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Guess what came in the mail today?!

RIGHT! The Monki magazine!
And I guess I'm not the only one who is happy to finally hold it in their hands.

And of course it's full of inspiration, who would have thought? However, comparing it to the H&M magazine I like it much, much more. Not that I dislike the other but the Monki mag is much more me. After all, I feel like I should call this blog 'Too much rant about how awesome Monki is', but I feel so in love with this shop.
But before I say too much, I give you a little sneak-peek:

This is probably my favorite page - I just love-love-love the drawing on the left ♥

Reading through all this, my wish to have more Monki stores in Germany keeps on growing.
But also, I need to get my hands on some of their new pieces and I probably will when I get to Hamburg this weekend.

But this is not all I wanted to show you today. No, I happen to stuff a little bit more in here for this entry.
Yesterday, after I brought some old clothes to Oxfam with my sister, I happened to stop by at H&M to see they are having a small sale. I couldn't resist and had to buy the following, I only paid 6€ for both, anyway.

I wanted to buy the shoes anyway but yet didn't get around to actually do it. Now I saved 10€ ♪

Besides that, I also want to show you what I wore yesterday:

Hat: Mayser - Shirt/Skirt/Shoes: H&M - Pullover: Monki

This outfit is almost too black for me but I felt surprisingly comfortable in it. Seems as if this autumn/winter will turn quite dark with many, many woven layers of unnecessary clothing ♥

Well, well, take care ♥


  1. You have Monki stores in Germany ? I'm so jealous, their shop are fucking amazing, the clothes and the decoration... I went on a monki shop in Norway, I think it's a scandinavian brand right ? I wish there was only one Monki shop in Paris, it would be amazing !

  2. @Mnon
    Yes, Swedish if I'm right :)
    We actually have two and I'm lucky to have one near me, 'only' one hour from my hometown. But they should have so many more shops like everywhere! But they're expanding, I think. They even opened a shop in Hong Kong :)

  3. Wie bekommt man das Monki Magazin? Der Shop ist echt toll und die Seiten sehen echt genial aus ♥

  4. Der Katalog ist so toll, genauso wie Monki. Ich bin genauso begeistert wie du und wünsch mir auch, dass es mehr Shops hier in Deutschland gibt.
    Oh und dein Outfit steht dir echt gut! Den Pulli wollt ich mir auch schon fast kaufen, weil er so bequem aussieht :)

  5. I got the MONKI magazine too! It's perfect inspiration for fall.
    I guess the difference between H&M and MONKI is that H&M is just a catalogue, but MONKI more of a magazine :]
    (Too bad the only MONKI stores in Norway are wayyy too far away from where I live...)

  6. von monki hab ich bis jetzt noch nicht gehört, aber kein wunder, da wo ich wohne. auf jeden fall gefällt mir des layout extrem gut. ach würde ich doch in der großstadt wohnen....
    die tasche von h&m hab ich mir auch im sale gekauft, 1 € ! ich konnte nicht widerstehen, und das print ist wirklich voll ok : 3

    und was ich noch loswerden muss: ich LIEBE deine haarfarbe, steht dir echt unglaublich gut


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