We can do the Tango just for two ♪

'ello folks! ♥
I'm very sorry for not updating since last Thursday but it's been a really busy week for me. Last monday I started my internship and with this I'll have less time in the next couple of weeks. It's very exhausting but also very exciting. I'll be fully back by the end of November, I promise.

Now let's go on with the remaining parts of the Shopping Update, will we? Still so many things to show you and I haven't even taken pictures of all the tings, I guess. But I also think I forgot quite a few.
I better apologize beforehand because this entry will be picture heavy par excellence!

I'll start with some make-up I bought last Sunday. We always have different fleamarkets going on and they're often mixed with new stuff. On some Sundays most of the stands are selling new thing and so they did last week. One stand full off brand new, bad-ass cheap Manhattan products!
Those who know me will also know that Manhattan is one of my favorite make-up brands because they are not too expensive and very good as well!

'My Box' + No. 210; 61P; 33N; 68K; 95V; 61N eyeshadows

Can't find any color codes here, sorry. Anyway, 3 nailpolishes

56E; 53W lipsticks + bright red Lip2Last permanent lipgloss

Make-up base + 1010A liquid eyeliner

Paid 18€ for everything, how cool is that? That would've cost me so much more in the store...

While I'm at it, let's just continue with some fabulous Fleamarket Findings ♥

Got these three lovelies for 2€ each, if I remember it right. I can always use a pretty handbag ♪
The white on on the right even has the original tag and a receipt dated for the 30th January 1965, bought in Karlsruhe for 29,75DM 12,90DM (it was on sale!)

2€ as well, I just couldn't let them pass. They really looked worn out when I bought them, until I polished them. Now they're all fancy! ♥

Okay, that Monki shirt on the left isn't from the fleamarket but the denim on on the right is! I was looking for something similar and last week I found it. It's truely adorable and so HUGE!

Lastly, three silver rings I found some weeks ago. Left ring has a falcon's eye gem and the very right one an onix. Oh how I love these three! ♥

I'll go on with some more jewellery ♥
All three rings are from Primark. The bracelet is from Burberry (but found at the fleamarket).

4 golden necklaces ♥
First one is from Accessorize and the other three are from Primark.

Now, if you're wondering where the lovely fabric underneath the jewellery comes from, it's from this:

(The lightening sucks badly because it looks so much better in real life, especially when worn ♪)

I found this skirt at the sales_comm and had to have it. I always had a fable for Angelic Pretty's classical prints but never got around to buy one myself. It looks really nice as a casual skit as well with Lolita, of course ♥

Left dress is Primark, right is from Zara. 
I actually don't like all this marine styled clothes but I must admit the dress from Primark changed my mind.
As for the Zara dress, what can I say? It's now one of my favorites, definitely! The cut is so nice, the fabric so cute and the back is open with 3 bows covering it. 

And here we have my new favorite, casual bag from Primark ♥
I litteraly hunted it. Tried to get it 3 times and got it the 4th after searching through the store for hours.

Some more Primark: Fine black heels with a silver applique in the front ♥ The fake suede really feels great!

And even more Primark! These shoes are really funny... 1st it's a size 38 and they fit me. Weird enough.
But even better is I've seen the exact same shoes at Urban Outfitters. Same design, same material, same everything. I even checked back to compare them.
Only difference was the Primark ones were like 22€ while the UO ones were 85€, though they're now on sale for 25€. Really, really, really weird.

And with this I release you from my chit-chat, at least for now.
Have a nice day and a fine week! ♥


  1. cute cosmetics,I like brown bag ^_^

  2. Great buys, especially the Urban Outfitter find! You really know how to strike a deal~

  3. A FLEAMARKET with new stuff? O_____O
    OMG, I wanna visit *______*

  4. aaaw I wish I could have a damn cool fleamarket here where to find something like these cuties at that prices ;_;
    I really love the three rings and the denim jacket, I need it too and I like it's so big! ♥
    And omg, that galaxy monki shirt is totally LOVE *3* I hope they'll open an online store!!

  5. oooh geil, auf welchem flohmarkt warst du?
    ich find alles was du gekauft hast sehr sehr geil..
    das monki shirt hab ich online schon gesehn, das ist sooo toll, ich hätt's auch liebend gern <3

  6. I envy you the fleamarket findings, you're so lucky.. the golden necklaces and Burberry bracelet especially. ♥

  7. This makes me wish there were flea markets where I live... There are none. But I've just found out about a new vintage store that sells second-hand that I might visit. I hope I can find as cute stuff as you found there^^

  8. Thank you all so much, guys! ♥♥♥

    Die Sachen sind alle entweder von der Bürgerweide, Real oder Fegro. Aber momentan ist ja sowieso nur letzteres angesagt ;;

  9. Mahatten ist göttlich., es gibt nichts besseres als den Dip-eyeliner.
    Oh, den mittleren Primark Ring hab ich auch. Ich muss aufpassen das meine Mutter ihn mir nicht klaut. Zumindet nimmt sie mir nicht die Vogelkäfig-Kette weg, die klimpert ihr zu doll ;D
    Die Tasche ist göttlich!!! Oh my, sag mal, könnte ich dich vllt beauftragen? Ich bräuchte dringend ne kleinigkeit von primark... das wäre echt toll.

  10. Ich stimme dir da voll und ganz zu! Bislang gab es auch noch nichts von Manhattan das ich nicht mochte <D
    Oh ich war so froh mal so einen Doppelring bei Primark zu sehen. Und so schick wie der ist, kann ich deine Mutter gut verstehen ;)
    Das kannst du sehr gerne, allerdings weiß ich nicht wann ich das nächste mal zu Primark komme :/
    Momentan bin ich ja andauernd unterwegs aber vllt könnte ich es nächste Woche irgendwie schaffen <3
    Was bräuchtest du denn? ♥

  11. Hab dir ne Mail bei Facebook geschickt ^^

  12. I always wanted my own Manhattan Box, but it's not sold in my town. 25km away where my mom lives, there is a drugstore selling it. but I can't go 25km just to get a refill eyeshadow or sth like that :-D so I decided to buy the magnetic box from artdeco which is really expensive -.-

    by the way: I loooove this loveletter-necklace <3


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