Too many things, too little time ♪

Today I have another shopping update for you ♥
After non posting anything alike that for a really, really, really long time I decided I should start updating on a few things again, huh? I start with some more colorful things today and eventually come to other more casual things in the next few days. But even though this will appear like a lot, it's really only things that I have bough within the past 4-5 months? Or something like that, I think.

But before I get into a big, useless ranting again I just start with the pictures already ♪

First of all my very first Angelic Pretty cutsew (on the left). It's really, really adorable and within the past weeks I developed a big love for lavender & mint combined together. Nothing new but until now I didn't even have anything mint colored for whatever reason.
Upper right corner are a pair of Tea Party shoes from Secret Shop which I meant to buy for about a year but never felt like spending like 60€ on it on Ebay and now I got them 2nd hand for much cheaper ♥ And they are still in a good condition and very comfortable to walk in.
Then there is this scarf-shoulder thing in the left bottom corner which I found at the fleamarket a while ago. I just love the colors so much! (And it was only 50 cents, can you believe it?)

This is a lovely MLP backpack I found very cheap on Ebay ♥
The colors totally got me and as soon as I find some longer straps I will turn it into a shoulder bag or just exchange the others for them because now they're too short on me. Regardless of that I was really happy to find it because I didn't even know something like that existed.

Some of you might've already seen there on this photography at my flickr page and here they are in their entire beauty.
Sadly I don't know their brand because there's nothing written on them. I bought them used as well but I think they were once from a Rakuten shop or something. I only know that the brand must be Japanese as I found their stock pictures already before I got them. However I must say that they are now officially one of my favorite shoes ever ♥

I found the two lovely shirt at another Ebay shop called Mystère Wonderland. It's similar to RTBU but they sometimes have some Japanese brand stuff and are in general a little cheaper than the latter. 
What can I say? I fell in love with the MLP and the YumYum print very deep... too deep.

And another Ebay thrifting!
I found them at a small Ebay shop with lovely vintage things called Pom Pom Vintage!
Really worth a look and they surely have some nice service. When I opened the parcel not only this playsuit popped out but also a bunch of glittery, tiny, pink bunny rabbits. No real ones, though. They were made of plastic.
But what I wanted to add is: isn't this playsuit fantastic? It was love at first sight and I really wish it would be summer again for only one day so I could wear it. Too bad it's getting colder in Germany but nevertheless I will find a way to wear it in fall and winter!

Edit: Seems like I purchased a fake MAC product? However, the quality is still really, really nice and I can't complain a bit. The colors are very vibrant and long lasting and this only makes me wanting some actual MAC, finally. But this will take me into some further research for this one, that's for sure.

So now, as the last treat I have a little drawing for you ♪

I already scanned and uploaded it here but I still wanted to show it in my blog as well ♥
It's a so called 'ACEO' card and pretty small (about 9cm x 6cm) and it's up for sale to go to another home ♪
I'd let it go for 10€ including world-wide shipping, just drop me a comment or mail.

And I think this is it for today?
Sorry for the long entry and the amount of rant I ended up writing but yeah.
Thank you for reading! ♥


  1. Sorry to be the one to let you know this, but.. that MAC palette is fake ><
    MAC doesn't make 12 colour palettes, they never come with applicators, and to my knowledge all of their shadows are round.
    I'm sorry ;;

  2. @Plastikmotte What? ;;
    Okay, that's disappointing to hear but oh well that's life <D"
    Or do they just happen to have different packages in Germany? I guess I'll go and find out more about that this week but thank you very much for the hint, darling! <3

  3. No, their packaging is the same worldwide.
    Did you purchase it from ebay? It's best to avoid buying MAC on ebay, it's almost guaranteed to be fake orz;;

  4. @plastikmotte
    No, I actually purchased it at a fleamarket (but it was still new at that time, haha) so I don't know it's origin but the woman didn't appear to know about that either. But at least I didn't pay too much for it, so it's alright.
    I try to avoid brand or more expensive stuff on ebay anyway, especially when it comes from questionable countires. Hello China!

  5. OqO!!! i love your clothes but i love most your sneakers ^^ have aa gooooood night byebye

  6. Oh my, what a great post *___*
    I'm dying ! The backpack is amazing,I'm looking fo one like this but maybe bigger for putting my stuff for courses in this (yeah like in primar school \o/)... And that playsuit woooooow
    Thanks you so much for the links by the way !

  7. schicke sachen :3
    besonders toll find ich die schuhe :>
    sag mal, zum thema kakao, tauschst du denn auch :)?
    lg <3

  8. awww these shoes <333 *__*
    I need them in my life, too *.*

  9. @Mnon
    Aw~ thank you! I was thinking about getting one from ManiaQ as soon as they restock on them and then re-decorating it a little. Maybe you could even get some iron-on transfers with MLP on it at a copyshop?
    Btw. you're welcome! There are so many awesome vintage shops at Ebay, it would be a pity not to share them <3

    Danke dir <3
    Eigentlich nicht so wirklich, weil ich die Dinger einfach mal nicht sammel /D
    Ich hab nur meinen Spaß am zeichnen weil man die einfach so zwischendurch machen kann aufgrund ihrer Größe xD

    Besides that, thank you all!! * u *

  10. ich weiß von welcher marke die schuhe sind,.
    ich hab ein bild. da stehts drauf.
    die gibts bei rakuten.
    wenn ichs nciht vergesse geb ich dir den namen

  11. @Suzu
    Ein Bild hab ich auch bzw noch links von anderen Websites wo es die mal gab (auch wenn's irgendwie überall sold out ist) aber da stehen lediglich die Artikelbezeichnung bzw Modellname drauf :/
    Oder der Markenname ist tatsächlich JELLY /D

  12. Was für bezaubernde Sachen. <3
    Da wird man wirklich neidisch, vorallem auf diese schönen Schuhe ! :)
    Deine Zeichnung ist auch mal wieder ein Traum. <3
    Aber das weißt du bestimmt auch selbst. <33

  13. Wow! What an awesome haul! Your quilt is so cute too! Is it vintage?

  14. What size shoe do you wear?

  15. I'm so quick, haha :/
    Sorry guys!

    Ich danke dir vielmals! Es freut mich, dass sie dir gefallen ♥

    Thanks a lot, dear! ♥
    I don't know if it is but I bought it at the fleamarket last year. But I suppose it could be from the mid 90s or something alike :)

    @Illy Icecream
    I'm wearing a German size 39 :)

  16. Where did you found the Amigo! shoes??? I mean the pastel sneakers <3 I'm trying to find them since almost one year but no luck at all ;w;


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