Time flies ♪

Durr hurr, hurr I'm in a hurry ♪
My last entry was so huge, I totally need to post something very short now. Besides I actually don't even have time for blogging right now. Well, somehow I do because the evening rehearsals start a little later today.

Shirt/Bow - Monki; Skirt - H&M; Basics - Primark; Wedges - offbrand; Jewellery - fleamarket

I meant to post these since August, I'm a lazy bean. Anyhow, I present you the Monki shirt worn! ♥

Note out trashy, glorious winter garden, the lemontree in the lower right corner and the gemstones on the rack, haha. Oh well, at least better than my boring room ♪
Now I don't know what else to write besides I have to leave the house in like 10 minutes.

Have a nice time ♥


  1. Uh uh♥
    Das Outfit sieht klasse aus!
    Deine Haare hast du besonders schön hin bekommen!
    Freu mich auf weitere Outfits von dir ♥


  2. Jaaa~deine Haare sehn so wunderschön aus *A*
    Das Shirt sieht super an dir aus und hast du wundervoll kombiniert <3

  3. tolles outfit! Dein Oberteil ist so schoen! Und tolle fotos! xXx bisous!

  4. So in love with that top ‎(❤A❤ )!
    Do you collect gemstones too~?

  5. Thank you guys! Haha~ new favorite Shirt or something like that~ <3

    Thank you, darling!
    It's mostly my mother who does but I take too much influene from her, haha~. Some of the gemstones are also mine but we just put them together. There are way too many in our house /D

  6. wow I love it!

    I like your little crystal plant corner =)

  7. Oaaah! Beutiful.. Love the pattern! Wish I could steal it from you..

  8. Hi Mio! I really like it when you dress normally, he vintage type. Although I also love your collection of pastel cuteness as well. But anyway! Keep surprising me with your finds, love your blog! :)


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