got up. Too bad :(

    Thank you my dear! Haha~ that always happens when I go to bed with wet hair, I don't even need to style it anymore /D
    And yes, the coat is amazing! I got is from my sis and it's so~ comfy! ♥
    I SO know what you mean. Especially when the snow on the streets turns from white into brown. That's when it get nasty :/

    Aw~ that's really, really too bad! I'm afraid this winter will turn really cold again and I can't wear skirts anymore ;;
    Maybe we should get some thick wool tights! ♥
    And thank you so much, darling! I love autumn and it's colors really, really much as well! If only it wouldn't be so rainy all the time, haha~

  7. Oh, das Outfit ist echt klasse. Ich mag die Farben, und die passen wunderbar zu dir. Nervt dich das geklimper er Kette nicht? Ich halte sie immer fest damit sie still ist :P
    Ohhh, Herbst stimmung ^^ bei mir setzt gerde die Winterstimmung ein. Es ist so wahnsinnig kalt, und im Laden riecht es überall nach Schmalzkuchen!
    Warscheinlich lauf ich nchstes Jahr Amok weil ich die Nase voll vom Winter hab, aber momentan ist es schön ^^

    Oh.. wa sanderes.. eine Freundin lässt mich fragen ob du für sie vllt nochmal zu Primark gehen könntest??? NAtürlich nur wenn du kannst und auch Zeit hast, es soll auf keinen Fall so rüberkommen als wäre das für mich selbstverständlich oder so...

    Liebe Grüße

  8. I love your use of language 'little preserve' like jam or pickles =) Is that a German term?

    Lovely clothes, I especially like your jewelery.

  9. @Anne
    GENAU SO geht's mir bei der Kette auch aber sie ist auch wirklich zu schön um sie nicht zu tragen. Nur so für die Arbeit ist sie nicht ganz das richtige, weil sie eben laut ist :(
    Aw~ ja, seit heute bin ich auch eher winterlich gestimmt. Heut Nacht hat's nämlich hier so gefroren, dass alles Weiß bereift war <3
    (und das ist natürlich garkein Problem :) ich komm nur warscheinlich die nächsten Tage erstmal nicht hin weil ich noch etwas erkältet bin und mitm Rad hin müsste (was mal eben eine Stunde hin und zurück sind ;;) aber sonst gern. Kannst mir ja bei FB schreiben, was du brauchst <3)

    I almost though it wouldn't be proper English, I guess I've messed up here ;)
    But in German we literally say 'to have something in conserve' if we mean that we saved something for later. If that makes sense :)
    And thank you, I'm glad you like it! <3

  10. cool! Don't worry it sounds poetic :D

  11. Lovin' the outfit!
    The bag is wonderful. And I adore the colour of the jumper!


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